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  1. Hey everyone! What a exciting adventure this has been for me! I got banned Aug 2, 2010 when I was just 20. I weighed a whopping 260 pounds. The first year of my lapband SUCKED! I must have had 15 fills and even more unfills I just couldn't find my "sweet spot" I only lost about 50 pounds my first year. Now this second year has only exceeded my expectations. I lost 70 pounds and I still believe I am losing weight and I am NOT complaining. Although its been a long road I am very happy with my results. Not only do I feel like a brand new person I have found my confidence level has grown beyond anyones expectations. I even go out dancing on the weekends and let me tell you pre surgery that would never happen! Now I am onto the next step of my journey. Cosmetic surgery. I just got approved for a panniculectomy and will have to pay the difference for the tummy tuck. I'm not sure if I am going to try and get a loan for the difference ammount or just go to my scheduled surgery date, get the panniculectomy, and maybe a year or two when I save up the cash finish the TT. Anyone else do this? I have attached a few photos of my progress. Please enjoy, and best of luck to everyone out there! Me at my heaviest A before and after I did after I really started seeing my differences! first time ever wearing a dress! This was taken today and I couldn't be happier.
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    Two years after lapband
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    From the album: After

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    From the album: After

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    145 pounds!

    From the album: After

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    Lap Band Buddy

    I've been doing great! First fills in a week and I couldnt be more happier. What about everyone else? I started back school and living on campus i thought would be hard but really its been simple following my diet and everything
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    I just got the Wii fit plus over the weekend, and since Sunday I have been on it for over 2 hours! I have a lot of fun with it!
  8. mmmakala

    Lap Band Buddy

    Tuesday seems like it cant come quickly enough for ya! I cant wait to eat some chicken my mom was cooking it yesterday and boy it smelt so yummy
  9. mmmakala

    Lap Band Buddy

    really? no Jell-o? wow your doctor really is a bad ass. It's ok though you would get SO sick of Jell-o faster then any Protein shake. When can you start other foods?
  10. mmmakala

    Lap Band Buddy

    My first week has been hard. My doctor is liquid ONLY. But I wont lie, I had some refried Beans. 1. they tasted so good, 2. They deff helped with some gas pain. I am so dang sick of liquids in fact I promised myself I will NEVER eat jell-o again after this. Good luck on your surgery tomorrow! You will do just fine, just keep taking the pain meds and everything will be ALLLL set :thumbup:
  11. Hi amber I had the same problem. I had surgery Monday and Wednesday night I found myself vomiting. I called my doctors and they told me as long as I wasn't doing it constantly I was all set. She also told me to go buy some milk of magnesia to get my bowels moving since I hadn't moved them since before surgery, and she said to start my protein since I wasn't on it but ever since I did all that I had no issues and actually have felt great. Hope you feel better :party:
  12. I know i'm only 20 but U picture myself in such a beautiful wedding dress, in fact I want to be on the show Say Yes To the Dress. So look out for me in a few years! Also, being able to go out in confidence without secretly thinking people are talking behind my back is going to be amazing!
  13. mmmakala

    August rush 2010!!!

    It was not untill a few hours ago my stomach started hurting I don't want any liquids or anything. Everytime I try to Burl I feel like I might throw up, but I'm guessing it maybe due to gas pain? I'm going out to buy some gas x and hopefully release all this gas if that's what it is.
  14. I stayed over night, and did about a mile and a half, while i was walking in the hospital. I brought my own pj pants which I put on after a few hours of surgery, and kept my gown on till I was ready to go home. I just wore a baggy shirt when I left and was very comfortable with my pj pants and loose shirt.
  15. mmmakala

    August rush 2010!!!

    Good luck to everyone this month! I am now 2 days post op and I'm feeling awesome! well besides the soreness around my port its nothing the pain medicine wont help me. I cant wait for this week of liquids to be over so I can move onto my mushy stage! All I want is mashed potatoes. again good luck August Rushers!
  16. mmmakala

    Getting Banded with a loved one!

    That's such a neat bonding experience. I can only imagine how much each of your relationships are going to grow. Congratulations to all 4 of you :thumbup:
  17. mmmakala

    No slippage yeah

    That's awesome that it is not slipping hopefully its just a temporary issue your having and you are all better very soon. Best of luck!
  18. mmmakala

    Lap Band Buddy

    Hey twosteps my surgery was a week after you and I'm 20 so it would interesting to compare our progress with each other! I was lucky and didn't hAve any gas pain but from the sound of my roommate here at the hospital it sounds painful. I hope you get it all out. As for protein I use the whey protein from wal mart its not the greatest but when u can add some banana and or strawberries SO MUCH BETTER :thumbup: HAPPY RECOVERY
  19. mmmakala

    Finally!! Banded......

    Contracts to both of you! I was banded yesterday the 2nd and feel awesome, I am having a hard time falling asleep ( yes my over night nurse is gorgeous so that might explain it) but already this band is my beat friend. So happy for everyone :thumbup: My band has no saline or anything in it yet, however my doctor did make mine tighter then her normal patients, because there was so much belly fat so I should be shedding those pounds in no time
  20. mmmakala

    August rush 2010!!!

    You know I was told 45 minutes too but my Dr I guess took her time. She also made my band a little tighter then normal because I had so much belly fat
  21. mmmakala

    August rush 2010!!!

    Hey everyone as I type I'm on the other side! I'm finally banded and I'm loving it. My pain level is a one. I had to gas pain just my throat is sry as ever but since I can't drink anything I'm living off biotene mouth wash and cotton swaps with water. EVERYONE BUY THIS MOUTH WASH IT HELPS SO MUCH! the surgery was about 2 hours went in at 2 out at 4 and went right to my recovery room. Then I had about twenty visitors so it kept my mind off the soreness of were my port is located but a little morphine and I'm good! I am so happy and today I finally told the world about my surgery and to my surprise everyone was supportive. Good luck to everyone this month and please any questions message me Ps. I'm so bored in the hospital
  22. mmmakala

    August rush 2010!!!

    Tomorrow is the big day for me too! I was on the pre op liquid diet but i cheated tonight with a slice of a cake (had to celebrate my boyfriends birthday) Good luck to everyone going in this month! I'm getting nervous now its so close!
  23. mmmakala

    August rush 2010!!!

    Hey everyone! My surgery is on MONDAY! the 2nd. I cant believe how close this is getting.
  24. mmmakala

    August 2010 anyone?

    phew! One week till Aug 2 I am so excited =) I had a real hard time with my liquid diet last friday, I got sent home from work early because I was shaking and my head was spinning, I'm not diabetic but I am convinced my blood sugar was low. I had two cookies and everything went back to normal, it was kinda scary. anyway with Aug being so close I hope everyone is getting excited!

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