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    Pcos.. Symptoms?

    Can someone tell me what your symptoms of PCOS are? Everyone at work says i need to get tested for it (work in ER ).. in the past 6months months i have gained weight, hair in falling out, tired all the time (have sleep apnea which is well controlled with CPAP), irregular periods,headaches and super dry skin... Doc has checked thyroid multiple times with other labs and "everything is normal" per them... Something isnt "normal" Thanks!
  2. Liftingchic


    I am late... but I am from the burgh.., my doc is urbandt at wedt penn.
  3. So yesterday morning (saturday) I was eating some frosted mini wheats. For some reason they kind of got stuck and i PBed to try to get them up and suddenly had bad upper left Abd pain..very tender to touch... I work in an er so i went to work, struggled all day with heartburn and pain. unable to really drink or eat anything... I worked my shift and went home to attempt to just go to bed and the heartburn just got unbearable so i went back to work and was seen in the ER.. They did a CT and gave me fluids and pain meds and a GI cocktail, nothing helped for the pain or heartburn... They said everything was normal (CT and labs) they spoke with my surgeons partner who said I just need to get some Fluid taken out and send me home, and have me follow up tomorrow AM with them . I have been banded for 2 years; March 2010. I have had only 2 fills.. one like august 10 and one june 11... They sent me home in alot of pain (vitals high too because of the pain i am in, hr 112 bp 182/110) Still in unbearable pain(worse with eating or drinking,) with heartburn. I just dont get it.. i have had NO problems with my lapband and the one time i do, i feel like no one is listening.. LC
  4. Liftingchic

    Lap Band Advice? Slipped?

    in VERY small amounts... they come back up if too much... we are talking maybe a few ounces..
  5. Liftingchic

    Lap Band Advice? Slipped?

    the frosted mini wheats were my last meal yesterday at 10am... only liquids since... even they hurt... tried broth little bit ago... didnt go well..
  6. Is is possible for you never to feel full? and always be hungry? i have been banded for 2 years and i am still hungry all the time.. I drink my water as supposed... I dont drink during meals.. I had lost almost 100 lbs by pure hardwork and calorie watching... I have slowly gained 70lbs back.. I have an appt this thursday at my band doc... I have tightness in my band... I eat slow and feel pressure but It seems to past quickly..
  7. Liftingchic

    Walden Farms Products

    I tried the ranch dressing.. it was the nastiest thing ever!
  8. Liftingchic

    How Often Do You Get Stuck?

    recently i have been having stuck problems everyday. but not where i need to throw up.. its not my band its me.. I eat so quick and dont control my bites..
  9. Liftingchic

    Surprise Bill!

    I agree
  10. Liftingchic

    Whats The Workout To Loose Weight Faster?

    I love running! and now the stairclimber
  11. Liftingchic

    TT 4months

  12. Liftingchic

    Share ideas, What did you eat today ?

    03/12/12 Breakfast- Rice Krispy Lunch~ 6in turkey sub with soup dinner~ Chicken Breast with 1/2 c mashed potato Snack~ half of homemade chicken salad sandwich with 90 cal fiber one bar Total~ 1220 exercise~ getting over bronchitis so only did 15 mins on the bike
  13. So I was banded almost 2 years ago (March 18, 2010). At the time i already knew i had sleep apnea.. Fast forward, First year i went from 302lb to 218lbs and felt like I was sleeping better, stopped using my BiPAP.. Here recently since gaining about 40lbs back I have been feeling very tired again so My PCP asked me to get another sleep study... I FAILED Badly, I had twice as much apnea periods.. Feel like a big failure... I have made great stride in the last 2 years, Off my BP meds, no pre-diabetic, running 3-4 times a week, ran a half marathon, training for another one now... Trying not to be depressed but its hard.. I dont want to wear a mask to sleep every night.. LC
  14. Liftingchic

    Share ideas, What did you eat today ?

    Today 03/01/12 Breakfast~ 1c PB Cheerios 1/2c Milk Snack~ SF Fudge Pop Lunch/dinner~ 6in turkey sub no cheese lt mayo, Broc and Cheese soup Snack~ chips and French Dip and a donut :-( Total~ 1135 No exercise today
  15. Liftingchic

    Share ideas, What did you eat today ?

    Yesterday Snack~ SF Fudge Pop Breakfast~ 90 cal Fiber one bar Lunch~ Chick-Fil A 6count Grilled nuggets with BBQ, Small Chicken noodle Soup Dinner~ 3 homemade chicken tenders and 1/2 c Mashed Potato Calories~950 Exercise~ 3 mile run
  16. Liftingchic

    Special K Protein Cereal!:)

    They ARE HEAVENLY! (the PB cherrios)
  17. Liftingchic

    Special K Protein Cereal!:)

    I found it boring as heck and not the best tasting... Plus i am addicted to Multigrain cheerios and the new Multi-grain Peanut butter cheerios
  18. I just set a routine and stick to it... I told myself i had to run 4 miles today and I didnt want to.. I made myself go to the gym.. the first 2 miles sucked.. but The last 2 went great.. I left with a great "high" I seem to workout better when i dont want to be there...
  19. Liftingchic

    Share ideas, What did you eat today ?

    02/28/12 Breakfast~ 6in Turkey sub No cheese and No Mayo (work night shift FYI thats why this is my breakfast hehe) Lunch~ Egg Beaters with Cheese, Light Lemonade after eating Dinner~ 1/2 of a Flat Out Pizza and Sweet Potato Fries Total~ 950
  20. Liftingchic

    Hello From Pa

    Hiya fellow Pa'er..I was banded in march of 2010..Struggling but Glad i got it done
  21. Liftingchic

    Fitbit Or Bodybug?

    I am a bodybugg user and love it! Its nice to know how many calories i have burnt.. Like to track my food in the program too.. I dont find it big or bulky at all.. I forgot alot that i am wearing it and almost got in the shower today with it on.. heheh
  22. Liftingchic

    Full Contact Semi Pro Football?

    I took the season off cause I had my band placed middle season My doc told me 6 months.. but i think i would have been ok like 2 month post op.. I wont Practice if i was you.. Gym and football are two different things.. Be careful
  23. chicken tortilla soup 1 can Mexican Corn( Drained), 1 Can Black Beans, (drained) 1 can 8oz Tomato Sauce, 1 Can Rotel (or Diced tomatos), 1 can of Cream of Chicken Soup , 1 packet enchilada sauce, 2 Cup Milk, I added some jalapenos 4 Chicken Breast. Low for 6-8 hours. Pull the chicken out at 6 hours and shred it and then put it back in. Calories for 1cup= 130 calories, 1.21g of fat, 20 of cholestrol, 18g carbs, 5 gsugar, 2.88g Fiber , 11 Protein
  24. Liftingchic

    Is Anyone Else Tired All The Time?

    Been there too.. I am tired all the time... Got blood work everything looked good other then iron. Been taking iron.. Isnt helping... PCP wants another sleep study done..
  25. Liftingchic

    Running My First 10k On New Years Eve!!!

    Awesome! you can do it!

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