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    OMG October 2013 Post-ops

    Things have been hard. I am still struggling with rny complications. Recently developed reactive hypoglycemia, so now I am really trying to re-learn my body all over again. Despite the Complications, I love the new body. I love that a 5k run is super easy and fun! This summer alone I have signed up for several races, 7 to be exact haha. The biggest hurdle I am struggling with is the excess skin. I know I have a bit to lose, but when doing yoga, especially a plank, I hate how my skin hangs and touches the floor. Some days I can handle this better than others. I probably will not have plastics until I have kids haha. I am just really trying to tone up my muscles a lot, and focus on being ripped under this skin. It does help. I love yoga and the days after I do yoga I care less about the skin. I just consider this to be another hurdle to jump through in the mind. I am ok with saggy skin as long as the fat doesn't make it "muffin toppy " haha I don't always eat the best nutrition, and find eating so difficult. Especially lunches! I never know what to make! How are you doing?
  2. Is anyone able to share their story, and perhaps pictures of their pannus removal? I am sure I need a lower body lift and am going to get a consultation, but I often wonder how people look from just a pannus removal. Does your tummy flatten afterwards? I have rock hard abs, but a lot of excess skin. So I am sure my muscles don't need tightening. But you cannot see my abs under all this skin. Any stories to share?
  3. AutumnPunkin

    OMG October 2013 Post-ops

    How are you doing October peeps? Have you reached goal yet? I have not I am 20-30 pounds from goal, and am focusing on strength training again. How are you?
  4. AutumnPunkin

    Let's talk about EXERCISE!

    I just got off of a very stressful semester in school, and was not able to do any exercises. Literally the day after finals, I stepped it up. To do that, I knew my goals this year we're to focus on strength training, and body toning (I am 1.5 years. Year 1 was weight loss, year 2 is strength) So I joined an oxygen hot yoga, and signed up for 4 classes a week, 1 relaxation and stretch, a yoga pilates infusion, a fast and furious (a torturous but awesome class), and a 6am boot camp class. These are all perfect for beginning my strength training and focusing on being able to lift my own body and develop control. On top of this, I run 3-5 km 3 times a week. For rewards, I signed up for 6 races, 4 5k and 2 10k. All the 5 KS are obstacle races and have at least 15-25 obstacles and are essentially condensed mini tough mudder. They are challenging and allow me to apply my strength training to climb over walls, under barb wire and through mud pits. They are so much fun and crossing that finish line always makes the training worth it. As the summer progresses, I plan to add strength training, but not sure yet what. I need to see how my body progresses. I am hoping to lose 20-30 pounds by September 14th (my birthday), which will provide me hopefully with a more toned body and finally be at goal, with a total of 190-200 pounds lost total.
  5. AutumnPunkin

    Fitbit fitness tracker link-up

    I like the hr too. For some reason, when I dump on foods, seeing my hr go up to 120 beats per minute. It always confirms to me that I know my body haha
  6. AutumnPunkin

    What is your TRUE weight loss goal?

    My goals were personal and professional. As a nursing student, I felt like a hypocrite. Herr I was, 333 pounds and needing to advise other people on their own diet. How seriously would my patients take me, when I am morbidly obese myself. It is like going to a dietician who is overweight. I refused to let myself enter nursing, and not be able to actually help my patients. Also, my career is very physical. Although my weight did not stop me from doing my job, I felt exhausted at the end of the day, and my feet killed me. Also infection control. My big bum kept rubbing the curtains and that could have transferred organisms from patient to patient. You can wash your hands between each patient, sure, but what was on my clothing! On a personal note, I really wanted to have a fit body, as I described as being a "Mom body". I did want to lose weight, but I am not sure if I was ever so fixed on the weight. My goal for body style, was to be that of a mom who had a baby (to accept my excess skin) and be fit and toned despite the excess skin. This is still my goal. I have lost 170 pounds, and my weight loss goals are pretty much minimal. Although I still want to lose 30 more pounds, my goal for year 2 is mindfulness of food, accountability and strength. In my opinion, being 140 pounds and scrawny is not something I want. I would rather be 140 pounds, mom yoga fit body. So my biggest strive for this year is to strengthen this body and appreciate it. So how did I plan to accomplish this? I enrolled in yoga, I go 4 times a week, and I run 3 times per week, and have signed up for 6 5k/10k runs that include obstacles for the next 5 months. In the end, I am fine with my weight right now and I just need to tone more. Diet wise- I am ting to be more nutrient conscious. I am already severely deficient, and need to I prove this. I love your posts lipstick lady
  7. AutumnPunkin

    Fitbit fitness tracker link-up

    I am using a fitbit charge hr! Love it
  8. AutumnPunkin

    Ladies - anyone lost 200 lbs with bypass?

    I currently wear a size 9/10, and medium clothing, from a size 24
  9. AutumnPunkin

    Ladies - anyone lost 200 lbs with bypass?

