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  1. Hello, Is there anyone else from Kentucky on here? :confused1: I sure would like to hear from you. Judy
  2. Ky.hen

    Blue Hills of Kentucky

    Welcome, I'm about 30 from Campbellsville. I still love my sleeve. I couldn't survive without it..
  3. Hello Friends, I had my surgery on Oct. 1, 09 with Dr Aceves and his team. My hubby and I arrived in San Deigo on the day before surgery. Ernesto (driver) was waiting with a sign with my name on it. We then met some other surgery pts. that had arrived. We started our 2 hour drive to the hospital with Ernesto telling some history of the area and pointing out some interesting sights. The ride didn't seem that long as we all got to know each other. We arrived at the hospital and were greeted by some fellow sleevers that were ready to go home. It was a thrill to get to meet some friends from VST. We were taken into a waiting room and called out to different rooms to have tests done and talk to Dr. Aceves and his staff. They were very friendly and thorough about explaining everything that would be going on during our stay and the surgery itself. We didn't have to wait very long to get everything done. They were very prepared. Had our names already on the specimen cups and blood tubes. Everything was very clean and the nurses all wore a mask and gloves when doing any procedures. We then left for the hotel about 10 minutes away. It was super nice and very comfortable. We ate a delicious dinner there walked around awhile to see the sights and went to bed early. I also took the medicine Dr. Aceves gave me to take before going to bed. (antibiotic and sleeping pill) Ernesto picked us up at 7am the next morning and took us back to the hospital. We were greeted by the friendly staff and taken to our rooms. The hospital rooms were more like a guest room in a home than a hospital room. There was even a large soft leather sofa for my husband to sleep on. Very, very clean room. I had a little time to meet some other friends from VST that were already there. Lucy came in and gave me two medicines to take and said my turn was next. Another nurse came in and gave me an injection of blood thinner in the stomach. I didn't even feel it. Then off to surgery I went. I got my IV put in after I was asleep. I woke up a little while later and was taken to my room. I did not have any pain. I napped off and on for a while. I am glad I took my own pillow from home. The hospital pillows were like hard plastic rocks. When I was more fully awake I went to the bathroom. The nurses kept checking on me quiet often and offering meds. if needed. Later that afternoon I still felt great. Still no pain. I got up and walked all around the hospital, visited and talked with new friends. Dr Aceves met me in the hall and said, "I thought you had surgery today." LOL The doctors were great. They came in the room several times a day to check on me. The first night I woke up being sick at my stomach and having dry heaves. Not fun. I was feeling a little pain when I would turn over in bed. I felt really bad the 2nd day with nausea. I was given meds. through the IV for this and it helped. But, I kept thinking to myself, what have you done? Why did my husband let me do this? I must have been crazy to do this. My emotions were a mess. I was wondering how I was ever going to stand the trip home. Then Lucy came in and brought this big glass of blue apple juice and said, "you have two hours to sip this all down for your leak test". Yeah, right. It took me two hours to force myself to get down about half. I passed that leak test though. I will never drink apple juice again. That same day, I was brought lunch. Orange Crystal Light, warm tea and you guessed it, apple juice. I used a teaspoon and sipped on the Crystal Lite. It was really good. I took a nice warm shower that helped me to feel better. Later that night I was brought the best chicken broth I had ever tasted, tea, Crystal Lite and more apple juice. I asked for pain meds., nausea meds. and sleeping meds. at bedtime. I wanted to be out of it for a few hours. No doubt, I slept well. The third day, things were better. No pain. I was ready for more chicken broth. My husband would always do me the favor of grabbing the apple juice off the tray and drinking it before I could smell it. Dr. Campos came and got me for another leak test. It was not bad. I passed with flying colors. It was interesting to watch the computer screen. You could see the liquid going through your tiny stomach after you took a drink. Lucy was nice enough to take pictures of this procedure for me. Hubby had went for coffee. Later, I went to the cafereria looking for him. He was sitting in there with this huge square plate of pancakes dripping in butter and syrup and a stack of bacon. I had to get out of there quick. The wonderful smells were more than I could handle. I went back to the room for more broth. I took a nap that afternoon and when I woke up I had beautiful balloons tied to my bed from my new sleeve sister, Sue. Dr Aceves came in again to check on me and said, "I was doing great." He said, "he wanted me to fart as much as possible." LOL, Well let me tell you, all my new white underwear look like they have been blue tye dyed now. (from that darn blue apple juice) Takes me back to the 70's. You will also be pooping blue for a week. I took another shower, packed and went to bed early. This was my third night in the hospital. I slept great with the help of a little sleeping pill. Ernesto was picking us up at 7am the next morning and I wanted to be well rested for the long trip home. I slept like a baby and was ready to go back to the blue hills of Kentucky. The doctors came and visited again and wanted us to keep in touch. They really care about thier patients. We loaded the van again and off to San Deigo we went. Ernesto shared more history with us. He also shared that he had sleeve surgery done 6-7 months ago and had lost 80lbs. He is also does massage therapy. We went through the border without any problems. The officer on duty said that Dr Aceves had done his lap band surgery last year. LOL When Ernesto found out that I had never seen the Ocean, he drove down to the habor so we could do a little sight seeing. It was beautiful. He also showed us the street where the movie Top Gun was made. We made it to the airport in plenty of time. Hubby ate Mac Donalds and I made some chicken broth from the powder packet in Ramen Noodles. Said, goodbye to our new friends and boarded the plane to Alanta. Had an hour layover in Alanta before boarding another plane to KY. After boarding the plane, we were told the plane had problems and couldn't take off. We had to wait another 2 hours for another plane to arrive. The flight was only 50 minutes, thankgoodness. The restrooms were out of order and we were told to cross our legs and hold it. We finally made it back to Louisville, KY about 1:30am. Then a hour and half drive home. I fell asleep in the car. I am home now and feel ok except for a slight headache. I am feeling some head hunger and would love to have a grill cheese sandwich. But that is ok, I will have a small one when I am allowed. Would I do it again? Yes! Hugs, Judy
  4. My insurance cord. just called me and said my insurance would only pay for a lapband or bypass. They said if I wanted the sleeve I would have to be self pay. I am so sad and disappointed I could cry. She wants me to talk to the surgeon about it when I go for a visit before I decide what to do. I will have to pay alot of money at the visit. $250 consult $500 program fee $295 for Phych Eval. :tongue_smilie: Judy
  5. I also had surgery with Dr. Aceves. I did'nt have any problems and would go back there in a heartbeat. I was treated with great care and kindness.
  6. Ky.hen


