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  1. I'm waiting to see if my insurance will deny my first appeal. If so we'll be changing our provider at the first opportunity we get. We are also looking at a possible move across Florida with my husband's job. So with that being said, who's the Best in Florida? Best Surgeon? Best Aftercare?
  2. SewHappyInFlorida

    Hows Everyone Doing?

    Hi Brandi, I was banded 10/31/11 and have lost 25 lbs so far. I have 2.25cc in my 10cc band and have had 3 adjustments. Remember it’s slow and steady that wins this race. I should also mention I’ve had 3 visits with my doctor’s personal trainer and have been exercising more than I ever have before. Of course I mean I’m exercising now, when I NEVER did before. I also have a very healthy fear of messing up my inners, so I try my best to keep to the 4oz. portion size for each meal. I don’t think the 4 oz. portion fills me up but I do start to feel uncomfortable if I go over it. So I thinks that’s my version of “restriction”.
  3. SewHappyInFlorida

    Who's the Best in Florida? Best Surgeon? Best Aftercare?

    I have to agree with you JackiFl, Dr. Fusco is wonderful. The staff he has in place provides an aftercare program that is second to none. They really care about their patients, and know exactly what you are going through as many of them have been banded.
  4. SewHappyInFlorida

    October Bandsters!!!

    Me Three! I just got approved for surgery on Halloween too!
  5. SewHappyInFlorida

    It happened.......

    I haven’t been banded yet; I’ve just read and researched the band way too much. As I’m sure you did when you first thought about getting the band. So I want to remind you to be kind to your band and your stomach. From all that I’ve read, it’s not a good idea to use the band as a stopping point. It is very important that you plan out your meals, measure and eat no more than 4 oz. at a time. You risk band slippage or having problems with you esophagus. I would take it easy today and maybe sip on some Protein shakes for a meal or two. I hope to be banded soon, so WHEN I make the same mistake, please remind me of these band basics. You have done so well, I would love to be down almost 60 pounds in the first 3 months. That’s Awesome! Keep your eye on the prize!
  6. Daaaaah...well let me just get my checkbook... surely this poorly written plea from MissRipUOff, has to be legitimate. Comeon now, if your going to try to con Americans out of their lifesavings, the leastyou can do is learn the written language. I need to switch to decaf...
  7. SewHappyInFlorida

    Need Insurance Advice

    I am in the very same situation with Health First Insurance,with the exception that I was given some misinformation. So I gathered all my information ie. Five year diet history withrecorded BMI, I got the letter of medical necessity from my doctor. I went to the seminar, psych and nutritionist then back tothe surgeon for my consult…. I jumped through all the hoops, only to find outthat my insurance will NOT cover the surgery. I have appealed twice, now I am done. And a second insurance will not cover iteither, it’s then considered a preexisting condition. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I wish someone toldme before I got my hopes up and paid for the psych & nutritionist visits. So like you I will be counting down the days till openenrollment. It just sucks because I am at a 40 BMI right now and if I lose afew pounds than no insurance will cover it. I’ve been on a diet for last 20 years, so to try and maintain280 lbs. seems ridiculous! Even worse than that I’ve heard stories of people actually gaining10- 20 lbs just to have the Lap Band!?! I believe it is completely negligible how the health industrytreats those with this disease (obesity). Could you image finding out you have cancer and being deniedcoverage by your health insurance company! “Sorry there’s a Cancer Exclusion in you policy”… OK I think I might be done with my rant now.
  8. Antidepressants? Do they work for depression associated withobesity? Am I depressed because I'm obese OR am I obese because I'm depressed? Thewhole chicken and egg scenario. I’d really like to hear from someone who hastaken this type of medication and if it helped. LapBand is on hold for me untilI get new insurance that will cover it. However in the mean while I’ve beenreading all sorts of books, blogs and forums so I am confident with mydecision. I also find myself at my heaviest weight and really not feeling verygood about it. I’m 5’10” and 281 lbs. BMI40’ish with no other major problems. Which is question #2: If I embark on yetanother diet between now and the new insurance. Say my BMI drops below 40 am I now no longer acandidate for the surgery? I’ve been struggling with my weight for last 20 yearsand can certainly prove the last 5 years. I really believe that I am geneticallypredisposed to obesity. That’s where I think the lapband will help me, if my bodyis satisfied with smaller meals then hopefully it will stop storing all thefat. Any insight is appreciated.
  9. Hi S&C, How much does he charge for the whole surgery? Does he have a good after care program? How many of these LapBand with Plication surgeries has he done? Thanks, SewHappyInFlorida
  10. I have to wait until I can switch insurance companies tohave the LapBand surgery. In the meantime I've being researching and readingall the books I can find on LapBand. Iwould love to have a tool with me for the long haul. I've been really bummed out and I think depressed/sad withthe state that I'm in. I've been heavy since my teenage years, so that's notnew. However I'm the heaviest I've ever been without being pregnant (I got upto 300lbs. with each kid). My weight is just not budging, even with my resentuse of phentermine + dieting.That nolonger works for me.I'm looking for some advice; of course I'll talk with mydoctor, once she is back from vacation. My question is this: Are there any antidepressants that don'tcause weight gain? How does Wellbutryn work for you? I've never taken any kind of antidepressant before so I'mcurious to hear from someone who has. Pros vs. Cons Thanks for your advice.
  11. I'm waiting to see if my insurance will deny my first appeal. If so we'll be changing our provider at the first opportunity we get. We are also looking at a possible move across Florida with my husband's job. So with that being said, who's the Best in Florida? Best Surgeon? Best Aftercare?
  12. :frown: Bummed, I just got a second denial on my appeal... It's time for a new insurance company.:banghead:

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