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  1. Oh! Thought of something else . . . Try not to take the prescription pain meds after about the 2nd day. They make you constipated! The narcodic in it causes that. You'll wonder why you havn't "gone". That's why! Liquid Tylenol is best.
  2. I wish someone had told me about the heprin shot before surgery! Just sayin' . . . But, seriously, use that inspirometer after surgery. Do it at least 10 times per hour for several days. I ran a low-grade temperature and they told me to do this and fever went away and I felt great!
  3. Had mine done by Dr. David Kim in North Richland Hills (North Hills Hospital) in July. www.drdkim.net I think he's amazing!
  4. KathrynH

    No Protein Drinks

    I ditched the protein drinks when I started eating "mushies". I get 70-90 grams of protein daily from food. Protein drinks are too high in calories!
  5. KathrynH

    Pain with a Fill???????????????

    Just had my first fill last Thursday (banded 7-28)! He numbed the port area first, and from then on I never felt one thing. Seriously! Even the tiny shot to numb was pain free. For some reason, there is less pain in the gut anyway. I had to lay back on the table and raise my feet. This was the most difficult part of the whole process - LOL He then drew out the saline from surgery to measure it (2 cc) and put it back in, plus 2.4 cc more. Then we went next door to an xray type machine to watch the white chalky stuff go down and I got to see the band. Way cool!
  6. KathrynH

    Sore in Port Area

    My port area was SOOOO sore. It was about 5 weeks before I could sleep on that side. Hang in there! Just slow it down - you might need a slight un-fill. You should not be throwing up at all. Call.
  7. Would you have lost 30 lbs in 6 months BEFORE the band??? I'm just sayin' !!!
  8. KathrynH

    Totally Depressed

    Too many calories. Cut back to 1000. And WALK. Try that! Congrats on the weight loss!
  9. Just tell your nurse when you get there. They can put a patch behind your ear (the same patch used for motion sickness). It was a MIRACLE for me. I'll never have surgery without it.
  10. And they shave your stomach! I didn't realize it until it started growing back. Oh, I wish that didn't have to do that. But it really doesn't matter. My bikini days were over LOOOONG ago !!!!!!!
  11. Hee-hee !! I think so. Took me about 4 weeks to sleep on my port side (left). No problem with the right side that I recall. All is normal now (banded 7-28). Get my first fill tomorrow. YIKES!
  12. OMG - I could have written that!!! That's EXACTLY what I went through. Those feelings are verrrrry normal and will pass, I PROMISE!
  13. KathrynH

    Where is my port?

    My port is the only insision that I felt ANY pain at all - right below my left breast.
  14. KathrynH

    newly banded on July 18, 08

    Cynthia5 - you are soooo right! Thanks for the reminder.
  15. KathrynH

    newly banded on July 18, 08

    You're doing so good that they might not give you a fill yet. Some surgeons wait until you really need one to risk ruining a really good thing. I cannot believe how much you've lost! Here I was so proud with a measly 18 lbs. Awwww!
  16. KathrynH

    6 month diet

    CIGNA Insurance required the 6 month doctor supervised. They are looking at whether or not you can commit to something. They did not require that I lose weight (thank goodness b/c I gained). The whole purpose was to make sure that I committed myself to 6 months of counseling with my physician. In other words, that I could stick to something!!! Each month they weighed me and I briefly spoke to my doctor about exercise, tips in reducing calories, and just general lap-band Q&A. He then signed all the forms given to me by my surgeon each month. I had to pay out of pocket ($100) each visit as insurance doesn't cover this! At the end of 6 monthly visits, I turned the forms in to my surgeon's office. I've been banded 5 weeks now and I would go through the whole process again -- it is SOOOOO worth it to get your insurance to pay. As far as the psychologist and nutritionist go, that was one visit each for about 30 minutes and they took care of faxing over their report to my surgeon. Easy! If I can do it ANYBODY can, believe me.
  17. I was there just one month ago! I remember crying and telling my husband how I hated it and wanted it out of me. I was sick of hurting and "sleeping" (HA) in a recliner. Also so much worry about Protein, anti-acid pills, that breating thingy you blow in, pain pain PAIN, plus I ran a low temperature and felt miserable. Know what? It was just temporary! Every single day got better and better - and still does. I JUST slept on my left side (port side) for the first time last night. And I ate steak for the first time tonight for dinner! So Happy! You will feel better. Promise! OH! It's important that you get out of the house, even just for a ride in the car (take your pillow). I think that's the key to rapid recovery.
  18. KathrynH

    Diabetes Post Banding

    I was banded 7-28 (1 month ago). Last week I had my labs done and my A1C went UP from 6.5 to 6.8. My cholestrol was a mess, too, since 6 months ago. Terrible lab results! Doctor says he has never seen anyone loose 17 lbs and lab results get worse!!! We'll worry about it at the next 6 month check up and blame it on the surgery for now.
  19. Scheduled my first fill for 9/11. Vacation is on 9/27. Maybe I should reschedule for when we get back the next week. What do you think? Thanks, my little lapband family! :cursing: I love you all.
  20. KathrynH

    No "real" food makes me crazy

    My first meal after 1 week was about 1/4 cup of Cream of Wheat. Thought I'd died and gone to heaven!!!!! But I wasn't hungry at all until about the 5th day.
  21. KathrynH


    Have you been banded yet? Or are you pre-op liquids? I could not stand Nexium. It caused terrible cotton mouth, headache, and heart palps. Now I'm on Prilosec OTC and cannot even tell I take it! I feel normal. Hang in there!!
  22. KathrynH

    Taking Pills?

    I'm also 3 week post-op. I take everything by pill and they go right down! I take my prescriptions and my Prilosec OTC with no trouble at all. You can always cut them in half if you like with a pill cutter from any drugstore or Walmart.
  23. KathrynH

    I wish I wouldn't Have!

    Hammer, This site is my saving grace and is the secret to success. Plus, it's free!!! www.thedailyplate.com Please try hard - don't give up! And know that we all deeply care about you.
  24. KathrynH

    manometry -- could it preclude band surgery?

    I'm kind of new, but I think it just means to keep each other's name (ie, KathrynH) in the "friends" area so we can find each other easier and send a message! That way we can keep each other updated. You don't have to, it's just the only way I know how.
  25. KathrynH

    manometry -- could it preclude band surgery?

    I sure will! She is 58 and has had a long history of problems with her esophagus (terrible chest pains). I got banded on 7-28 and he fixed a hiatal hernia that I had no clue even existed (no reflux, but I did hiccup alot!). I'll keep you posted. Good luck to you!

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