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  1. Could you post the foods that you can eat - others on the board may be able to make suggestions for recipes or meal plans? My personal experience after RNY bypass is that the underlying issues (whatever they are) that caused the disordered eating in the first place don't go away magically, and it's going to be a constant battle to keep on track. [well for me anyway]. I see you're in the UK too - I had my bypass privately here and had a UK dietitian who was very helpful. If you're interested in her contact information I can dm details?
  2. So I tried your recipe today using apple sauce as the wet ingredient. It took a bit of experimenting with the microwave times but wow! It actually had the taste and texture of a brownie - a sort of chocolatey apple brownie! Thank you very much for the recipe - this will become a staple.......
  3. Deb9386

    Clothes etc

    Yes, I've found this too! Semi retired and at home a lot during lockdown I've managed largely with very casual clothes and it doesn't really matter if things are a bit big on me. Some of the clothes I had from before I put on weight were not very flattering when I tried them again, so I bought some new things a couple of months ago - they're now getting loose. It's a nice problem to have but as I'm only a couple of pounds from my goal weight, I really can't wait to stabilise my weight and get into a maintenance mode. I've also been buying and selling some clothes on ebay which has worked well so far.
  4. I've tried to stick to my diet plan and have considered myself fortunate to have had just 1 or 2 minor dumping episodes since surgery - the worst being when I was sick after eating some restaurant food which must have been (but shouldn't have been) very oily. Then last Saturday I gave in to temptation and ate a small chocolate bar..... (it was very small - about 85 calories worth). And I paid for it with upset bowels that evening and during the night. So I thought - right, never again, and that'd be the end of it. Except it hasn't been. Every day since I've had the same problem - usually in the evening, but always waking up at about 4am. I haven't eaten any sugary or fatty foods since Saturday - the foods I've been eating are the same ones I've used throughout the whole period since surgery without a problem. And I don't think it's a stomach bug, because it's weirdly consistent in the times of day I have the problem. I can go all day just fine and then the evening and night - oh dear me....... Has anybody had a dumping episode which has upset their whole system like this for days on end? Or should I be thinking what I would normally do with d&v, i.e. nothing but clear water for a day or two? Any advice welcome! Thanks
  5. Deb9386

    Dumping advice please

    Thank you! I think I'm going to have to look at everything I take/eat again.
  6. Deb9386

    Dumping advice please

    I did change the dose of an existing medication - I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!
  7. Deb9386

    Dumping advice please

    Thank you - that's very helpful. Have to think what it might be.
  8. Deb9386


    Strange - that's exactly what I wanted at about the same stage after my bypass. I did actually lick the coating off a couple which helped get rid of the craving....
  9. Deb9386

    Coffee after gastric bypass

    Coffee makes me feel unwell after my bypass, but I can drink decaff (1 cup a day).
  10. Sorry this is a bit of an essay, but it's been something I've been thinking about for a few weeks! Before my wls, I'd been taking NSAIDs for some years because of bad arthritic pains. I thought I'd still need anti-inflammatory drugs after the bypass and this was the thing that worried me the most about the operation (I couldn't have the sleeve because of reflux). My thinking in deciding to go for the bypass was that once I lost the excess weight the arthritic pains would be manageable without anti-inflammatories 🤞 At my initial consultation in the August before my bypass in October, my surgeon prescribed me different anti-inflammatories that he said would not cause an ulcer and so would be ok to take after the bypass. I tried these for about 4 weeks pre-op but found that they exacerbated dry eye symptoms that I also suffer from and this was extremely painful. So I just decided I'd stop taking the anti-inflammatories completely after the bypass and put up with the arthritis pain until I'd lost enough weight for it to make a difference. I did lose about 1 stone in the pre-op fat reducing diet, but since the bypass (literally since I stopped taking them about 5 days before the op) I haven't taken any anti-inflammatories at all, and immediately noticed that I had significantly reduced arthritic pains (so before I'd lost any significant amount of weight). I found this so unexpected? My diet before wasn't particularly fatty, but I definitely ate a lot of sugar and I can only think that the sugar was causing a lot of the inflammation? Has anybody else experienced anything similar?
  11. Deb9386

    Fairlife and Nespresso

    That sounds a great idea! I'll try it!
  12. The first few weeks I was advised to concentrate just on getting in the protein and fluids. The suggested menu for when I started the puree stage came to about 800 calories per day. This gradually increased with the new menu plans, and at the 3 month stage post-bypass my nutritionist told me to aim for between 1000-1200 per day. I couldn't have physically taken in 1200 calories at the stage you're at. My weight loss has been steady with this plan.
  13. Deb9386

    Protein bars

    I don't buy protein bars - they're packaged too much like chocolate/candy bars for me: I'd just either eat every one I had in the house or be desperate to eat them 🙄 I've found high protein yoghurt - greek yoghurt or skyr to be the most effective for getting in protein. I also use flavoured protein waters a lot (I use a Wow! brand).
  14. I wish you success with your surgery! It certainly sounds as if you're preparing well. 😀
  15. I've definitely found this. I hadn't realised how much I was using food to "self-soothe" until I couldn't have it. I haven't yet found a way to deal with it effectively, other than trying to distract myself by doing other things. It's difficult here - we're in a full lockdown so no visiting family/friends & no trips or holidays, or even going out for a meal/coffee. But I've now dropped sufficient weight that I need new clothes and I've started selling my better quality clothes (i.e. the stuff I might have bought for a wedding or party and hardly worn) on ebay and am replacing it on ebay with smaller sized items. It's given me a bit of a boost to get into clothes that are at least 3 sizes smaller; it doesn't cost a lot and I'm making what I spend anyway on my sales. It can get a bit addictive though! I've become someone with lots of party/wedding guest dresses and nowhere to go!
  16. Deb9386

