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One Month Post Op Update

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Hi gang. I'm one month post op and thought I'd update on how I'm doing and maybe post a few questions for the hive mind. :)

So, my surgery was September 11. My height is 5'9". My high weight was on day 1 of my pre-op diet. (270), BMI 40. I just food funeraled my brains out. I was 255 on day of surgery. And today I am 229.9. Total lost is 40.1. Current BMI 33.8

I am still on a liquid diet. My surgeon is extremely conservative with diet advancement. So I have 2 Protein Shakes a day, cream Soups with the solids strained out, and Water or crystal light. I will remain on this diet until the beginning of November. I take a leisurely 1- 1.5 mile walk about 4-5 times a week.

I will be returning to work on Friday. I work 7p-7a as an RN in and ICU, so I am a bit nervous to return. Next week, I will return to the gym once I see if all restriction is lifted and plan to work out 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes to 1 hour combining cardio and weight training.

My energy level has gotten gradually better as time goes on. It was brutal the first 2 weeks, hard the third, and this week has been quite a bit better in terms of ability to get things done.

I have not had any constipation yet. Nor have I had any other major complications. I take omeprazole, Vitamins, and asthma medication. I only had nausea in the hospital and once at home on the 2nd day back. I sip ALL. DAY. LONG. I do burp quite a bit, but not with any discomfort. More of an annoyance that I hope will eventually settle down.

The liquid diet only has been the hardest part. When all is said and done, I will have done 9 weeks of no solid food whatsoever, and it has been a real challenge. I have three children at home and I am still preparing meals for my family because my husband has had a huge work project going on and works late a lot and he is also in grad school. I do the majority of the food shopping, preparing and cleaning up and so I am constantly faced with solid food and a desire to taste something, anything! other than a Protein Shake or those disgusting soups. I actually gag at the thought of those soups.

I try to remember that each day that passes is one day closer to resuming eating solid foods again and that I am incredibly lucky to have lost so much weight so rapidly when I started out at a BMI of 40. I'm sure it's in large part due to my conservative diet.

I did have one stall in week 3. It lasted 6 days. I dropped one pound and then stayed there another 3 days. That was a downer. Even though I knew it was normal and to be expected and I'd had good weight loss, it is very hard to be so strict and stringent and be consuming only 450 calories a day and stay the same weight for 9 days. It just seems unfair and takes a lot of mental and emotional willpower to just soldier on. Stalls are not cool. Even if they are part of this whole journey. I could do without them, thank you very much.

So, here are some questions I have for all you wiser, more seasoned sleevers....

1) GERD is a fear of mine. I have not had any symptoms of GERD so far. Anyone out there have no GERD symptoms immediately post-op but then develop them down the road? Just want to know if i am in the clear or still need to be on the lookout?

2) Once you advanced your diet and introduced solids, what are your go to rules -- like I always drink at least blank ounces of water between meals. Or I never go more than blank hours without eating. Or whatever. What are your go to habits that work best for you?

3) What are things you wish you wouldn't have done, if anything?

4) What advice would you give to someone at this point of the sleeve journey?

Thanks in advance!

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1. With the sleeve you have to always be vigilant for the signs of GERD and act fast, 12 days, months or years down the road.

2. I drink at least 30oz before eating anything in the AM. Is a mixture of Water, tea and coffee. Hydration goals are underrated.

3. Kept it a secret. I had very good reasons and still do but people want to know how I did it and I will tell strangers the truth if I think it will help them but say diet modifications to plain old nosey people. I feel deceptive, although technically it's the truth.

4. DRINK WATER. You skin will bounce back quicker. Detruction of brown adipose will happen faster. You will have more energy. Water (pure) is essential.

Congratulations and safe journey!

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Tha is for the advice! I appreciate it.

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