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  1. Hey y’all! I was just wondering when y’all started to notice your hunger pains coming back? I’m 9 months out and really have started feeling them come back lately. I haven’t had much restriction at all post-surgery and have been relying on the lack of hunger pains to control myself. Thanks!
  2. Quesodip251

    Hunger coming back

    I love these suggestions!
  3. Quesodip251

    Hunger coming back

    That’s what I’m trying to do. Train myself to the new normal
  4. Quesodip251

    Hunger coming back

    Thanks for your input. I feel some mild restriction when I seriously overeat, but usually I don’t have hunger pains and it’s only the drinking munchies that get me to eat high amounts. Maybe it’s just natural progression of the surgery?
  5. Quesodip251

    I'm so cold!!!!

    Yes! I now sleep in socks, jacket, and sometimes even shoes. My boyfriend doesn’t mind bc it means I get to cuddle more for warmth 😉
  6. Damn! You and your shoes both look fabulous!
  7. Quesodip251

    33 mile ultra run complete

    Congrats! That’s amazing!
  8. Quesodip251

    How do you curb cravings?

    What helps me best is trying not to snack-just eating full meals. That way I’m actually too full to want to eat my cravings. I also leave aside enough calories at the end of the day to have a glass of wine or couple of pieces of my kid’s leftover fun-size chocolate candies. As another poster said, if you completely ignore what you crave, you’ll end up eating it anyway after what you ate instead and that leads to regret and bingeing.
  9. Hey guys! This isn’t as much a success story as it is a progress story but I just had to share! I had surgery in late April of this year and got weighed at my doctor’s office today and I officially crossed under the 25 bmi border! I’ve still got a ways to go but I have more energy and feel like I have my life back! Now I can keep up with my son’s sports activities! I’ve had a couple of bumps along the way (who doesn’t?) but with dedication and prayer have moved past them. Here’s my progress pic! Cheers! Queso
  10. Quesodip251

    April 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Do you have an icon called “profile” in the right-handed corner?
  11. Quesodip251

    April 2022 Surgery Buddies

    It was late April. Also had gastric bypass. Sitting at 25.5 bmi now but it keeps getting harder to lose now that I can eat more…grrr
  12. Quesodip251

    May Surgery Buddies

    Y’all got it made! I just started puréed today and my surgery was in April
  13. Quesodip251

    May 2022 surgery?

    Just so you know, Dilaudid isn’t just for hospital use. It comes in pill form for at home use but most places don’t prescribe it since it’s strong and can make people loopy. I’ve had patients come into the hospital on daily doses at home (I’m an RN.) Many places will send you home with Norco or something similar instead.
  14. Quesodip251

    Gastric Bypass in Tijuana?

    My recovery is great! I had bad acid reflux the first week but it’s all but cleared up now. I’ve received several emails on nutrition since then and reminders, etc. In your case, it won’t matter which of the MGB or RNY bypass you do since you already had the sleeve. The mini can cause more reflux with the remnant stomach backing up into the pouch, but since yours was removed with the sleeve you shouldn’t have that issue. Statistically there’s less risk of complications with the mini outside of that but for either procedure it is very low. My Dr. didn’t tell me he was doing the mini until afterwards. There’s a lot of communication breakdown there but it’s not like they screwed up the surgery or anything. Be very careful with that. The coordinators don’t know anything about the procedures more than we do via google. The renew staff does speak English but they’re a parent co so you won’t necessarily see them 24/7 like you do the nurses. My stomach was partially removed (which makes it a SASI) to decrease ghrelin levels and reduce reflux risk since I already had GERD. They use CER hospital, which is only 7 years old and pretty nice. My bathroom there is nicer than the one back home! One family member/friend is allowed to come with you and stay the night at no charge and if you choose so you get a “suite” which gives an extra space and bed for said friend. The doctors there all speak English well but the nurses speak only a little so google translate helped a lot, lol. Some of the nursing practices are a little dated but I fixed anything that seemed off (I’m an RN). They were very attentive with wound care though I will say. As far as cleanliness goes, it’s the cleanest hospital I’ve ever seen! Sheets, towels, trash, etc are changed daily. I didn’t even use all of my towels bc I didn’t need that many. One week of meds for after surgery is given to you at no charge which is nice. Getting to know the other people in your cohort was the coolest part bc you all go through it together and support each other! I didn’t receive a video/Skype call from the Dr. beforehand but if you request it I’m sure they could do it. All bariatric procedures are done in the afternoons so he’s free in the mornings (cosmetic procedures are done in the AM). 1 night stay at The real inn hotel is part of your charge and it’s really nice and modern. I actually got mine for free bc one of the coordinators wrote down that I was waiving the hotel for the optional $100 reduction when I wasn’t, so they charged me $100 less but ended up comping the room anyway for me (I told you the coordinators don’t know what they’re doing.) I do wish there was better communication before the procedure so if you can get a Skype call with the doctor beforehand that would be great as communication is the main problem there. If you can get Dr. Green (you better book wayy ahead) then go for it bc everyone loves him. He even takes pics of the sleeve patients’ stomachs and gives them a copy, lol. Sometimes I wish I had him! I’m a lower bmi patient like you-my bmi was 31 when I signed up. I was the smallest one there but no one cared. Overall, it’s a good experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat 💗
  15. Quesodip251

    April 2022 Surgery Buddies

    I’m having a lot of bloating as well but I know some of it is constipation. I’m taking Miralax now and my body still is not giving it up lol
  16. I read that as well. I would think it he was going to do a Spin off of the DS then I would’ve known bc they do the DS there and it’s a higher price tag due to the extra time involved. It’s also meant for larger patients and I had a bmi of 30 on the day of surgery… I really think it’s just their standard policy to remove the stomach for ghrelin reduction. I just wish was told ahead of time.
  17. He said “that’s what they do” so I’m guessing it’s standard practice there. He was actually a sweet guy.
  18. It wasn’t rerouted at the duodenum, that’s why it’s not a DS. It could technically just be rerouted at the stomach
  19. Even my coordinator thought I was just mistaken but confirmed it with my surgeon after talking with her. I appreciate it but can’t find any info on it anywhere and want to make sure it won’t worsen my acid reflux as that’s why I chose GB.
  20. Quesodip251

    April 2022 Surgery Buddies

    I had mine yesterday as well. I agree with the others about the gas pains! At first I felt like was dying, but the pain is slowly subsiding.
  21. Quesodip251

    April 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Haha I have everything at home already to do it so why not?
  22. Quesodip251

    April 2022 Surgery Buddies

    No lie I plan on sticking an IV in myself after my surgery and hanging some Normal Saline. 💉⛑
  23. Quesodip251

    April 2022 Surgery Buddies

    I swear if I can’t get enough fluids down post-surgery I’m sticking an IV in myself LOL
  24. Quesodip251

    Now thinking if canceling surgery 🥺

    I’m getting bypass and my bmi is 30. Mine was recommended due to my GERD.
  25. Quesodip251

    April 2022 Surgery Buddies

    The surgery will definitely help your diabetes and high blood pressure! You’re doing the right thing!

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