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  1. I can relate also! I had surgery May 2012...I just passed my 1-1/2 year mark and I've somehow gained 20 lbs back in 3 months. I am no where close to my goal and just really....disappointed in myself. I still have 70 pounds to go and I'm wondering if my VSG-surgery is still going to help me get there. I'm terrified of gaining more back. Guess I'll go cruise the "veteran forums" for tips on what to do....
  2. Ok, not starting this thread to have a "pity party" or anything like that but I couldn't find the type of threads I was looking for so here it is, I'm starting one. I have "fallen off the wagon" in terms of letting sugar creep back into my diet. I have been stalled for a month and a half and I know it's my own doing. I didn't mean to let old habits creep back in but they sure have a way of doing so! I didn't expect it to be easy and the problem started with me justifying eating something "bad" because I could only eat such a little amount that it wouldn't matter...right?! WRONG! I should have known better. The self-confidence that I was exuding the first few months left-the-building during this stall and my "fat girl" mentality is trying to creep back in...didn't realize how much of a mind-game this could all be! Also, running out of ideas for healthy Snacks as I find myself in a rut with the same types of items. I also find that I have citrus "cravings" a lot. That's where I got myself into trouble with buying popsicles ...epic fail I know! Also, living with someone that's not the greatest support system and who could live on fast food isn't exactly making it any easier. Need a to up the ante in the will-power department for sure. Anyways, just wondering if anyone else has fallen off-course and what you did to reel yourself back in and get back on track. Thanks all!!
  3. bean406

    Sugar Addiction

    I'm still fighting the sugar battle. I wish I would have never let myself slide so many days in a row and get my body re-addicted to it! My actions have caused an almost 2-month stall so that's been very discouraging and I totally let myself down. I didn't have any cravings really before I let sugar creep back in my diet...evil EVIL sugar. I know this journey isn't meant to be an easy fix and this goes to show we still have to make good choices and use our sleeve as a tool to help us lose the weight.
  4. bean406

    Fell Off The Wagon!

    Man, getting back on track is hard! Once you get that sugar back into your system it causes the "cravings" ...doesn't seem to matter if they're legit physical cravings or if it's a mental thing it still makes it tough! Is there anyone else out there that has gotten way off track with going back to bad eating habits? I am feeling really down about it and feeling like I'm alone in having made all these bad choices. Need to go peruse the recipe section and get some new food ideas as well!
  5. Glad to know there are fellow Dorito lickers out there! I have so been there done that!
  6. bean406

    Fell Off The Wagon!

    Oooh! I've been meaning to put a "fat pic" on the fridge---great reminder!! Thanks everyone else for the encouragement. I talked to someone who told me it takes about 30 days to get something completely out of your system...so I will likely struggle with the sugar "cravings" but I do need to refocus on the goal and stay strong! Going back to a pre-op type diet might not be a bad idea for a while...I was thinking of adding my Protein shakes back in during the day as well. sugar-free popsicles are a good idea as well. I try to stay away from things with Aspartame (just personal preference) but I'm sure I can find something with an alternative. What about making my own by freezing a no-sugar added juice? Just a thought...
  7. bean406

    I Need Help And Im Very Sad

    I tried MANY kinds of shakes and finally found one I like...it's called Chike. http://www.chikenutrition.com/. I understand your frustration with feeling like it's coming off slow--I'm in the same boat. Tomorrow is my 5 month mark as well and I have been stalled for the past 5 weeks. I have definitely let sugar and other bad things creep back into my diet...not on purpose of course but--well, old habits are really tough to break. On a positive note, our weight is going in the right direction. Keep on truckin' and doing your best and good things are bound to happen.
  8. Sleeved May 9th. Been on a month-long stall...hoping things pick back up again soon!!
  9. Hello! I just joined this community today. I've been on the search to find a weight loss forum and was excited to see one just for sleeve people . I am a little over 2-weeks post-op. I had the sleeve done on 5/9/12 and so far have been doing very well. I only had one "blah" day after getting out of the hospital but overall my energy has been great. I had my 2-week follow-up visit yesterday and the doc says incisions are healing great, which was news to my ears because I am now cleared to go swimming again! I came down to Houston for my surgery and am staying with family for a little over 4 weeks total. I live in Montana and did some of my doctor stuff long-distance but everyone at TLC Surgery has been wonderful and I would highly recommend my surgeon Dr. Yu! I am 2 days into the pureed food stage and having a bit of a hard time with some of the things. I need to conjure up some better ideas for purees because I have learned that sometimes blending a food with too many ingredients turns nasty, lol. Last night I tried ground up enchilada (minus the shell) and that was actually pretty tasty with some refried Beans and a few avocado pieces. My doctor said Soups can be a good thing to puree and although I am quite burnt out on soups it might be worth a try. After I'm done writing this I will be lurking in the "recipes" section. Anyways, so far so good and I think I made the right decision for me. I did a lot of research before picking the sleeve and it seemed like the right fit. I think all the transitional food stages have been tough but I keep looking at the big picture knowing that I'm doing this to become healthier, happier, and finally be the me I want to be! I'm excited to be here and hope to get to know many of you .
  10. I am now 13 weeks post op and it's been a pretty good journey so far. I have been stalled again for the past week-ish. I have lost just under 60 pounds and though that's a lot of weight still feel like I'm "missing the mark". I think I need to pay more attention to sugar content. Also my hair has been coming out A LOT, which I know they said it could but at the rate I'm going I'm surprised I'm not bald! Going to add back in two protein shakes a day and be more consistent with my vitamins and see if that makes a difference. Hoping the weight keeps coming off and that eventually my hair will be healthier than ever!
  11. Fabulous transformation!! Congrats
  12. bean406