    "Head Hunger"

    This thread just goes to show how different each individual and their experience is. I was always hungry before the op (actual hunger). I also found when eating that it took me at least 50 minutes to register the food I'd eaten and feel full. It's part of the reason I gained so much weight! I felt starving hungry all the time when on the 2 week pre-op 800 calorie diet. But straight away after the bypass I did not feel hunger at all. The nutritionist had said this would happen and I just didn't believe her! I still don't feel hunger (that gnawing feeling in your stomach where you'd wolf down anything), but I do feel what I know is head hunger. It's easy enough to tell the difference I've found. If I feel "hungry" but I don't fancy a nice bowl of spinach & pea soup, it's head hunger. As for the calorie need, again I think that's very individual. I have no idea how people survive long term on 1000 calories per day (though my sister did for decades when anorexic), and I haven't got to maintenance yet so don't know what my actual basal metabolic rate will be to maintain, but before the op, in my periods of yo yo dieting, I could always lose weight easily when taking in 1500-1600 calories: more than the bmr tables suggest for my sex, age, weight etc. My personal opinion is that nobody gets to the place of needing wls by having a healthy relationship with food. We all have our own individual & different triggers for eating and it's good to be tolerant of each other.
  17. Life can throw some horrible curveballs at us, but well done for working so hard to get your life back on track! The surgery is a really great tool to help with weight loss and I wish you the best of luck!
  18. Deb9386

    Anyone for October 2020?

    The added fibre helped particularly the bran cereal (All Bran or Bran Flakes) & the dried apricots. I also increased my water intake and am just about holding my own with the BMs! But I still need to take a (gentle) laxative every few days. I use Dulco Lax. I wish I could eat more whole veggies - I just can't get most down. I'm really missing things like salad, raw veggies and cabbage!
  19. Deb9386

    Depression after surgery?

    Yes, I've found this. Everyone's different, but my depression increased after surgery. My overeating was driven in large part by stress and depression and I knew that losing weight wouldn't make me feel "happier" but felt that it would make my life easier. I didn't expect the depression to be worse after the op, but it is. I think it's because the comfort eating was fairly effective at distracting from/damping down my depression and that coping strategy has gone. I'm 4 months post-op and still unsure what to do about it - I take a very low dose of anti anxiety medicine and am reluctant to take anti-depressants proper, but may have to go to my doctor if things don't improve. Good luck with your journey.
  20. I dump if I eat any amount of sugar, even a very small amount (heart palpitations, nausea) and I just avoid it completely. It's easy enough to use sweetener in cooking and no added sugar drinks/squash. I also dump with fatty food - last week I thought I could manage some Chinese food - singapore noodles - oh dear - that was the first time I'd been sick with it. I didn't have many of the noodles, mostly shrimps and shredded meat - so it must have been the frying/fat. On the plus side it makes it easier to avoid the foods I shouldn't eat!
  21. Deb9386

    Can We Talk About...Birth Control?

    No suggestions about better methods I'm afraid as I'm post menopausal, but I think you're right about the pill causing weight gain. My daughter who was always very slim put on a ton of weight when she went on the pill and really struggled to lose it. She became pregnant last summer almost immediately on giving up the pill to ttc, and was nearly 3 stone over the weight she should have been i.e. that she had been until she went on the pill. While pregnant she has managed to gain hardly any weight with very little effort and while eating well for the baby. So when she isn't on the pill she can control her weight easily and when she's on it she balloons. Hope you find a good solution!
  22. I really like that! I've had to go non-contact with my sister for various reasons, which was initially very hard but this made me laugh about it! I miss her less with every day that goes by - it really is true that "out of sight is out of mind".
  23. Deb9386

    Vitamin D 3

    I take a D3 3000 sublingual spray every day and have done for years since I was diagnosed with low vit D. I was advised to have the sublingual spray rather than tablets as it apparently absorbs better. It brought my levels right up.
  24. Deb9386

    Losing too much

    What about adding chopped mixed nuts onto e.g. yoghurt, porridge, cereal? It adds a lot of calories with not much extra bulk, is easily weighed out and also gives you a bit of protein plus antioxidants, minerals, vitamins & fibre. I'm still trying to lose weight but added some into my diet for omega 3 reasons - my goodness you don't get many for quite a few calories!
  25. Deb9386

    Anyone for October 2020?

    I do worry that I'm eating too many calories. My dietitian has said that I can go up to 1200 calories but I wonder if the higher calorie intake is what's stalled my weight loss? Re the calories, as well as adding protein, I also got a bit concerned about the lack of fibre and omega 3 oil foods etc in my diet (I can't tolerate fresh tuna or sardines and most whole veg). So I added in 15g per day of a cold milled seed mix (flax, sunflower & pumpkin) at 84 calories (I put it on bran flakes at breakfast), plus 6g of chopped nuts: 42 calories (hazelnuts & pecans) and 15g dried apricots (30 calories). With the calories for 25g bran flakes and the milk on it, it bumped up my calories a lot. I'm going to see how it goes, but if my stall doesn't break I'll probably pull back on my calorie intake. I'm finding the balancing of everything really hard.