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  1. jthurman

    After 7 months?

    I'm 8 months postop and have slowed down so much. I have figured out how to eat bad and have only been losing about 5 pounds a month for the last few months. When did it slow for everyone else?
  2. I didn't have any stitches or staples. Just open incisions. that had gauze pads on them. One stitch on the drain incision but she cut it when she took out the drain before I left the hospital. That was in April of this year.
  3. I used alighterme and they had older vehicles and no one visited me in the hotel. I just spoke with Alma for my husband(he is going in May of next year) and she is actually very nice and she said Melissa is working for them now. I think we will go with them and save $300. That will pay for one of our plane tickets. Same hospital, same hotel and same Dr.
  4. Does anyone know why one coordinator would be higher than another? Just wondering since I paid more for Alighterme than ready4achange.
  5. I had my surgery with Dr Garcia in April if this year. Same great experience. My husband is going in May of 2013. I checked on pricing recently and it is 4500 for Sept and 5000 after that. I had to pay 5500 because my BMI was over 50.
  6. I've tried a strawberry daiquiri and drank it too fast and got real queasy and buzzed. I'm sure because of the sugar. Then I've tried malibu rum and pineapple juice. Good sipper drink Lots of calories but I only drink one at a time. By the way I'm 4 months out and tried a drink at 2 months out.
  7. jthurman

    Option For Pasta Lovers

    I love it!! Have eaten this for a few years now and am still losing weight!!
  8. Surgery was April 23rd of this year. So, 4 months and 5 days. Lost another pound today! I love this!
  9. Preop wt 390 Surgery weight 352 Current weight 295.5 Loving this!! Down from a size 26 to size 18!!!
  10. jthurman

    Bra Post Op

    I wore the Lane Bryant no wire cotton bras after mine. Comfy and didn't rub.
  11. Check out Walmart. They have Vassarette shape wear that I have wore for years. Only 2.99 a pair. Very comfy and they hold you in.
  12. jthurman


    Great job!!
  13. jthurman

    100 Pounds In 6 Months!

    Pictures! Pictures!! Great job!!
  14. jthurman

    299 Baby..

    Awesome! Can't wait until I get under 300 lbs. only 11.5 to go!! Great job!!
  15. Awesome! You look fabulous!!
  16. jthurman

    Dominoes Thin Crust Pizza?

    If I want pizza I just eat the toppings. I sometimes have a bite or so of the crust.
  17. jthurman

    When You Have No Choice But Fast Food...

    Burger King chicken strips...Chili with cheese from anywhere...Applebee's tomato basil soup and potato soup...I just look at the menus online before I go and try to go low carb high protein. I understand the strains of not being home enough to cook. My husband and I both have full time jobs and run a full time business at night plus I have a part time job. We eat out alot!
  18. jthurman

    jltfront copy

    From the album: Before and After Pics

    First is Day of Surgery-4/23/12-352 lbs. Middle is 5/30/12-330 lbs. Last is 7/12/12-312 lbs

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