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Hello everyone! I'm brew here hoping to get myself back on track without needing a revision. I was was close to my goal weight of 188lbs, 3 1/2 years ago. I was blew out my knee and bulged discs in my back when I was an EMT. Being laid up on crutches and in constant pain; the weight slowly creeped back. I'm in the 250lb range now. I'm fighting to get the weight back off now that I'm mobile. I was 360lbs when I started my journey, do not want to wind up back there.

My PCP has put me back on thyroid meds and metformin hoping it will aide in weight loss. So far nothing. Not gaining but not losing either.

I having invested in vitamin patches and would like to try the pouch reset. Has anyone else tried this? What was the result?

I am also a Weight Watchers member. I am looking for support outside of my family and to make me friends.

Thanks for reading!

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I'd just go back to way you were eating the first year or two. Protein first, then veggies. Then if you have room, maybe a small serving of fruit or whole grain carb. Track everything. Figure out what your average daily calorie level is now, and cut it back by 100/day. After a couple of weeks, if nothing's happening, cut back by 100 more. Rinse and repeat. You'll eventually find the spot where you'll start losing again.

I know several vets who've had success with WW for losing regains. That would be a good program to follow, too.

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