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  1. JazzyRayne

    Dec 2013

    I was re banded dec 20th... and im down a total of 11lbs. One thing I can say is... ill be glad when I can start mushie foods this friday! Geez im so sick of liquids n blending soups. I cant wait! Happy new year yhall!
  2. JazzyRayne

    Going tomorrow to discuss lapband removal

    I would LOVE to replace the band with the 14cc band. .. but I guess im scared ill end up w the same issues. Im completely unfilled n throw up constantly with the 10cc. I kinda think my body needs a break. Im scared of weight gain too. However I eat soooo much healthier now. I love green smoothies, raw veggies, raw eating, clean eating. I follow amazing weight loss motivators on instagram. I also have become anemic and my primary seems to think due to lack of nutrients from lapband. So it restricts the amount of exercise bc I get light headed, dizzy, and nauseous. I guess I am just tired... emotional... and at my wits end.Sigh.
  3. JazzyRayne

    Going tomorrow to discuss lapband removal

    Im so sorry I was so vague in my story telling lol. I will def answer questions. Okay, I was banded june 2010 and 1 month later I received mt first fill of .5cc then 1 month later I went for another .5cc. I was good for a while. Then I worked my way up over the course of a year to 4cc in a 10cc band. I stayed there for most the year doing amazing. The fill that changed everything the dr put in a full 1cc instead of half. The min I vomited the Water, he removed half of the cc. I swallowed the water and it went down w no issues. 2 days on liquid n 2 days mushies then I ate normal food. The normal food would not stay down. Went to the dr he did barrium swallow n said nothing was wrong. He unfilled me anyway. I waited 1 month n started the fill procedure all over again. Year 2 I never had a sweet spot. Always vomiting. Performed endoscopy, upper gi, barium etc. Found nothing wrong. Ive been completely empty for the past year n half. Still vomit most of my food. Acid reflux is insane. I switched drs and this dr seems much more into my issues. He also thinks a 14cc band will solve mt issues. I just honestly want a break. I loved my band. I dont regret getting it. I may have one put back in in the future. I dont think the sleeve will work for me due to acid reflux / gerd. I tried as long as I could try. I ate slow, stayed away from all whites, chewed.. to no avail. I hope this helped you guys to understand my story better.
  4. I had surgery 6/3/10 and I was losing weight through out June and July. Pre-op and the weight i lost during the two months is about 30 lbs. But August I actually gained weight. I got a fill later in August and I am up to 5ccs in a 10cc band. I feel A LOT of restriction, and i eat a lot less. I also work out monday-friday. I lost 2 lbs right after my fill... but nothing since. I dont understand. I dont want to get another fill and be uncomfortable. I am kinda discouraged. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  5. I am having the same problem. I had surgery 6/3/10 and I was losing weight through out June and July. But August I actually gained weight. I got a fill later in August and I am up to 5ccs in a 10cc band. I feel A LOT of restriction, and i eat a lot less. I also work out monday-friday. I lost 2 lbs right after my fill... but nothing since. I dont understand. I dont want to get another fill and be uncomfortable. I am kinda discouraged. I think im going to start a new post as well and see what kind of feedback we both get.
  6. Congrats on your journey! This pre-op diet is just about the worse part of the whole surgery. These 2 weeks will feel like forever, BUT you will get use to it. Any time you lower your carbs you will feel pretty yuck the first few days. I was on a 2 week liquid diet and I thought i was going to just die. Not litterally... but still. I hated it. The 3rd day I was throwing mental tantrum fits. But I got through it. Another thing that is rewarding is seeing the lbs drop as you do this diet. Just stay positive. If you have any questions, feel free! Youre well on your way! :thumbup:
  7. JazzyRayne

    New on here

    Erin, Welcome! What kinda port pain are you having? I know my port hurts from time to time and I am about 3 weeks post op. I havent had my fill yet, but i have no restriction any more either. Just make sure you tell your fill dr that you feel no restriction. I am sure they will give you another fill as soon as they can.
  8. JazzyRayne

    brand new!

    Hi Zack! I wish you the best of luck. Congrats on taking the first step to changing your life. :smile:
  9. Wow. And what stinks is... I dont go for my first fill till July 7th. If things are already getting stuck... my goodness. It makes me nervous. I normally dont eat red meat often... i prefer chicken.
  10. JazzyRayne

    Post-op productive cough?

    I was banded 6/3 and for about a week post-op i coughed up that nasty stuff too. My dr said its normal for post op. But still,contact your dr to make sure. Esp if it doesnt go away.
  11. I am almost 3 weeks post op, and I had my first experience about 2 days ago eating hamburger meat. I chewed, but it still didnt go down good. So, I dont think hamburger and I are going to get along very well. I am glad that I experienced it too, so i know what it feels like. But it hurt like hell. I leaned over, and it helped to move it.
  12. :rolleyes2:I am going to be banded on June 3rd... and I would like to have a band buddy!
  13. I am due to have my surgery June 3rd :smile2:, and I am trying to get grocery shopping out of the way for a few weeks. I am not sure how soon I'll be feeling well enough to fight the walmart crowd for groceries. lol. So, I came to this thread for help from yhall experienced bandsters! I got a menu from my doctor, but it doesnt give a lot of ideas for the mushy pureed foods. Mainly things like: Yogurt (bc i dont drink milk), grits, oatmeal, tuna, meatloaf (all pureed of course). But i can only handle so much of that. What are some yummy post op recipes that I can try weeks 2 through 4? PS- I REALLY love chicken and potatoes :thumbup: Any Ideas I would really appreicate... 3 more days!!! :ohmy:
  14. It still hasnt hit me yet. And im doing okay... i am sick of drinking though. I fight myself everyday about having subway for dinner just ONE time before surgery. I want to do this 100%... so i am trying to be good.
  15. JazzyRayne

    Weeks 2-4 Post-op Recipes ?

