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  1. miamia

    Calling all A11s!!

    Phew I thought i was the only one. I have been so hungry and i feel like i can eat anything. I get my first fill on Fri the 30th and i'm looking forward to it. My weight loss was big the first week but has slowed to a crawl. I know I'm still healing but i was hoping that i could get down more in these first few months. Thanks for the positive messages....keeping my eye on the prize....good health.
  2. Thanks PJ! Your surg date will be here before you know it. Can't wait to welcome you to the loser's bench.

  3. Feel the swelling subsiding...clothes are fitting much better

  4. Hi, I started my "normal" food this past weeks at roughly two weeks post op per my Dr. I think I got "stuck" but instead of slimeing or whatever....i got uber nauseous. The food (meat), eventually went through and the feeling went away. I chewed it plenty, it was already in super small pieces to begin.Has this happened to anyone else? Just curious
  5. miamia

    One week post op

    Congratulations! Welcome to the loser's bench. The port site will get better by the day, mine only hurts when I bump it or twist my tummy too quicky. Happy healing :-)
  6. Officially 1 week post op, got my staples out today! What a world of difference :-}

  7. miamia


    Hang in there! It'll get better. The rumbling is most likely the gas. I had that, 5 days out its pretty much gone ...I think mostly because I'm moving as much as I can. I know everyone says that but it works. For the Water and diet, seems like everyone hears something different. I was told min of 64oz of water per day (Protein shakes, popsicles, Jello count too) and min 60 g of protein per day. So for my Protein Shakes that's 2.5 scoops. I sip constantly water or shake all day to stay hydrated. I totally get the sight n smells of yummy but bad food. I just remember it took me almost a year to get here and I'm not going back now!
  8. miamia

    A question for the ladys

    Katyana is right. Our bodies store hormones in the fat we are all fighting to get rid of. Now that we are burning that aft for energy instead of using food as the primary source all those chemicals are being released into our system. Just like many suffers of PCOS see symptoms disappear others will notice changes to menses as well. Hang in there, your body will work through it and adjust to your new normal....as you will to the new you.
  9. Glad you're feeling better! Walk definitely helps, I was banded on 8/31. Been moving since to help work the gas out. Congrats to all my new fellow bandsters.
  10. I can home with one and I think does help with gas in addition to keeping lung s clear. If u have it use it! It does hurt initially to breath deeply but its important to prevent resp problems. Hang in there, it'll get better each day. :-)
  11. miamia

    Calling all A11s!!

    Hi! I'm EJ, 31, from the midwest, Nursing student/Clinical Research Staff. I was banded Aug 30....just squeaked in. I also watch the youtube videos of some of those mentioned above and I have my own to document my journey and for accountability. Cheers to the August All Stars 2011!
  12. I'm 3 days out and have been doing water , protein shakes, jello and sugar free popsicles. I can start pureed soft protein tomorrow (tuna, salmon, chicken etc). I can't wait....I'm so anxious to actually chew something. Anywhoo for the next week I'll be on pureed proteins before i start solid protein. Unfortunately no veggies, fruit, dairy for a while. Good luck all.
  13. I'm 3 days post and the strips are starting to peel back. I go in on tuesday to get the staples out. The surgeon's office told me that the strips would peel on their own and i could trim them back if i wanted. I'm doing so gingerly as to not pull on the wounds. The Doc told me I could pull the gauze off when i got home on post op day 1 as long as i kept the wounds dry.
  14. Got on the scale and saw 300.00 lbs for the first time in 5 years....so excited. 1lb to the terrific 2's!

  15. 2 days post op....feeling good. Thanks for all the well wishes and kind words! :-}

  16. Morning! Just wondering how your recovery is going at 3 weeks out.

  17. 6 days til banded life....yikes!

  18. I am so thankful for this site...I am 6 days out like two of you and really freaking out. i know its the right thing but i can't shake this nervousness. I had my final consult with my surgeon yesterday and I was almost shaking sitting there. I have worked really hard to get here and know it will change my life but I'm terrified. I love that there are so many nurses on here. I am a 1st year nursing student starting the class the day before surgery LOL
  19. 6 days til banded life....yikes!

  20. DaY 3, trying to stay focused on anything but my grumbling stomach

  21. My eval was about 2.5hrs. There was a meeting with the Dr. for an hour where she asked a bunch of questions.Then I spent what seemed like forever filling out these paper assessments. Didn't find it terribly helpful but i got my letter of clearance so that's all that matters.
  22. Hope surgery went well!

  23. miamia

    August 2011 Bandsters????

    Congrats to all my fellow Aug banders! I am barely squeaking in on 8/30. Ready to start the rest of my healthier life. Good luck everyone!
  24. Congrats on your upcoming surg! We were told to bring pillow (tummy support after), pjs/robe, toothbrush, slippers, daily meds + medication list (w/ dosages), CPAP (if applicable), loose fitting clothes to wear home I'm taking a rolling backpack/day bag because i wont be able to carry anything heavy. Good luck to you!
  25. Day 1 of preop diet (T-13 days and counting)...flipping starving!