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  1. Cookie.Monster

    Having cold feet….

    I think what you’re feeling is pretty normal prior to a big surgery. I went from being super excited to two days before the surgery being weepy and crying thinking what if something happened and I would leave my two kids behind? My youngest hasn’t even turned one and it killed me to think I wouldn’t be able to pick her up for a couple of weeks after the surgery. Well here I am 3 weeks later, no complications, super easy recovery and down 24lbs. Just think about why you’re doing this and how far you’ve come in the process and that should give you the extra push you need.
  2. Cookie.Monster

    Goal #1: COMPLETE!

    That’s great news!! Congratulation
  3. Cookie.Monster

    Hit aBig Goal!!

    Congratulations! That’s fantastic!!!
  4. Cookie.Monster

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    I started puréed at the one week mark. So many doctors require different things. I followed my friends plan (i was allowed to start puréed on week 2 for me). I lost so much weight (not healthily) bc I couldn’t drink anything anymore I wanted to chew so I preferred not to eat and was starving. Nothing has felt bad so that’s good. I was on yogurt and stuff when I got home from hospital. My follow up is tomorrow so hopefully all is well. listen to your body. If something feels like it’s not setting then remove it and try again at another time.
  5. Cookie.Monster

    Soft foods

    At what point did you or will you start soft foods? What are some food choices you recommend?
  6. Cookie.Monster

    Goal met!

    🤩 congratulations!!! That is amazing. What an inspiration!
  7. Cookie.Monster

    Soft foods

    Great advice thank you. I can’t wait to get to “real food stage”
  8. Cookie.Monster

    Soft foods

    Thank you! Will def look into the blog.
  9. Cookie.Monster

    Sandwiches and chips

    So glad you’re feeling better. What did you eat that caused that reaction? Maybe start keeping a list of things that don’t settle well so maybe you know to avoid or try again in the future.
  10. Cookie.Monster

    Gallbladder removal

    Did anyone else get the gallbladder removal along with the bypass? I am only feeling pain in the upper right side where the gallbladder used to be. From the bypass I am fine now that I am 5 days out. If you had it removed did you feel any pain or soreness and if so, for how long?
  11. Cookie.Monster

    Gallbladder removal

    You guys were spot on at the week mark post surgery I felt a million times better. Hope everyone else is going well and recovering.
  12. Cookie.Monster

    Post op complications Gastric bypass

    So glad to hear that you are feeling better and being released.
  13. Cookie.Monster

    Last Supper

    Italian- fried calamari for appetizer, shrimp linguini and I think a cookie for dessert.
  14. Cookie.Monster

    Food Before and After Photos

    Omg these look delicious! Is there a difference in the baked vs fried taste?
  15. Cookie.Monster

    Thanksgiving Strategy on Soft Foods

    Yassss for this thread. I will be on soft foods by thanksgiving and I am currently salivating over what I can eat (still on liquids one week post op) I am planning moist turkey, maybe string beans? A dab of mashed potatoes/baked potatoes? The fact that I’ll be able to chew something has me giddy with excitement.
  16. Cookie.Monster

    Gallbladder removal

    Thank you! It feels better knowing that other people went through something similar and moved past it.
  17. Cookie.Monster

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    How often is everyone eating/drinking at this stage? I am such a structured person, I feel lost in this. I am 4 days post op.
  18. Cookie.Monster

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    It’s so interesting to see how different all the post op diets are. I had the surgery two days ago and had clear liquids the day after and now on the liquid diet for two weeks. Yesterday I was starving! Today I am barely eating. Everything tastes super sweet and all my options look “yuck”. How often was everyone eating and drinking at this point?
  19. Cookie.Monster

    Post op 1 day pain and food

    I had the surgery this morning along with gallbladder removal. Pain is pretty manageable but I’ve had c sections and those recoveries were rough. I walked a lot after I woke up in recovery so I think that helped with the trapped gas but the gas is definitely uncomfortable. I threw up a lot during the day so I am still on nothing by mouth. The freaking thirst is killing me but at this point I am just trusting the process since I don’t have a choice anyway lol.
  20. Cookie.Monster

    Liver reduction day of surgery

    I am on the same boat. I had my slip up today and had a bagel I was craving then protein shakes the rest of the day. I am freaking out thinking every possible scenario. My surgery is Tuesday. Realistically, I don’t think one or minimal slip ups will alter the plan developed by your doctor. Good luck in your surgery.
  21. Cookie.Monster

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Hi everyone! New year but have been lurking for a whole. 10/26 if surgery and will start liquid diet tomorrow. I’ve been so excited about this but now that it’s too weeks away I am starting to get so scared.

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