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  1. Want To Be Thin

    North Ga Bandster 2007

    looking for support/friend that has been banded for quite a while and is a struggler. i am down 78 lbs and got over 50 to go. started low carb sunday and walked tread mill 1 mile yesterday.
  2. Want To Be Thin

    I feel like I am starting over

    I was banded June 5, 2007. Went from 341 down to 220. Played with 220-230 for 4 yrs. Last yr was having heartburn, acid reflux, slimming all the time, so went in and got several cc taken out. I did not go back and the weight came back quickly. I went back this past tuesday at 271.5. Went back to liquids for 2 days, then soft foods. As of this am I was at 263.5. I will admit I want to be thin, I want this and that, but I cannot make my mind follow my heart. I go back 2nd wk of April to have my band tweeked again. Hoping it works this time. No excuse for my weight gain except I went right back to eating the way I use to. Hard to believe I gained almost 50 lbs in 1 yr. Oh well all I can do is try. I was ill as a hornet today because it was raining, cold, grandkids were here; everyone was eating all the things I wanted, but I didn't and it just put me in a bad mood. But it is 10 pm and I did not eat the junk food I have been eating.
  3. i get into the 230's and cannot get no where else. happened last year, and now for 3 wks. exercise water foods all are right. should i do a straigh liquid for a wk to get out plateau. cannot understand why my body will not get out of the 230's. plz any advice out there.
  4. Want To Be Thin

    ?? What is happening to me???

    The extra calories, are you upping Protein, veggies etc.
  5. Want To Be Thin

    Slow Success

    I am 4 yrs out and i am slow due to me being not doing the band right. last year i had a unfil of 4 cc gained back several lbs, got filled 7 wks ago this coming wed. 1st 4 weeks lost 19, last 3 wks i have bounced between 234 230, 232, etc. cannot get out of the 230's. this happen to me last year and i just gave up. i am wierd: if the scale can move i stay motivated, when it stalls for wks i just give up. i really want to do this, this time. i need suggestions. i exercise, eat right, have plenty of Water, Protein etc.
  6. I had 4 cc taken out last year april. gained and lost etc. up and down. finally went back to dr got 2 cc put back in. was at 249.5 now at 234. have been 236, 235, 234. been here at this for over 2 wks. not cheating eating 1000-1100 a day. daily walks, water, etc. doing all the right things. last year i battled the 230's. how can i get OUT of the 230's. year before last i battled the 230's.
  7. Want To Be Thin

    85 lbs in 1 year??

    what are the very basic guidelines. i am out 4 yrs and have fought it so much.
  8. Ate pork loin last night, only 3 very small slices. went to bed and felt the pork loin in my stomach all night. Got up drank several cups of hot coffee. Waited an hour and tried to eat my normal eggs. No luck PB and toilet here i come. Continued to drink fluids all day. Tried to eat just now 2 slices of turkey with hot cheese and mayo. No luck PBing, Sliming and it all came up. I am sorta scared. What should I do?
  9. Hey I am in North Georgia and been on here a while. Posting and Reading. I want a buddy, I want someone that I can talk with daily and support and get support from.
  10. Want To Be Thin

    I just cant leave it alone...

    Hey we are from the south. And I forsure know a thing or two about cleaning our plates. I started using a saucer when I first had my band 3 1/2 yrs ago. It helped for for the first 6 months. But now, with all the ups and downs. Now I have just set it in my mind and I also just put on my plate a small piece of meat, a couple scoops of veggies and that is it. Try it and when you want 2nds just say " NO Not This Minute, or 2,3,4,5. This is helping me right now to not eat my husband's no bake cookies that he gets from the local bakery. When the temptation arises just say No, Not This Minute and Walk Away.
  11. Started at 249 Jan 15, 2011. Goal was 15 lbs. gone by the 15th of Feb. YAY!!!! I did it. Today I am at 234. 2nd Goal 2 lbs a week for 9 wks that will get me back to 217. this is where I started giving up. Not this time. One minute at a time, One hour, One Day. I can do this.
  12. Want To Be Thin

    WOW 4oz is a lot

    Happy Valentines!!!See Zen. When you are tight 4oz. is alot. It is amazing. Hit my first goal today 15 lbs by the 15th of Feb. I am now 234. I am so proud of myself. I have to admit I am living the not this minute, not this hour, not this day. But, I did it and they say what you do in 15 days will develop into a habit. Ricky wanted to take me to dinner tonight for valentines and I said I did not care but that I really would not be eating nothing. It was sweet and he is so supportive. So we sat home he got Zaxby's and I hate homemade chicken salad.
  13. Hey Zen how are you feeling now with another fill. I have decided I am not gonna get a fill right now. I have done the 5 day and that is what showed me that i had not hurt my band. I am 14.5 down since Jan 15th and I am gonna stay here and do it on my own without a fill. gonna try to hold off until i get back to my 217 weight again which I hope will be in april.