    I had 200 pounds total to lose, and so far have lost 170 pounds. I am about 1.5 years out. I weight is going down slowly now, but my focus has gone to building strength and not weight loss. I still have about 30 pounds to lose, and I know it will come off. I am also adding a more showy picture. That way you can see how the body changes. Your body may not do the same. If you want to see more of the excess skin, I have no shame in showing it. I accept my body for what it is
  10. I asked a different question about plastic surgery, but wanted to create a different thread about it. For those who have not had children yet, would you get plastic surgery before you had children. I really would like plastic surgery, and really want children. I do not have any children and to have 1 child would be a blessing (really complicated fertility d/t cancer etc). I don't know if I will ever be able to have children (and adoption is not an option d/t spouses age and cancer). Anyway this was not meant to be a woe is me thread haha. To get to the point, if you knew you were going to try to have a child in the next 5 years, would you wait to have your plastic surgery. A part of me thinks, love the body you have, and get the surgery feel great now! The other part of me says, why would you spend $15,000, on plastic surgery to lose it all when you have children? Seems like a waste of money.
  11. AutumnPunkin

    Just a pannus removal?

    Wow, you both are so amazing to provide me with such insightful feedback. Thank you both. I always swore I wouldn't go the plastic surgery route. Now though, after all my hard work, I still get a muffin top of skin, which is discouraging. We all work so hard to beat obesity, to face the next phase of our life. The phase of being okay with ugly skin. I see a trend of people loving their body in clothing, but hate their body naked. I am comfortable enough with my body to not "need" plastic surgery to feel great about myself, but it sure would be nice haha
  12. AutumnPunkin

    Look what I can do!

    What is on your calf? A weight? Lookin awesome BTW! I am working on that particular goal myself right now
  13. My rls has gotten severely worse since surgery. I am almost 1.5 years post op. I know for me, it is likely iron related. My thyroid is fine.
  14. AutumnPunkin


    I am super excited to get the fitbit surge. I am hoping they upgrade the interface better, but for elementary starters for a fit - watch I am so game!
  15. AutumnPunkin

    If you love it so much, why don't you MARRY it!?!?

    Ok, please. Share your recipes haha! I just bought some edamame - shelled. And have no idea what to do with them!
  16. AutumnPunkin

    Activity tracker

    I am getting a fitbit surge! Hopefully next month! It will be perfect for my running!
  17. What are your thoughts. A trim or a pixie cut? I did get a cut 2 months ago, and my hair continues to get frizzy. Should I get a pixie cut or just a trim? Sorry it is sideways
  18. AutumnPunkin

    Pixie cut?

    I am touched by the amazing positive comments. Thank you so much ????????
  19. AutumnPunkin

    Pixie cut?

    Oh... i have no idea... nope, no duck tail hehe
  20. AutumnPunkin

    Pixie cut?

    That is super cute elode! Thank you everyone for the help! I just got back from the hair dressers. She would not let me get a short pixie, but she did give me a long pixie. It will be super cute once I can play with it! Here it is
  21. AutumnPunkin

    Pixie cut?

    Btw my hair appointment is in one hour! I will also ask my stylist about her recommendations, but what do you think ? ????
  22. AutumnPunkin

    OMG October 2013 Post-ops

    Hey October peeps! I have a question, how has your stomach capacity been? I was at one point great with eating about 12 ounces of food in one sitting, including a well balanced meal high in protein, and not incredibly dense. Super dense foods have been around 8 ounces. The last month and a half, my stomach can only eat maybe 6 ounces max at a sitting. Have you noticed you capacity getting smaller at all? I am not vomiting or anything, so I am certain I am not developing a stricture. But, I do find this kinda weird lol my experience is most people say they can eat more
  23. So I have been so amazed by my weight loss so far, and am seeing my body transform. So far I have lost 164 pounds, and am beginning to wonder about that article of clothes that has been elusive to me forever. The bikini. Generally I feel like it is not something that is important, but yet, I cannot stop the feeling that this article of clothing (or lack of ) is a rite of passage. Here I am, 30 years old and have never worn a bikini. I would love to wear one, but am unsure if my body type is "accepting" of such a revealing outfit. One thing to remember is that I am sure very few people are ever comfortable in a bikini. So why do we, as in myself, aspire to achieve this. I have decided this summer I will wear a bikini, I will have excess skin, and will feel self conscious. So I have also decided I will wear a white tank over said bikini. When it gets wet, you can see my bikini, but also hides my skin. Seems like a lot of hassle for this elusive bikini. Does it even count? Why wear a bikini if you are just going to hide. It. My theory, it is not the view itself of wearing the bikini, but the act of being able to wear one, even if I am the only one who sees it. I am looking forward to wearing a black bikini, white tank and cutoff denim jean shorts. Cute outfit, and yet something I can look forward to. I cannot help but wonder about the double standards we put on ourselves in the summer and how much we as women yearn for something like this. The bikini after all is meant to make us feel sexy and desired. Who wouldn't want to feel that way, especially after feeling so self neglectful and self - loathing for so long. The idea, at least to feel like I can share some of that excitement, but within my own comfort seems like a win win. What are your thoughts about the bikini? Have you been able to wear one "successfully" at least by your own definition?
  24. I never measure by cup size, I always measure by weight
  25. I still have a lot of restriction. So here is my weekly menu. Breakfast -1/2-3/4 cup of Protein fortified steelcut oats Snack: cucumber meat roll ups (2-3) Lunch: A salad high in Iron greens, cheese and protein Snack: 1/4c pumpkin seeds Dinner: turkey chili, beef stir fry, stuffed chicken, szechuan shrimp. Evening snack: 4 triscuit and 2 oz cheese. My meals all weigh 6-8 ounces. In a chili, around 12 ounces. I am 14 months out