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  1. They suggest that you don't drink from a straw because when you suck the straw the first thing you get before the drink is air. Alot of people have trouble because the air bubble gets stuck same with chewing gum you take in alot of air. Now I'm 10 months out and I can do both. So take it easy to start and see how you do....good luck
  2. I was banded on 12/13/11 and I have lost 77 pounds and 4 dress sizes... I love this band
  3. Hang in there remember you are doing this for YOU not for your family or friends. I can't tell you after being banded on 12/13/11 and being down over 70 pounds in 9 months and still no fill how I love this band. I had health issues and now they are all dissappearing. I flew earlier this month for the first time since surgery and I can't tell you what it was like to fit in the seat and not have a seat belt extension. There are alot of rewards and there are tough times too. That is when you rely on the people on this site. We are all here to share the ups and downs and give you great advise and honest words. Hang in there and visit this site often because people who have never had a weight probem don't get it like we all do. Don't ever let them try and tell you that this is a easy way out because they have never walked in your shoes or ours. Surgery is not too bad you will have some pain just make sure you follow your Dortors plan and don't try and rushthe healing process. You can do this and feel free to e-mail me anytime for morale support we are all here for you. Please post after surgery so we know how you are. Good luck
  4. That would be a stuck. I am 7 months out from surgery and have not had a fill yet. I get stuck if I don't pay attention so it can happen at any point. Just watch how fast you chew and how big a piece you take. Another tip try and really pay attention when out to eat with friends or co-workers you get to talking and you tend to not watch how fast you are eating. This is where I get into trouble. You will learn what does and doesn't work hang in there it is just a learning curve
  5. maryfran

    Crock Pot Help

    Try this it is simple and really good. 4 - boneless skinless chicken breast 1 - can of corn drained 1 - can black Beans drained 1 - jar of salsa whatever kind you like Place the chicken on the botton pour the corn and beans on top and then the jar of salsa. Turn on low for eight hours and when it is done you can shread the chicken and there you go. Even if you don't like black beans you will like this. You can add in whatever else you like. I like to add chilies and low fat sour cream on the top before I serve it. You can also freeze what you don't eat. Enjoy!
  6. maryfran

    Two Weeks Post-Op Anxiety

    Jim1967 is right the first month is for healing and not worring about how much you are eating. Your band will soon tell you. You most likely will also hit what we refer to as "banster hell" until your first fill. With very little to no restriction at this point you will be able to eat most anything once you are cleared to come off of the post-op diet. Do not let your stomach rule listen to your head and remember why you did this in the first place. I am 6 months out over 70 pounds down and have not had a fill yet I have dropped 5 sizes and still moving. Hang in there it will be so worth it. Your emotions will try and play with you just stay strong and lean on everyone on these boards we have all been there..good luck
  7. maryfran

    What Can You Not Eat?

    So far: Bread unless well toasted rye (and only 1 slice) Apples Sometimes eggs depends on how tight my band is in the mornings Spinach Corn on the cob Rice/pasta Then there are days I can eat something and try it again the next day and no matter what it will not go down so frustrating. Just a part of lerning to live with the band.
  8. maryfran

    May Flowers Challenge

    Today I got on the scale and I am down 70 pounds in 5 months! What took me 15 years to put on is now gone in a matter of 23 weeks! I have made it over the half way point....oh how I love my band!!!!
  9. maryfran

    Eating After Banding

    The reason for not drinking through a straw is because you suck air first before the liquid has a chance to get to your mouth and that can cause a bubble same with chewing gum you take in alot of air. I can't eat fried foods or most bread. I really miss eating a sandwhich but that is how it goes. I feel like giving up the things that got me in trouble in the first place is so worth the almost 70 pounds I have lost in the past 5 months. It will just take trial and error on what you can and can't eat. Good luck it is so worth it
  10. maryfran

    May Flowers Challenge

    Down 2lbs this week! I haven't seen this weight in 15 years...yahoo!
  11. maryfran

    May Flowers Challenge

    Checking in at 241 - I'll take the pound loss
  12. maryfran

    2Ccs In Band At Surgery

    I have 2cc's in mine from surgery as well I was banded 12/13/11 and haven't had any more put in at this point
  13. maryfran

