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  1. Kathie52

    Port Discomfort

    Tonyann, WOW we have so much in common. I also was banded on July 9th and have a 14cc port (and in TX, Houston area) Domika,I have discomfort with my port also. I can always feel it. Sometimes I feel pain but mostly just that its there. Itchy, pressure, etc. I do bump it a lot. I was told by my unit that a lot can effect your port. Air travel, weather, some people say heat can tighten the band, stress...we all have that, eh?...so many things. The most pain I had was 2wks after surgery when I decided to clean the house. WOW! I really messed myself up for about a week. Hope this helped a bit.
  2. Kathie52


    Aint it great??? Lost 30lbs so far. Went on vacation, several weeks ago, went into my closet, and had the family laughing so hard. I looked like BOZZO in the pants I tried on. Shorts at the beginning of the summer that I could not begin to close, I now can get my hand down the front. Feel so good! Congrats all you bandits!
  3. Kathie52

    I Had To Come Back To This Thread

    Banderama~~~~My very first OBGYN, a very soft spoken southern gentelman, told me"Dont listen to anyone about giving birth. Your aunt Betty and best friends of your momma will just scare the **** out of you" Well, this is the same scenario. I was banded on the 6th of July. I was just reading horror stories about surgery. Mine was really quite wam, bam, thank you mam. After wards I did have some discomfort. One week, think it was about 3, my post started to really hurt me. But that was due to my stupidity of trying to do housework. And as far as drastically changing my life? No, I would not say that yet. I have lost, not alot but Dr. says I am right on track. Have had 2 fills so far. I can eat anything. Good luck Banderama!!! There are A LOT of Drama Queens out there! Also, please feel free to contact me if you need any support, questions, or just chat.
  4. Newskinnygal~ I was banded on July 9th. So figure it out>ha ha.....I went through some MAJOR pain last week at my port area. I could not do anything. I couldnt slouch, twist, bend with out terrible pain and it lasted a week. Surgery nurse said I had over did with cleaning the house, soooooo. But amazingly it has gone away now. And the swelling has gone down alot. Hoped I helped with this. Message me for any other info! ONWARD GIRL!!!!!!
  5. cknight~~~ Bless you for posting this! And please rely on this site for any further help you may need. The support here is outstanding. I am here for you personally! Message me for anything. BIG HUG!
  6. Can anyone tell me what happens at the post op examination with Dr. Hollis? Just curious.
  7. Please don't scold me! Has anyone taking an ativan after being banded? I feel like I am going out of my mind. Every day, particularly in the afternoon, I get such a panic attack that lasts for the rest of the day. Very jittery, confused, etc. I am one week banded. ANYONE, please, help! And go ahead, scold me if you must, just HELP!
  8. Kathie52

    How Long For Full Energy?

    I was on the 6th also. Energy is non existent! But what really gets to me is the "jitters". I feel like I am going into a panic mood. Does this make sense to anyone? I am ready to climb walls, except I don't have the energy to do that.
  9. Kathie52

    Post Op Exam, Dr Hollis

    Very good idea 2muchfun! Thanks!
  10. Kathie52

    Small Sips

    True Results have changed their band on drinking while eating. My doctor told me about 1 week before my op that they did tests and found out it did not hurt to drink sparingly during meals and also before or after.
  11. Kathie52

    Small Sips

    I was banded on Friday, 6th. I dont have a small cup nor have I ever read about it. I just drink normally. I have noticed that today and a bit yesterday, it has started to hurt when I do forget and gulp. Hope this helps
  12. Kathie52

    Anyone Getting Banded In July?

    Good Luck Tat! I went under the knife this past Friday. Let us know how your doing!
  13. Banded yesterday. And I noticed I have no incision on my belly button. Is this unusual? One high up, I assume this is the hiatal hernia, two on upper left side and one upper right side. Whatchall think?
  14. Kathie52

    Naval Incision

    Thanks all. Guess I am normal! RobinGirl.....LOVED the pic!
  15. Kathie52

    Naval Incision

    Whew! Thanks all! Don't need any extra worry here.
  16. Kathie52

    Anyone Getting Banded In July?

    ME too! I was banded also today Bandette! How are you feeling? I agree wholeheartedly! The op was really nothing to ever get worried about! Keeping you in my mind!
  17. Kathie52

    Anyone Getting Banded In July?

    12 Hours and counting! Tomorrow at 7:30 am (or somewhere around that) I will be getting banded! YIKES!
  18. Radar, this is exciting! (9 People on that cruise and NONE of them know I am getting banded.) I dont know which line you are cruising on....but RCCL has some wonderful soups. The garlic soup is to DIE for. Lots of chilled soups on Carnival. I am just assuming that you are going out of Galveston? I love soups so tried them all. I too have a cruise planned for Oct. and getting banded tomorrow morning. (skeeeered)....at True results!
  19. Kathie52

    Hey Everyone

    HI EMMA!!! <-----Old fat woman waving at Emma) Listen, I am in Texas, USA but I am going to tell my hubby that you need me and I will be coming to Perth. And welcome, Emma!
  20. Kathie52

    Super Excited

    OOOOOOooooo.....That's exciting! Cant wait to get there also! YOU DID IT!! So happy for you! Big pat on the back!
  21. I have started my pre op diet which consists of 2 Protein shakes and dinner of lean meat/chicken/fish and veggies. My question is can I marinade them, if it is a healthy marinade? (I would be using the AMA cookbook recipes for the marinade) Also for the veggies, is salad allowed? Lettuce and tomatoes with balsamic vinegar? Black Beans? Thanks all!
  22. Kathie52

    Anyone Getting Banded In July?

    Any one getting psychotic on this pre op diet? I am constantly feeling like I am having a panic attack! Cant get interested in anything. Trouble concentrating. I am ready to take the gas pipe.
  23. Kathie52

    Dr Hollis Surgery Days.

    Harmony~LOVED the blog.....LMAO at it! Miss and Stinky, no grandchildren! Gotta love those girls
  24. Good Evening all! When I first joined, I read on the forums, about some surgery experiences. Now I cant find it, for the life of me. Been searching and searching. Anyone know where it is? I am 10 days before I go under the knife. I need to know about the anesthesia, and would like to hear anyone opinion.
  25. XOXOXOXOX Thank you all! I really appreciate this! You have eased the nerves!