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  1. CeeCee522

    I know what my trigger is!

    Wow...Your husband and mine must be BFF's. Cause mine acts the same way a times. We argue about something totally different and he slids in "you think you all that". Not sure what that is about. But I do me. And I love putting me 1st for a change. And I'm not @ goal weight yet. But with the weather change, I'll be there in no time. I have about 38 more pounds to lose. And look forward to losing every one. I'm adding you as a friend. Cause one day we will have a lot to talk about. Best of luck to you on your journey.
  2. CeeCee522

    I Have Arrived!

    Thanks Diane!!
  3. Congrats!!! I remember losing my first 30 lbs and my walking was faster and sexier. I have 47 more lbs to my goal. If I'm happy with just 37 lbs, I'll leave it @ that. My Dr. wants me to get down to 170, and its been over 25 yrs since I've been that weight. I started @ 285 and never thought I would be to where I am today. Just take it one day/pound @ a time. You'll get there. I am
  4. CeeCee522

    Down 55, 55 More To Go!

    Good for you. What an beautiful feeling. My favorite quote to date is I don't like skinny women. And I was 12 lbs heavier than I am now. Keep it up. I sure am.
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    me 8.jpg

    From the album: CEECEE-ShapingiTuP

  7. CeeCee522

    Negative People

    You work on losing your 100 lbs. Make it a contest with yourself to prove them wrong. They have the band and still jealous.
  8. CeeCee522

    July Mini Boot Camp Challenge!

    You're on. I too have gotten lazy w/exercise. Now I'm ready to get back on track. See u @ the finish line.
  9. CeeCee522

    1 Day Post Op

    Oh and for the gas pains, walk and take chewable Gas-X. It helped me a great deal.
  10. CeeCee522

    1 Day Post Op

    Good for you. And so it begins. Best of Luck to you. If you;'re not sure of something, just ask. You'll find a lot of experience here. I'm still learning.
  11. CeeCee522

    Blocked V's Overfilled ???

    I just read this post and these tips will definelty come in hand. I think I just got over a bad blockage because I lost 11 pounds in 9 days. Boy do I feel much better today. I couldnt eat or drink anything. And the night time acid reflux was killing me. I finally broke down and brought some more Prevacid. I took one last night before dinner and didnt have any issues last night. I sleep like a Queen. Prevacid is the only acid blocker that works for me.
  12. CeeCee522

    It Made Me Smile And Blush

    To hear the words, "What's up Skinny". And then 5 minutes later to hear from someone else, "I don't like skinny women." And I'm still in the 200's. Wonder what I'll hear when I get to 170?
  13. CeeCee522

    It Made Me Smile And Blush

    It does!!!
  14. CeeCee522

    I Need Honest Opinions Please

    Girl, you need to go get your eyes checked. There is a big difference. Look again. Your face and body are smaller. But trust me, I do know how you feel. Cause when I look I think I look the same @ times. But this morning, I could really see I've lost 61 lbs. You doing great.
  15. CeeCee522


    Smaller feet to go with your smaller body. Good for you. I've always worn a size 10 shoe, even when I lost week b4. But something tells me it will be different this time. Looking for @ least to go to a 9.
  16. Woke this morning in the 220's. And I couldn't be more happier. Especially knowing the 2 teens are a within reach. Have a blessed day all. I sure am,.
  17. CeeCee522

    Omg! Omg! Omg! Goal At 11 Months!

    Now I have a "THEY FIT" crying friend. You go Gurl!!! I know that feeling and its AWESOME!!!!
  18. CeeCee522

    It Keeps Getting Better And Better

    Two weeks ago I had a good NSV by fitting into a 18 size skinny jeans thinking they wouldnt fit and did. This week a new middle number has been recorded. On my way to a 60 pound lost. Feeling better that I can ever remember when I weighed this much over 20 years ago. I'm so motivated right now and can only pray this continues. Have a good week all!!!
  19. CeeCee522

    Nsv = New Jeans & New Size

    I brought a pair of skinny jeans last week. Size 18. I don't ever remember buying that size before its been so long. When I held them up, I thought, well maybe next month I should be able to fit them. But I tried them on, and they came right up and buttoned. No sucking in. I wanted to cry. Literally. I ran and showed my husband. I'm trying on 16 this week just to see how they would feel. There are days I hate this band and days I'm in love with it. Today, I'm loving it like McDonald's. :wub:
  20. CeeCee522

    Nsv = New Jeans & New Size

    Thank you all. Your words are surely keeping me motivated.
  21. CeeCee522

    Abother Patient Letf In The Cold By Eric Pinnar

    Sorry to hear how you're being treated. My Drs. name is Hitesh Amin. His staff is very nice, friendly and helpful. He's located in MD. I hope he is able to assist you. The office number is 301-292-7200 Good Luck
  22. CeeCee522

    Pre Op Appointment Done!

    Good luck Southern Girl....I love my scale, it talks and give me the fat count..its also digital. Although there hae been plenty of mornings I wanted to throw it at someone.
  23. CeeCee522

    me 12-29.jpg

    From the album: CEECEE-ShapingiTuP

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    me b4 lapband.jpg

    From the album: CEECEE-ShapingiTuP

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