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  1. Whats your story. I know we all go through them. But instead of the usual im stalling is that normal thread i wanted to read everyones story instead. Like how long did yours last. What do you think the breaking point was. Did you do something different. Or did you just let it run its course and kept on keepin on. And if any veterans answer did you encounter multiple stalls and what do you think the issue was.
  2. stilljustafatguy

    Shift Work

    I get most of my fluid intake at night at work. when i wake up usually around 1 or 2 pm is when i eat. if i work out its usually right after work if not i wait til my days off and work out late at night.
  3. stilljustafatguy

    A1c finally low enough!

    oddly enough my surgeon didnt care about diabetic numbers or my high ass ferritin. but my gahdayum pcp would not clear me based on my a1c or my ferritin level. surgeon said it makes no nevermind to him cuz it why they are doing to surgery anyways to help lower it yadda yadda. but its not up to him. diabetic dr was nice enough about it though and was on my side and cleared me. hematologist shook his head and said the ferritin was nothing that would affect surgery anyways. was a set back though cuz it takes forever to get into a hematologist around here.
  4. I remember when i could finally sleep on my side it was the greatest. Not only for comfort but it was a dead sleep. I mean i didnt even toss or turn. WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT!!!!! Hell id trade losin a few pounds to have that back lol. Where can i get a script for anesthesia for like once a month lol.
  5. 3 months out and everyone i chat with says the same thing. itll change dont worry. but i always feel like im forcing myself to eat because im never hungry. aint that how we got fat in the first place lol. and i could honestly care less about food. im just eatin to meet my protein goal and so i can take these damn vitamins lol. im also just tired of eatin the same ole ****. i dont change it up much because i know what i am eating works. i dunno...part of me hopes it changes and part of me doesnt.
  6. What does your typical day of eating look like for you.
  7. stilljustafatguy

    Anyone else hiccup when they are full?

    its not even like regular hiccups to me lol. it was like 3 warning shots. seems like its always 3. i dont seem to get them till a few minutes after im done.
  8. stilljustafatguy

    Voice Change?

    no change here. confirmed with ex wife. she said i still sound like an a**hole. go figure.
  9. stilljustafatguy

    Packing a bag for the hospital

    i dont wanna be that guy but i didnt pack anything. didnt end up needing anything.
  10. stilljustafatguy

    Idk about my surgeon

    no puree stage for me. straight to soft. but i feel like if you chew the hell out of a flip flop you could get that down also. for me it wasnt so much what consistency something was so much as im gonna jus try a little bit of whatever it is to see if i can keep it down. if i can then id just chew the crap out of it and add it to the list.
  11. stilljustafatguy

    How much walking 2-3 weeks post surgery?

    it took about a month for that dizzy feeling to go away for me. any walking i was doing was just casual like stores and such. i did try ikea and that was a mistake. went home and was a vegetable the rest of the day. almost 2 months out now and i do about 40 minutes on the treadmill. nothing serious. level 2 speed 2.
  12. stilljustafatguy

    Must haves for right after surgery

    was only an overnight stay for me so honestly the only thing i cared about was a super comfy place to rest. nothing else seemed to matter to me lol.
  13. stilljustafatguy

    How sore can I expect to be post op?

    my only pain or discomfort was from the drain. at this point im almost 2 months out and i still feel like ive been doin sit ups from time to time. but im quite sure thats cuz i sit on my ass all day at work.