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  1. KristinaAshley

    Idaho People?

    Is there anybody out there from Idaho? I am in the Boise area. Just looking to hear experiences!
  2. KristinaAshley

    Idaho People?

    Congratulations!!! You are awesome!
  3. KristinaAshley

    To Tell Or Not To Tell Your Significant Other

    Please tell him!!!
  4. KristinaAshley

    Pre-Op Diet And Hair Loss

    Biotin is amazing! I started using it last month, my surgery will be in December or Janurary. I want to have a lot of hair, so if I loose much after surgery I wont look too scary!
  5. KristinaAshley

    Single Ladies: The Opposite Sex

    I havent been approached by a man in years, I will be interested to see if that changes after I loose some weight.
  6. KristinaAshley

    Idaho People?

    Dr Valentine is my Dr! He is amazing!! I have a 6month wait for my insurance. I am 4 months along on the wait. St. Lukes has an amazing program! We do cooking classes and support groups! make sure you join us!
  7. KristinaAshley


    So I have considered WLS and banding for many years now. I finally decided to get serious about it and spoke with my family Dr. He was all for it and told me that he believed my insurance covered it. I was ecstatic. I have researched everything there is to know about WLS, the bariatric surgeon was even impressed. I’ve been to a seminar and group support meetings and everything keeps telling me that this procedure is my answer to a better life. Well I spoke with my insurance about it and I come to find out that Regence doesn’t cover it. I am so heartbroken. I haven’t cried this much since my son was in the NICU for six weeks. My family doesn’t understand why I am so horribly sad. They are all obese as well. This is killing me. I don’t want to have all of the health problems and die when I’m 40.
  8. KristinaAshley


    Thanks guys, I am not giving up. I am looking into any other insurance plans I come across. I am self employed so I have to pay for my health insurance. Does anyone know of any insurance plans that do cover WLS??
  9. KristinaAshley

    hair loss ???

    Yes you can buy Biotin pills.
  10. KristinaAshley

    Losing band.... so sad

    I am so sorry. :-(
  11. KristinaAshley

    Houston Ladies!

    Good post. I was wondering the same thing. I love torrid bras and lane bryant undies.
  12. KristinaAshley

    Surgery Date 1/28/2011

    Congratulations on a surgery date!! I'm jealous!! :-)
  13. KristinaAshley

    Ahem...very personal :)

    Good question!!
  14. KristinaAshley


    Hey ya Pattie! Im Kristina, thanks for the advice. I decided on the lap band instead of gastric bypass because of the health risks and permanence of the bypass. I dont like the risk factors of the bypass either.
  15. KristinaAshley

    Well bust my bubble !!!

    See a different doctor!! Your doctor shouldnt make you cry!
  16. KristinaAshley

    make up?

    I know its awfully cheap and gross, but Mary Kay consultants will give you free lessons. DONT BUY THE MAKE UP though.
  17. KristinaAshley

    Newbie to Forum

    Welcome and good luck. Click on your profile picture and that will take you to the edit area! :-)
  18. KristinaAshley

    sores in mouth

    Talk to your doctor fersure!!
  19. KristinaAshley

    my poor husband

    Haha, oh jeez!!
  20. KristinaAshley

    Dr. Bryan Anderson - Awesome...

    Thank you for posting this. I had decided that I will have Dr. Anderson do my band, this post makes me feel even more sure of him!!

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