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I had my initial visit for the sleeve. Have to have the normal tests done. I don’t need to lose a certain amount before the surgery but was instructed what I should lose. I have lost 8 pounds in 4 days. Has any one thought I will just do the diet plan and be ok and not surgery and how did it go? Do you plateau? Thanks

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I am not sure of your history but I can tell you that I have lost, about 70 pounds with other diet methods but the weight has piled back on in about a year or two. I have done about 5-6 other methods and knew that I was sick and tired of the yo-yo dieting. This is going to be a choice that you have to make after about 8 years of doing this all on my own I knew that I needed help. VSG was my solution and so far it has worked and worked very well. I can tell you that even with the VSG you will plateau just as you will with all diet plans. As my Dr told me "the problem with a diet is the word diet, it needs to be a complete lifestyle change and not just a diet change" at first I was upset because he said that but the longer that I have lived the post VSG lifestyle the more I know that he is right. The farther out from the diet you go you will start going back to the way that you used to eat. I can assure you that this will even happen with the VSG but one of the major differences that I notice is that prior to the VSG my cravings were unrelenting and would hound me until I satisfied the craving, and I wouldn't stop until I had eaten FAR more than I should have. I am now in control, if I eat something that I shouldn't I am able to eat a handful and walk away. My advice? Try the diet for awhile, if you notice that you are able to keep it off then you are good and well, absolutely nothing has been lost! But if in fact you diet and notice the weight coming back on then talk to your surgeon and get your appointment scheduled!:)

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I too could lose weight with weight watchers, over and over again. The surgery provides physical restriction plus a reduction in cravings and hunger. The reminder of restriction is always there, and you get satisfied much easier if you relax about food. You have to get your head wrapped around not needing quantity, you have to not use food for emotional support and dig inside yourself. You might be able to do that on your own, but I couldn't sustain that.

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Yes! You still plateau. :( But! Due to physical restriction and easier hunger and craving control (this may not be true for everyone) you can pass the plateau and keep on going. Lots of people have posed the question you have about "couldn't I just keep losing without surgery?" Sure! But, if you have considered surgery than you have also considered that you might not be able to help yourself entirely on your own. I would count up all the yo-yos you've done in the past, consider your age, any health problems, how much you have to lose and begin to think about where your heart and mind is from there. I always believe that surgery is a last resort which was the case for me when I finally pursued it. Four separate times over the last 24 years of my life, I lost as much as 100+ lbs and regained plus more. That doesn't include all the half ass attempts where I lost 30-50 lbs on 3 month crash diet fads. I wanted a tool to help me change for good. Do you think you need a tool to change for good?

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I was the opposite...I could never lose the weight! I struggled and struggled. What was different now? I saw the results I always wanted from weight loss. But I also changed my eating habits which is HUGE! Now that I have the results I want and the healthy habits, I am in control.

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      How does drinking 3 liters of water pre-op impact your surgery/
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    • boringtessa

      I am struggling.  I've been depressed, so I've felt totally "over it" in terms of staying on plan.  While I've mostly been eating what I should be eating (but erring most on the side of fatty foods), I'm eating way too much throughout the day, having many small meals even when I'm not hungry because I'm sitting at home bored,  I'm exhausted and dehydrated and can't get myself to sleep less than 10-12 hours let alone exercise (even roller skating, which I love).  I feel like am doing this all wrong and am paying the price with a stall.
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        I am sorry to hear you are struggling. Do what you need to do to stay healthy mentally and physically. I hope you can get to the other side of your depression. Hang in there.

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      Everything was going so good and now im dealing with GOUT!!!! I dont want to bring my protein take down but its causing my gout.
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      I had my VSG on 11/19/18. All went very smoothly at the hospital, I was able to get up and walk a bunch, and was discharged at 11 am the next morning. Unfortunately, at about day 6 I noticed that I had thrush and am still taking meds to get rid of it. The first was Nystatin and now on Diclofenac. I also got VERY constipated from the iron supplements, but luckily some Miralax unclogged me. My highest ever weight was 319lbs, I was 282lbs at my first visit with my surgeon and 270lbs on my surgery date. As of this morning, December 9th I am 245lbs.
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      1. Orchids&Dragons

        Welcome to the site and congrats on your success so far. Sounds like you're doing great! Hope to see you in the forums.

      2. RayLandry

        you are doing great Mark! Keep on keeping on (off)!

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      Hey, I’m new here!
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