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Does FSA Cover Vitamins?

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I am in the process of pre-op for Gastric Bypass in December. I have purchased the multi Vitamin and calcium chews in advance but am in the process of open enrollment at my job. One thing I need to determine is my medical expenses for the upcoming year. I was wondering if anyone paid for their Vitamins through their FSA account?

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Welcome to the forums.

Generally, no, Vitamins or supplements used for general health are not eligible.

They can be eligible in the case of them being used for a medical condition. For example, prenatal vitamins (for pregnancy) and supplements related to joints in the case of chronic joint pain.

I should think supplements after WLS would fall into the medically necessary group, at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

My approach is that I put the few supplements and OTC allergy and NSAIDs I take on my HSA. If the IRS takes exception to the $100 a year and my medical records supporting the medical need is not enough... well, darn.

Good thing they didn't catch that soda I felt so terribly guilty about. It was a mistake. Honest.

Good luck,


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