    8Months Post Op Hairloss

    Thanks for the reply!! Yeah, I have been losing a LOT for the past 3 weeks. I am thinking of going with a really short cut so at least I won't notice as much!! I used to do biotin but can't take the same stuff I used too because the pill is bigger than I'm allowed to swallow. I am pretty sure I'm not getting enough Protein so that's one thing I can do to help...also, I am just now getting going on bariatric Multivitamin and Iron supplement. Guess I'll give it a few weeks and see if it helps. I expected hair loss but not this much this soon!!
  13. bean406

    8Months Post Op Hairloss

    Glad your hair is growing back!! I was actually thinking about this today. I know my surgeon warned that this could happen but said it would be around the 6-9 month mark for most people. Today I am 3 months out of surgery and my hair is coming out in gobs when I comb and in the shower! It seems too soon so now I'm wondering if this could be happening because I'm not getting enough protein?? Any insight is appreciated.
  14. bean406

    Celebrate Vitamins

    I too got nauseous and actually sick once when I started taking a multi a few weeks after surgery. I used Bariatric Advantage and the pills are about the same size as Celebrate. I ended up trying to eat half the Vitamin at a time and it helped with the nausea but even now if I take those vitamins whole it can make me feel queasy. I switched to Celebrate multi and iron tablets and I do better with those. So, the vitamins could go down easier as you get more post-op weeks under-your-belt or maybe they will continue not to agree with you as in my case. You may want to try other flavors too as that may make a difference in how they go down.
  15. bean406

    Another Stall

    I hear ya, stalls are VERY frustrating. I have been on a week-long stall and it definitely has dampened my spirits a bit. I guess we just need to keep our eyes on the end-goal and do the best we can!! Hang in there.
  16. bean406

    Full Feeling?

    I'm 10 weeks out and still trying to figure this out!! I know for the first month or so I barely ate anything and still did my protein shakes as much as I could remember to do. I took the advised 20-30 min to eat a meal and basically just stopped before I felt full because I wanted to make sure NOT to overdue it. Within 15 minutes or so after a meal I would have a sense of being satisfied but never had that "oh crap I ate too much" stuffed feeling. I think everyone is probably a little different in this area. Not sure how helpful any of that was, lol.
  17. bean406


    Thanks for sharing .
  18. bean406

    Sabotaging Myself

    Seeking help for the mental health part of your journey should be commended and certainly shouldn't be looked at as a "cop out". Understanding our eating behaviors is an important part of the process. I think we all struggle with food choices and it's up to us to find what works for us and deal with issues as they arise. I look at this surgery as a tool to aid in weight loss but you're right in that it's definitely not easy. You can do this and you are not alone in the things you're feeling!
  19. bean406

    9 Weeks Out

    Stress can definitely wreak havoc on your body! I would say it could definitely be a contributing factor to your stall. Also, short stalls are fairly normal from what I understand and of course it depends on what you're eating as well. Sometimes I don't lose for a few days and then one day it will be a bigger loss. Good luck with everything!
  20. bean406

    Sugar Addiction

    I haven't but I will definitely have to check them out!! Thanks for the heads up
  21. bean406

    Sugar Addiction

    I have had some sugar cravings as well but normally I can just eat some fruit and that satisfies the sweet-craving pretty well. I have craved chocolate and haven't really figured out a good fix for that. I had SF fudgecicles when I was on the liquid portion and I thought they were nasty so that's not an option...what I still struggle with missing is soda! I swear they put a secret ingredient in it that makes you addicted to it! I guess I'll get over that one though since I was told carbonated beverages are a no-no forever! . All of the sacrifices are worth it and I will just find healthier choices that shut my brain up!
  22. bean406

    How Often Do You Weigh Yourself?

    I'm another "weigh-every-morning-after-I-go-to-the-bathroom-person" ...I initially planned on doing once a week but I can't stay away from the scale and I agree with what someone else said about it helping me keep on track.
  23. bean406

    Extreme Head Hunger!

    I agree with everyone in that it gets easier. My pre-op liquid diet and then 4 weeks following surgery were the hardest. We always seem to want what we can't have! Starting week 5 when I was allowed soft foods something triggered in my brain and it definitely got easier. I agree that the mental part can be a challenge as we all need to learn what triggers us. I had my surgery in Houston and I've been back home for a little over a week and I already noticed that I definitely tend to eat when I'm bored. Also, old food choices are taunting me so dealing with that as well. It's not easy but having the surgery is definitely a HUGE tool for success. I would just say hang in there and get any help you may need with the mental aspect of the life-changing journey you're on.

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