    Thats a really good idea though, with the ground chicken. Thank you for that link! I didnt know that existed. :thumbup:
  16. LusciousL, I subscribed to your blog! :smile2: TXsassygal and jsbnme, I am following your blogs. My blog is posted as my signiture. :thumbup:
  17. JazzyRayne

    Any June Bandsters???

    You will do great. The first two days are very hard... but stick through it. The 3-4 day will be easier and by then youre almost there. I am on a 2 week liquid diet. Today is day 6 for me. I am super excited to know that I am halfway through. Keep a positive mind. :biggrin:
  18. JazzyRayne

    Need Lap Band Buddy / Mentor June Bandsters?

    Congrats! I added you as a friend on here. I am doing this horrible pre-op diet. I am on 2 weeks of opti-fast. I am on day 6. Geez! I have been doing pretty good... but its hard. I am def missing food too. :biggrin:
  19. This is my second day... and I feel like I am dying. Someone PLEASE tell me that itll get better as time goes on? I hate feeling hungry all the time. I can handle not eating, if only the shakes would be more filling. I can have 5 opti-fast shakes a day... each 8oz. I drink one every 3 hours... and I can barely make the 3 hours. Last night at 11pm I was having hunger cramps so bad that I had an extra shake. I am allowed sugar free jello and popcicles... but my goodness. I drink a lot of water... but this hunger feeling is horrible. :thumbup:
  20. JazzyRayne

    Approved! June 3rd is my date!

    Thank you! Congrats on your date, and lucky you! Only 3 days. That isnt fair! lol. Im jealous. 2 weeks is DRAGGING. Its got a lot easier, but its not easy at all. I wish you the best as well. :tongue2:
  21. Well all my worries are set aside... for now! LOL. My consultation was May 10th... which went great. My psych evaluation was also May 10th. I have my dietician appointment on May 19th. I also start my 2 week liquid diet on May 19th. My pre-op is June 1st... and my surgery is June 3rd. Things are moving rapidly... and it hasn’t hit me yet. I am trying to enjoy my favorite foods for now... sensibly. I am excited! Anyone else have a June 3rd date? Perhaps we can help each other get through hard times together... since we will be going through it together. :biggrin:
  22. When do you start the opti-fast?? I really like choc and vanilla. I like the choc the best. strawberry is absolutely nasty to me... and i like strawberry flavored drinks normally. But it is very sweet and leaves a horrible after taste. Youre more than welcome to come to me any time! Do you have a band date yet? Ps. - I love your signature. I love twilight. lol. I am actually picking up the third book to re-read it before the movie comes out at the end of the month. Yes! :thumbup:
  23. JazzyRayne

    Approved! June 3rd is my date!

    Nice to meet you MaryAnn, my nick name is Jazzy... but my name is Kim. :smile2: Youll do great. And any time you need any support... you can always send me a private message on here. I also have a thread in "Pre op" I believe the title is "Wow... this liquid diet is killing me." Not a good title at the moment, but thats how i felt. The girls that left comments there left some GREAT ideas for the liquid diet.. and very comforting. Its nice to have this website to turn to whenever you have questions/concerns or just need an ear.. or an eye. :thumbup:
  24. JazzyRayne

    My Loss *Please Read*

    Chatty, I am very sorry for the loss of your mother. I lost my mother when I was 21... September 28, 2006. It is a very hard time to deal with. Your post was very motivational... and I believe that she is very proud of you. I will keep your family in my prayers. It is great that the death of your mother has motivated you to do so much. When my mother died, I kind of hit rock bottom and gained weight. It was very hard. Keep your head up!
  25. JazzyRayne

    Approved! June 3rd is my date!

    Jeni, Wow! Thanks for the ideas on different broths. I will go to walmart and look for some of those. The mushroom one sounds good. I guess as long as its fat free, and low in carbs it does the trick. I can def see where being able to eat a meal at the end of the day can be tricky. Where as, with all liquid you are pretty much given what you are allowed. Eating food at the end of the day would probably be pretty tragic for me. LOL. Id be so hungry i would over do it. I am getting pretty use to this liquid stuff. This is my 4th day.. and i made it until 9am until i needed a shake. I can go 3 hours without being extremely hungry. I dont have to have Jello or popcicles in between as much. If i do, its because I want one... not need one. The only thing is.. being on this diet ive lost 2 lbs so far. Which i honestly thought more would come off, being as tho i basically starved myself the first couple days. I walk a lot. Maybe I am just being impatient?? lol. Also, Thats very interesting about drinking warm liquids before eating. My dr and dietitian told me not to drink anything 20 mins prior to eating and 30-45 mins after eating. Hmm. Maja, Congrats on starting the liquid diet tomorrow!! The first couple days will be rough, but it DOES get better. I promise. LOL I made sure i had all my fav meals before i started the liquid diet. I went to Bahama Breeze a couple nights prior and had Shrimp Linguini (sp?). o0o was that great!! I will miss a lot of my foods, because I am a big Pasta, bread, and rice eater. I dont really care for brown rice...and i never tried the multigrain pasta before. I will def try it though. Congrats again, and good luck!!