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1.Best Lap band Dr.

2. Cheapest Cost but top quality

3. Obesity Control Center has great reviews but I saw it cost 7500 is this correct for a lapband

4. Anybody out there know of one cheaper that is great

5. Last I will buy any insurance anywhere if it would help in the us I was thinking of blue shield of Ca.

I hope someone can help. I don't usually whine, but my daughter and are FIGHTING for our lives. I adopted her at 6 months and we have had a difficult journey with disabilities but she is actually making it except she wants this Lap Band She is very smart and like me she know what she want. She needs it, her weight continue to climb and yes everyone advises there method to not be obese but it obviously doesn't work. Anyway I need a Dr. thank you if you were able to muddle through these request.

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I would advise that you reconsider the Lap band. They are being phased out by surgeons all over the country because if there failure and complication rate!
I've just my band taken out and revised to the RNY. I wish I would have just skipped the lap and and went for the RNy in the first place. The band got me to the point where I was vomiting 6 times a day and could barely keep Water down after 3 years of no weight loss.

That being said if your daughter still wants the band try to get an Aetna or bcbs shield insurance. I have BCBS and only paid $575.00 for the revision and bypass.

Best of luck

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Thank you for your response. With the insurance if you don't mind me asking m, was it through your job? Also if you know about the plication? I was for the band because I had a duodenal switch with a good surgeon but my malabsorption was so severe I had to have it revised and she already has Vitamin deficiency that she has to stay on top of but it is only vit d.

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Any Lap band success? Who? Cost?

I was banded 10years ago and lost all my weight. Generally I found if I followed a healthy eating food plan, kept a food journal, exercised... I did well. I would “fall off the wagon” once in awhile... but then I’d get back on track.

Any weight lost surgery is one of many tools we have to help us. They are not the total answer to weight loss. This is key and one reason I think some people fail to lose the weight they want to lose is they rely mainly on the surgery.

There is a lot of maintenance with the lapband. Ie. Fills that work one time are too much/too little other times. Also sometimes exercise, flying and other random times the band would be affected.

But I was Ok with it....until about 4 months ago. I had a really bad virus. It was the first time I️ threw up from illness in 10 years. All of a sudden I couldn’t sleep at night with a lot of reflux, I couldn’t eat many times, etc.

I went 2 weeks ago and I have a serious slip. I’m getting the band out Friday. I can’t switch to another surgery until my body heals a bit.

I was a big cheerleader for the lapband. And it really served me well. The one thing i really like about it, after it’s taken out it’s as if there wasn’t an operation because the body hasn’t been surgically changed

But medical advances give us more choices nowadays. I am going to try to go without any replacement surgery doing everything I’ve done to lose the weight. If it doesn’t work, down the road I will do the sleeve. (Discussed with my doctor as my best option)

Your doctor will recommend what’s best for you based on weight to lose, lifestyle etc. And you decide after your research what you think is best

I wouldn’t recommend the lapband to my friends based on the other options.

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