    I was watching a weight loss show on tv the other day. This lady had lost alot of weight. She went to her Dr and told him she had some kind of hard growth on the bottom of her neck and it was getting bigger. He checked it out and said " that is your collar bone". :lol0::lol0::lol0: Judy
  7. Ky.hen

    Picture update

    Tiffy, You are looking great!!! Thanks for posting your picture.
  8. Ky.hen


    OK, Ladies What is the most crazy, silly, funny, stupid, or exciting gift that you have ever recieved from your husband, boyfriend, lover, betterhalf, ect??? I will start it out with one. My husband:001_tt1: on around our 15th Christmas together gave me a skin divers watch and I can't even swim. I think he must have been wanting to find out how deep the pond is. LOL Judy:lol0::laugh0::lol0::lol0:
  9. I'm so happy this morning. When I weighed the scales said 199. I started out at 236. I know that I'm barly there, but I'm happy not to see that big ol 2 looking at me. LOL My goal was to try and loose 35 lbs. by Christmas. I guess I better try and make a new goal. :cursing:
  10. Ky.hen

    Just sleeved!

    Welcome to Vst. I'm sorry you were in pain. The worst part is over now. Everyday will get easier for you.
  11. Megan, You are going to love Dr. Aceves and his staff. They are wonderful. I used to love carbs too. After my surgery, I have no desire to eat anything sweet tasting. I have taken a couple of bites of candy or a cookie and it really makes me feel sick. I do like a little fruit or one or two bites of pasta sometimes. You can find lots of veg. cookbooks out there to help you out. I think that you are going to be pleased with the sleeve. I already feel so much better and more in control. Keep us updated on your progress. We are here to help you.
  12. Ky.hen

    Newbie story

    Good Luck and welcome to VST.
  13. Newmom, you need to stop worrying about everything. You will be fine. I was back to work in a week with 28 five year olds. No problems.
  14. Ky.hen

    Home after VSG

    Congrats. on your surgery. It will get easier everyday. Walking and sipping will really help.
  15. Ky.hen

    2 weeks post op

    Janet, that is what we are here for, to help and encourage each other. You are now a sleeve sister and we look forward to hearing about your progress.
  16. Ky.hen

    A little scared here:

    Ann, Glad to hear that you are ok. I have made myself sick twice while learning how to eat. I can say that I learned my lesson too.
  17. Hi Daisy, the flu I had was H1N1, plus all the other things along with it. I think the meds. where not agreeing with my new tummy. The Dr. changed my meds. and I'm finally starting to eat again. I think this is the first time in my life that I've had to try and force myself to eat. LOL, Thanks for asking.
  18. Ky.hen

    It's a date!

    Congrats to you both. I know that it is such a relief to finally get your date. You are on your way now.
  19. Ky.hen

    2 weeks post op

    Welcome to Vst. Your stomach will feel a bit different at first. It will take awhile to heal. I can eat regular foods now just like before surgery. Just not near as much. It is normal to want to eat like before but your new tummy wont let you. It only took me twice to learn my lesson. I had to slow down and eat tiny amounts. It gets easier everyday.
  20. Ky.hen

    Introducing myself

    Welcome to the forum Danielle. Thanks for sharing your story. To me the surgery was a piece of cake. I was up walking around the hospital and walked around outside on the same day I had surgery. You will be fine. You have great support and will be so glad you had it done.
  21. Ky.hen

    My OUT OF CONTROL moment

    Rose, that is too too funny. LOL I used to buy candy and hide it around the house so I could secretly eat it when no one was watching. My husband has found a bag or two over the years and I would just tell him I was hiding it from our hyper grandson when he comes to visit. LOL I have now confessed to hubby all my sins about food. He said he already knew about it. Funny thing now, anything sweet does not appeal to me. It actually makes me feel sick.
  22. I'm so happy for you. Now stay calm and don't get that BP back up.
  23. To celebrate, hubby brought home White Castles. I could barely eat one and was stuffed. So I guess the reward from my hubby only cost him 53 cents. LOL. Can you imagine the look on the employees faces if you go through the drive thru. and order 1 White Castle and a cup of water. Too funny. Thanks everyone for all the encouragement. It means a lot!
  24. Ky.hen

    A Message from Chancie

    Vegas, please tell Chancie we miss her and will look forward to hearing from her soon.

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