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  1. smiley2604


    From the album: Before and After Shots!!!!

    Feeling good with only one chin.
  2. smiley2604

    Red Pic 1

    From the album: Before and After Shots!!!!

    8 skirt and medium top. Go Girl!!!!!
  3. smiley2604


    From the album: Before and After Shots!!!!

    My first real party dress
  4. smiley2604

    Kim purple

    I feel 200% better and amazingly enough I look just like my high school graduation picture and I took that 21 years ago. When I go home and run into my former classmates they all say the same thing " You havent changed a bit" If they only knew. LOl.....
  5. smiley2604


    @ Jrzydva is suggest that you start working out as soon as you can after surgery and to be honest I don't work out all the time but I am a dancer and have always been even when I was heavy and I think that helped out alot with toning. I am still a work in progress but thank God I am not where I use to be. I am excited for you and I can't wait to read your success story a year from now!!!!!
  6. smiley2604


    From the album: Before and After Shots!!!!

    On my way to the ball!!!!
  7. smiley2604

    Fl Pic 1

    From the album: Before and After Shots!!!!

    Loving my new size 8
  8. smiley2604


    From the album: Before and After Shots!!!!

    Wow!!!! Its hard to believe that was really me. Even large I was still a Diva!!!!
  9. smiley2604


    Awesome Kia. I was 213 when I started and I am now 130. So celebrate cause a year from now you will have your own picture that looks like mine. I can't wait to comment on it.
  10. smiley2604

    Happening So Quickly

    Anxiety is usual when making such a big step in your life. Trust me this is probably one of the best decisions you will ever have made in your life. GOod luck to you both.
  11. smiley2604

    Acid Reflux Is Killing Me

    Depending on when your surgery was, it should get better about 3 to 4 months in. At one point I took Prilosec and then graduated to calcium tums. I hardly ever have to take anything if I stay away from spicy foods and I can't lay down to quickly after eating.
  12. Well in the beginning my immediate family knew and a couple of close friends. I was actually in transition with my job so I got new coworkers that didn't really say much about my weight loss. I am really involved in church and I hate to admit it but thats the place where I lied the most about it. I told them I had my gall bladder removed. Well after about 6 months of lieing I decided , none of them had a heaven or hell to put me in and in the end of the day I still looked fabulous!!!! Amazingly enough I began to tell women who are overweight what I did when they would ask and alot of them seemed let down because I didn't have some magic pill or diet to tell them about. I tell them that it is not as easy as day surgery and your whole life changes but It is so worth it. I stand now almost a year out and I don't mind telling anyone what I did and I then say " Now go run and tell that" , cause at the end of the day I still wear a size 2/4 in everything including my underwear. LOL!!!!!!

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