  14. Want To Be Thin

    Sister is hurt from my weight loss

    OML you are all going thru what I went thru years ago with my sister (I at that time lost right at 100 lbs). Now today I am losing thru lapband and she needs to lose for her health. Diabetic type 2, high BP. I think she does not want to lose in fear of hurting me again. I lost alot she lost alot in a few short months. I went into depression, hurt myself with food and gained all that weight back plus more. Just Talk as much as you can. We are human, we all get jealous we all get envious. We all do not want anyone to steal our limelight. We all want to be the special one at some point in our lives esp. if we have been fat our whole lives. Pray Pray Pray for division not to interfer with this.
  15. Okay Here is a previous post: Today is Sunday Feb. 6, 2011, .1:00 pm I am down to 236.5 down 12.5 from 249 as of Jan 15, 2011. So excited. out of the 40's. This morning I had oatmeal with 1/2 tsp. of butter. coffee (lots) with hazelnut creamer sprinkled with cinnamon. I have prob. 32 oz. of Water with peach tea flavoring so far. At 2:00 i will have a Jillian whey Choc. Protein Shake with 1 cup of ice, 1/2 banana, 2 tbsp. of p.nut butter, 1 scoop of Protein Powder, 1/2 cup 1% milk and 1 cup of water. Put into my bullet blender and have a great Protein shake. It is now 4:30 and I just had a big bowl of Healthy Choice chicken Noodle. Lower Sodium (390 g). I am staying away from high sodium stuff it set me back a week ago today by 4 lbs. and it took me all week to get those 4 lbs off again. No more. Sip on 32 oz. water thru evening. around 7 tonight i will have a salad with johsonville salami snack bites (prob 4 or 5) slices up in the salad. i put lettuce, little onions, banana peppers, a few olives, cucumber, a few baby tomato's. dressing is homemade by my wonderful husband. Not sure but low fat, low cal. low carb. very little sodium. Another 32 oz water. Monday Feb. 7, 2011 scale Shows 240!! Ugg. HOW!!! Today Feb 8, 2011 Scale Shows 239. What is going on. Am I eating too much. Am I eating all the wrong things. I drink 3 big styrofoam cups of water thru out the day (about 90 oz.) No snacking in between. I am almost ready to go back to liquids/mushies. Should I or What? Plz this is been my battle for the last 2 years and this makes me want to give up again. I want this to work this time. I have been doing so good (i thought).
  16. Want To Be Thin

    50 pounds lighter!

    Conrats. I was at 217 got back up to 249. My goal was as of jan 15, 2011 to lose 15 by the 15th of feb. i am down 14.5 so excited got 2 days and hoping i get there. My 2nd goal is to lose be back at 217 by the first of april same as I was a year ago.
  17. Want To Be Thin

    Really...Seriously...Come On!

    YAY!! Good to Know. Thanks
  18. Want To Be Thin

    Really...Seriously...Come On!

    That is so incorrect. I do the everydayhealth.com. Today I had B: Atkins Endulge Choc Bar 3 cup coffee with powder hazelnut creamer 330 calories L: Jillian's Choc. whey Protein 1 1/2 cup, 1/2 cup 1% milk, 1/2 banana 202 calories SK: Fiber one chewy oats and carmel bar 140 calories S: 3 oz. Sockeye grilled Salmon w/seasonings, 1cup grilled squash and zucchini 238 calories Cleaned a house for client: 2hrs and 45 min (vigorous) says i burned 340 calorie so after all said and done I am doing 1000 calories and after eating and cleaning i used only used a little over 400 calories.
  19. Want To Be Thin

    Any easy at home exercises?

    I too just started exercisetv.com I just do not like going to gyms. Period. I am dling the walk 1 mile video it was good. Did not push me hard. I got a take baby steps.
  20. Want To Be Thin

    In The Beginning

    June 07 and Sept 07
  21. Want To Be Thin

    feb102010 072.JPG

    From the album: In The Beginning

  22. I truly hate to exercise. But, today I said I was gonna start. Went on line found for free the exercisetv.com and found the walk 1 mile video. Walking with a few easy steps. I gonna start off with baby steps. . It was very good (notice I did not say great LOL). I have to admit I was watching the clock after 15 min. But, I did the entire thing. It went by fast. I am at 237 today. Maybe when I get smaller I can do more, but for now today I did it. And, to say I am patting myself on the back. YAY> I am choosing to do this one hour at a time, and 1 day at a time. I will not give up. I deserve this.
  23. Want To Be Thin

    feb102010 072.JPG

    From the album: In The Beginning

  24. I need suggestions. My bowels have not moved since last wednesday morning. gross i know. eating right, drinking probably 80 oz water a day. got decent fiber, protein etc in my menu. I have never been a good bowel moving person. Ever. I usually go every 2-3 days but now my belly is hurting and it has been 5 days. Like to see the poop gone asap. LOLOLOLOL. If I cannot ask on here then there is no where to go. You all are my lapband buddies and family.
  25. Want To Be Thin


    i did the 5 day pouch after gaining 32 lbs from last april to this jan. and I was really putting down the food. happy to know that test worked. i was tight again. and surprise down 12.5 since jan 15. try it i am 3 1/2 years out.