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  1. From the album: Some before and after pics

    I have lost 64 pounds since previous pics as of today.
  2. Lost 2 more pounds, weight is coming off slow now but still coming off. Down from a size 30/32 to a size 18 now...Wooo Hooo

  3. I am so excited. I decided not to weigh myself for a couple of weeks and have lost 6 more pounds so I have now lost 80 pounds. I put a few new pics up.

  4. These are some new recent pics of me, now I have lost a total of 80 pounds (including pre-op weight loss) since 01/03/2011.
  5. Hello Nanabear, I welcome you and I added you as a friend. Good luck on your new Journey :)

  6. I got a 1 month trial membership at the YMCA so I started swimming today, I loved it. I plan on going as much as I can for this whole month and see what happens. I am only 34 pounds away from my first goal, its exciting!!!

  7. Yay I hit my 70 pounds weight loss mark today :)

  8. Tammy K

    I like this GIRL!

    Wow I am so floored by the immaturity of people. We are all human and I know I can say people have gauked at me and even kids have made fat comments in front of their parents and the parents do nothing until I speak up and tell them to learn to teach their kids respect. We were not born to be or look the same. I haven't flown in a plain in years and man if I did and was treated or saw someone being treated that way I would step up and say something too. It's just like my facebook. I read stupid comments all the time about how skinny people don't like it if heavier people wear skinny jeans and stuff like that. You know what I tell them? I tell them if they make it in our size than we can wear them baby, and if they don't like my comment then they can officially delete me as a friend because I don't want friends like that anyways. My real friends know not to even get me started on weight issues because most people who have never in their life had a weight problem have no idea what it is to go through your whole life being overweight, and besides that the last time I checked we all have something not perfect about us. Like some of us are overweight, some of us have acne, some of us are too thin, I could go on and on. There is not one perfect person in this world that I know of. Thanks for sharing that and its too bad we have to be humiliated to make a point.
  9. Tammy K

    Is 40g of protein a day enough?

    I do drink protein drinks. I bought this brand I found at Costco called Premier chocolate, if you have a Costco by you, and it has 30g of protein in it and only 160 calories. It tastes good too. Here is some info on it if you want to see what it looks like http://www.premiernu...tein_shake.html I paid aroun $24 for it there but you can buy it online too. As far as I know I have only seen the chocolate flavor at my Costco here in Des Moines, Iowa.
  10. Tammy K

    500 lb mom-vent

    Was that the show that she was from Hiati? I think I remember seeing that show and they had to drag her out of her bed and across the floor with a sheet and they hit her arm on the wall going through, her daughters had to take care of her all the time. I wish they would do a follow up on that story because I saw that one about 3 months ago. Its really a sad story. If its the same story, they wanted her to loose that weight because that particular doctor that was going to do her surgery wouldn't do surgery on anyone over 500 pounds. I think she is more at risk staying the way she is. I don't think some people realize how hard and how long it takes to loose 100 pounds and not only that but she is not mobile so it would take her even longer.
  11. Tammy K

    At the lake 05/01/2011

    Thanks I really appreciate it. I have really tried.
  12. I put a few pics up, sorry I really never liked to do body shots before but you can see some of my weight loss in my face. I am going to see if my surgeon will give me a copy of the pics they took of me before surgery so I can compare to new ones :)

  13. Tammy K

    Tammy Phone Pix 001

    Me and my husband out at a restaurant. I had some good Tilapia that night with broccoli. Pic was taken in 04/2011.
  14. Tammy K

    Fitness pics

    This was before surgery, I was trying to loose some weight along with he liquid diet and get in the habit of going to the gym.