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  1. jn26845

    11 Months Post Op - 66.4 lbs lost

    Great job i'm still the same 170 but the good thing is atleast i have not gained any. IF only i could set my mind to exercising. but i'm happy with my self . Glad to see u are stopping by ur blog . I don't get on here much just once in a while to read your blog
  2. jn26845

    9 Months Post Op - 57.8 lbs lost

    Glad to see u are doing goodi was worried since u have not =been on here in a while.
  3. jn26845

    Dr Kelly?

    I had my surgery in march with dr kelly i have no complaint started at 255 i weigh 168 now most of that is my falt because i have never went to the gym but thinking aout starting
  4. jn26845

    Bmi 35 Need To Lose 75 Lbs

    I am 7 months out and started at 255 i now weight 170 i have not lost any for about 2 months but that is my falt because i have never exercised and am so tired of everyone telling me not to loose anymore. But i think i may start going to the gym to try and firm some things up. Good uck to u
  5. jn26845

    Week 26 (And Finally At 50 Pounds Lost!)

    Great job ladys where has the time went 6 months and it seems like yesturday. I wish i could start exercise because im sure that would help. Are u all drinking plan water or something like crystal light. I have been weighing myself every day before showing and was at a stall for a few weeks yesturday i was 167.4. My goal was 150 but my 13 year old daughter is not to happy with me she says i took the easy way out and dont have to do anything to loose weight she weights 164 so im not sure if i want to work hard to get below her weight because i don't want to hurt her feelings.Got mmy blood work done last week and everything was good. she said i could loose down to 150 and still not look sick so we will see what happens . Ladys keep up the good work we can do this.
  6. jn26845

    Week 21

    Great job your in onderland. Keep up the good work
  7. jn26845

    Week 19 With Hair Loss :(

    My hair has been coming out alot to. I have not been exercising maybe i eed to star because i have not lost in a couple weeks this morning i was 177.6. Glad to hear u all are doing good.
  8. jn26845

    Week 17 With Bathing Suit Picture

    You look great
  9. jn26845

    Flight Into San Diego

    I came a day earlier and they let me stay at the hotel no extra charge. Talk to Omar and see what he says .
  10. jn26845

    Week 15 - Post Op

    Thought i would stop by and say hello Your are doing great. I don't get on here much busy with the kids sports but i try to stop by and read your blog.I finally went to buy a pair of shorts and was able to buy size 14 so i guess it is showing more than i thought but i am still wearing my 18 to. i am down to 186 but i have been there for over a week goes from 184-186 so i guess i should change something i need to exercise but thats easier said than done. I have noticed my hair is starting to come out nothing hoping it does not get to bad. Sounds like sexy slim is doing good too.
  11. I chose Dr. Kelly because i had read good things and you can call and talk to him. He was having a special when i went it was $5000 i think now its $5500 i would use him again
  12. jn26845

    Week 12 (2 Months) - Post Op

    Glad to hear you had a great week.Sexyslim sounds like she is doing good to. I have got into a bad habit of weighing myself every morning i should go back to once a week. I have not been exercising any yet need to try and make time. Still love reading you blog
  13. I am 7 weeks out and have a hard job at work this week and my back has been hurting what type on pian med can i take ? What about for a head ache?
  14. Please keep us updated i have been having pain in my left side and back since i returned to work.I had my surgery on 3-29 Prayer going your way hope they figure it out for u.
  15. How many calories were you getting at 6 weeks post op. I'm finding it hard to get my protein in can you all tell me what your daily diet was at 6 weeks. Also how much did you eat at a time? Thanks
  16. I had bought a neck pillow at the air port. It had a small zipper in the back so i put my passport and credit card in there while at the hospital but had about $50 in my carry on bag and it was not bothered.
  17. I had wi-fi at the hospital also.
  18. I had my surgery on 3-28 -12 . I had no problems at all . Feel free to pm me with any questions.
  19. How long do yoiu wait before or after eating before you drink?
  20. jn26845


    Thanks i thought i read 1 hour before and after i will try the half hour i think than i may be able to get more fluids.
  21. I had pain when i would breath for a few days but no vomiting but i would be sure to ask the Dr.
  22. How many calories are you getting in? What is a normal day like for you? I still have not got it figured out how to get my fluids and protein.
  23. I used Dr. kelly 3-28 and was very happy . There is a bed in the room for your hubby at the hospital.Also the set up the hotel its in the price and it is really nice and they take you from the airport to hospital than to hotel and back to the airport . They also took the girl that was there with me shopping and to get her teeth wightened..Best of luck with whom ever you choose.
  24. jn26845


    When counting ounces for meats do you do it by weight or measuring cup size?