    May Flowers Challenge

    Name, real or screen~ Maryfran Goal weight for May 31st~ 235 Weight on May 1st~ 242 Age~ 48 Dietary goal for May~ Eat more protein Exercise goal for May~ same as always get up and move on the treadmill Personal goal for May~ Stop being so hard on myself if the scale doesn't move there are other goals to consider Date banded~ 12/13/11 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~65 pounds What is your favorite flower~ Rose
  14. maryfran

    April Shower Challenge

    I ended up 1 pound below my goal at 242 and I've dropped 4 sizes since my surgery
  15. maryfran

    Spaghetti Squash- Band Friendly

    Does Acorn Squash shred and become noodle like? It doesn't since it is a harder squash just like butternut they are better cut in cubes
  16. I can totally relate! I had 2cc in my band from surgery 12/13/11 and in February it seemed like everything was getting stuck and throwing it up was the only way to get it out. I saw the Dr about 3 weeks ago and he took 1cc out. I still was having an issue but not as bad. However, I wasn't loosing any weight like before. So on Friday I begged to have the 1cc put back in and now I'm really having problems getting anything solid down. Hope someone gives some good ideas I totally feel your pain
  17. maryfran

    Spaghetti Squash- Band Friendly

    I use it in place of pasta all the time and make spaghetti sauce with meat or meatballs on top of the shreadded squash it's really good and makes good leftovers
  18. maryfran

    April Shower Challenge

    Weight is down to 242 still can't get on the treadmill like I want to very frustrating! Name, real or screen~Maryfran Goal weight for April 29th~243 Weight on April 1st~247 Age~48 Dietary goal for April~ Exercise goal for April~get on the treadmill and walk at least 4 times a week Personal goal for April~to stop beating myself up if the scale doesn't move fast enough Date banded~12/13/11 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~53 pounds What is your favorite part about spring~just being outside
  19. maryfran

    Eating Out With The Band?

    If I go out to eat at luch with my co-workers I usually get a to go box and have the leftovers for dinner. I try and stick with salads at lunch and fish for dinner
  20. maryfran

    8 Days Post Op

    Check out a site called bariatric advantage they have some on there. I to take the centrum I just chew really fast.
  21. Wouldn't think twice. It was the best thing I ever did for myself and I'm just sorry I was on the fence for 3 years trying to decide to get it done. I have had a few rough spots but nothing like being over weight and unhealthy. I have dropped 4 sizes since December and am on my way to a new me. So keep reading the posts and find a really good Dr since that makes all the difference in the world. Good luck to you and hope to see you on the other side of being banded
  22. maryfran

    2 Nsv's

    I know what you are talking about I have a bad habit of not trying on clothes when I go shopping and if they don't fit when I get home I would just put them in my closet with every intention of getting my weight down enough to fit into them. Well the problem is I have now lost so much in a short amount of time even those are too big...LOL! I have a pair of pants that I just bought 2 weeks ago that are 2 sizes smaller and they are now too big. I am so excited for you and hope the next time you go shopping you will be in a 12.....You go girl!!!!
  23. maryfran

    April Shower Challenge

    Name, real or screen~Maryfran Goal weight for April 29th~243 Weight on April 1st~247 Age~48 Dietary goal for April~ Exercise goal for April~get on the treadmill and walk at least 4 times a week Personal goal for April~to stop beating myself up if the scale doesn't move fast enough Date banded~12/13/11 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~53 pounds What is your favorite part about spring~just being outside
  24. maryfran

    Finally Under 200Lbs

    That is AWESOME! I can't wait to get there too
  25. maryfran

    No Food Is Bothering Me...?!?!

    I was banded on 12/13/11 and up until last month I never had a problem. I have not had a fill and have lost 50+ pounds. Now all of a sudden everything solid I eat gets stuck. I have an appt with the surgeon on Wednesday to see if I actually now need to have some of the fluid that was inserted during surgery removed. When you get a fill it can take weeks sometimes for the restrictions to kick in. I hope you are a lucky one who doesn't have these issues. Just be careful and follow what you are told by the Dr's it is easy to think that if nothing gets stuck or bothers you it's ok to eat. The band is awesome and will work for you if you let it. Good luck on your new journey