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  1. - Do it, you will only regret not doing it sooner - Do your research and be completely comfortable with your surgeon; make sure you ask what they will do and how they will manage complications - Get up and move around as soon as you can postop. It helps move the gas out of your system. Use a heat pack for the shoulder blade pain from trapped gas. - Don't worry about loose skin yet; deal with one step at a time. - Go to a psychologist or therapist. The mental reasons you overeat to the point of obesity are not helped by surgery. You have the aid of no appetite initially to lose weight, but once that restriction eases over time, it's just you again, with all the same issues and problems. See someone. Consider what led you to get where you are/were. I was never a believer in "therapy" and thought it was rather useless and self-indulgent to sit and "whine" to someone about your problems. I misunderstood. It is unbelievably helpful to have a professional with whom you build a good relationship, to call you out on your BS and encourage you to feel your feelings instead of eating to suppress them (if that's what you do - it's what I do). Cannot recommend strongly enough, and think it should be mandatory for before and after WLS.
  2. I flew internationally for 24hrs when I was 3 weeks postop so you should be fine! I did eat an aspirin as I was worried about blood clots, made sure I took stuff to drink (protein powder to mix with milk or water), and walked around as much as possible.
  3. Did you ever get tested preop?
  4. emilygrace

    pulmonary Embolism?

    Were you ever tested for hypercoagulability problems via blood tests? Just talk to your docs - there are measures they can take for higher risk patients eg. TED hose, SCDs (sequential compression devices that squeeze your legs while in bed), heparin shots etc.
  5. emilygrace

    sleeve vs bypass

    Same reasons as everyone else - just as much weight loss as bypass, more than band, but less complications. Was an easy choice for me. I didn't take it lightly, because it is still fairly major surgery with perioperative risk, but I knew if I made it through surgery and the postop period, I would have a low chance of complications. I will say though that if I felt I needed malabsorption (which some people definitely do, and only you and your surgeon can decide which is the best option for you) I would go for the duodenal switch over the RNY.
  6. No worries, I know how frustrating it was having to jump through preop hoops, let alone adding in this issue. Hope it gets sorted out for you soon.
  7. emilygrace

    how much taco bell

    I don't eat Taco Bell or other fast foods. I am really trying while in my first yr postop to lose all my excess weight. I *LOVE* mexican food AND fast food so moderation isn't really good for me.. I have to avoid altogether!
  8. emilygrace

    Slight tummy ache

    Proton pump inhibitor = med that stops acid production in your stomach, like Nexium, Losec, Prilosec, Prevacid.
  9. emilygrace

    Long haul flight after surgery

    That's a lot different than a long haul flight. I flew back from Australia to the US (~22hrs flight time) 3 weeks postop and that was pushing what my doctor wanted me to do, but I had to get back to work. They did thrombosis testing to check if I was prone to clots, I took aspirin, wore compression stockings, drank a lot of Water and walked as much as possible. I also travelled business class.
  10. emilygrace


    The curious thing is that it often does reverse "overnight" or very soon postop, even before significant weight loss occurs.. they don't know why.
  11. emilygrace

    loosing too much weight??

    cheese sticks/string cheese are a great quick snack. Be careful of adding a lot of sodium to your diet - it's not great for you. Make sure you're doing it under a doctor's supervision. Other things to consider are maintaining your volume intake, avoiding alcohol, and pumping your feet/ankles before getting up suddenly.
  12. emilygrace

    Sleeveorbust's Story!

    Ah ok yes I was thinking of US. Phew!
  13. emilygrace

    Who is coming for dinner?

    Partly, I agree that your parents can surprise you. It's amazing how important their approval can still be when you're an adult (35 in my case!). I was totally a wimp with telling my dad and got my mom to tell him for me. I just had no idea how I would broach the subject as we don't discuss things like my weight.. ever. In the end, my mom died a couple weeks before my surgery and he came in with me, drove me to/from, visited, etc. He really surprised me - if anything it probably made us somewhat closer. He always asks how it's going when I speak to him on the phone now (I live a long way away from him). Equally, you'll be surprised how little people really take notice of what you're eating. I just take a scoop of each thing, spread it around the plate, and people don't care/notice what you eat. If you take too much (which I did a LOT early on, until I wrapped my brain around the serving size thing - it's almost a reflex to take enough food in case it disappears!) then it's easier for people to tell that you didn't eat much. Postop I went to a restaurant a couple times for family birthdays etc and got Soup but really only ate a few spoonfulls and then gave it to my sister.
  14. emilygrace

    Clothing while losing

    Sell my stuff on ebay and buy new stuff!
  15. I believe with the plication, they fold over the excess stomach but do not remove it.
  16. emilygrace

    How did you choose?

    Honestly, once I heard about the sleeve, it was the only op I could consider. I didn't want the malabsorption issues or intestine rerouting, I didn't want the band complications. The fact that the sleeve keeps everything the same except the stomach capacity sold it for me.
  17. emilygrace


    My surgeon didn't allow me to drive for a week postop. There's no way I would have wanted to be home the same day - I was still getting IV morphine and needed it for the first day. Day 2 I was miserable. I think I could have gone after 2 nights happily. Just make sure you do have help and don't try to do too much - even though you only see small scars, it's still a big abdominal surgery internally! I definitely think it's moving towards outpatient therapy though - makes the surgery so much more financially attractive to the insurance company if they are only paying out $10K and saving tens of thousands on obesity-related illness.
  18. emilygrace

    I'm 400 lbs...will this still work for me?

    If I were 400lbs, I would probably go right to DS. If I couldn't find someone willing to do that in one op, I'd get the sleeve, lose some weight, then reassess getting the DS part done. Really at 400lbs though you need the heavy duty op. Also, only you know how much you need malabsorption - are you a big sweets eater?
  19. Shannon, what are you punishing yourself for? Eating and drinking things that make you feel awful.. it's just abusing yourself. Do you know why you do that? I am lucky in that I feel like I realized that and stopped doing it after the sleeve. I struggle with self esteem and feeling good enough, but I finally do believe I deserve to be a normal weight and to feel good. I hope you get there too. Are you depressed? Do you need medication as well as therapy?
  20. emilygrace

    Let me be honest

    I'm not sure what you want us to say - clearly you're going to do whatever you want to do, if you won't even follow your doctor's directions.
  21. emilygrace


    They can add an H2 blocker as well (like ranitidine) or switch to a higher dose of another PPI.
  22. emilygrace

    Question about carbonated drinks

    Only with vodka, or a fountain drink occasionally. Otherwise add lots of ice and let it dilute and go flat a little.
  23. emilygrace

    Newbie Here and a ?

    I don't really understand your post - how did you get 125 lbs overweight if you eat well and exercise? If that's correct, don't get the sleeve - all it can do is reduce the amount you eat and is intended for high volume eaters who need physical restriction. But check if you're deceiving yourself because if there's any time to get real and get honest with at least yourself, this is it. I used to tell myself I didn't eat "that badly" but I did. And a binge or two would push you way up there. And gradually I did less and less elective exercise. I'm not trying to be rude. I just really think you should examine HOW you got where you are, because that's the only way to get back.
  24. emilygrace

    throat sensation (stuck)

    Get the anti reflux meds. I had it too and the nexium fixed it.

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