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  1. This week I am 4 and a half months out from gastric bypass and down 113 lbs! I am 20 lbs away from goal but more importantly, I've gone from a size 28/30 barely fitting to a 12/14 depending on jeans or shirts and slacks. The red outfit I have was in a photo from yesterday; the outfit has been in my closet through a move from one state to another and 5 years as a 'goal oufit' that I was always depressed to think to never even come close to wearing! I was jumping up and down when this size 14 outfit easily slipped on yesterday. I honestly teared up seeing it finally come unfolded and the tags come off. Well, we are in NY, it's COLD and by the time winter subsides, I will be out of this outfit for summer and down at least another size so I'm wearing it in the house now lol. I still remain amazed at how much easier it is to move, breathe and even curl up in a ball or take a bath. I can work now in a very physical job and feel tired but not excruciating pain; it's absolutely unreal to me and delightful.
  2. ichabodny

    Completely amazed!

    Thank you so much! I think so too honestly. Still trying to wrap my head around it. I am so happy but also starting to see a lot of sagging skin so there are mixed feelings now watching the weight go down so fast. My arms are past the 'old lady batwings' to a definite extra skin sag. I have had a couple moments of trying to adjust to the self-image.
  3. ichabodny

    Completely amazed!

    That's about the most accurate a statement I am feeling now over anything else in a nutshell. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes to be healthy again and able to have a life. Thank you so much :-).
  4. ichabodny

    Completely amazed!

    I did lose some pre-op (28 lbs-around there). I ran into complications in the hospital with the surgery and actually gained 13 lbs right off the bat. My stomach was amazingly purple and black and very, very swollen. I looked larger then the first day of program. After about 3 weeks or so, that weight gain of the loss pre-op came off in about a week. Then I started losing so fast those first 2 months. Two months ago, I started a job at a factory working ft with heavy lifting and running (my dept is on a line in receiving heavy boxes of merchandise). I stopped losing for about 2 weeks at that time and then it just came off unbelievably fast. I do have to see my Dr as it is much faster then I think is normal and my skin is becoming very loose. It truthfully seems like every two or three weeks I am still going down a size. Besides weight loss, most important, my measurements are really a loss of about an inch a week. Right now, I have a problem with trying to eat because of my new job and the jobs of everyone in the house. I work overnight then am on schedule for picking the kids up from their jobs, etc. so I don't really feel much like eating. I do try to get in at least 600 calories and pretty much just drink my protein powder mix with water while I'm working all night. My boss is extremely kind for giving me consideration with the surgery. Thank you for the congratulations. Losing 53 lbs before the surgery is absolutely amazing and a lot of work on your part.
  5. I've been on both facebook and two other groups. This is the one I stay on but not for negativity reasons on one group and the other one I was attacked for telling members that there were other support groups and to try to find the ones best for you. The person was mean and posted that I should not talk about any other groups as encouragement. I apologized and said that I was only told by my Dr (who has their own weekly in face meetings) that anyone having had surgery should find as much support as they can get from groups and to just try and see which are a good fit. Another was a good group but I am atheist and it was largely religious. It was an awesome support group for those with largely Christian beliefs but not a good fit for me. One group on fb did begin to become judgmental in responses and not so understanding to members who were older with families that had valid concerns. The members themselves would respond with comments that were mostly attacking or sarcastic and hurtful. It was addressed but I just left the group and it was fine. One of my favorite groups besides this one is for a group that is specific to women past menopause and over 50. For me, that is a very good fit and I use that group as well. If this group you are on makes you feel the way are relaying, it's not a good fit for you. This site is actually very informative and largely neutral in answers or encouraging. I have seen very little negativity but on the rare occasion I run across it, it's addressed and then let go.
  6. ichabodny

    New to group

    Welcome to the group! Haven't gone through UHC but sending a hello. There's tons of info here and lots of encouragement. Any specific questions or thoughts needed, we're all happy to answer :-).
  7. Absolutely amazing job-you have to be feeling so proud! Going down in the sizes is the best part imo! You just got back more years to your life and feeling healthier! You look amazing-what a difference.
  8. ichabodny

    Hungry at night?

    I am the same way and it is real hunger. I keep a small snack for this. I'm not sure how you are eating during the day but it could be that you aren't get a lot of calories during the day, your stomach gets a rest for most of the evening (5 or 6 hours?) and is able to take a little something more. I have some questions on where it comes from as I started a new job last month just before Thanksgiving. I work from 4 pm until around 12-1 am but don't eat at all during my shift (I drink tons of water mixed with my genepro protein for energy though all shift long). My work is at a factory and I'm doing fast, physical work with heavy lifting. I then pick up my son after work (our family works at the same place but different buildings) and I have to wait for him. By the time I get home, I'm really ravenous but can't eat many things still. I have some mild slim jims put aside and will eat a couple of the small snack size. I can't drink anymore and still getting used to the schedule. I have to go back and pick up my husband at 4 am (he works 12 hour shifts) so I don't sleep so much but I'm not hungry again until the next afternoon after sleeping all morning until around 3 pm with my husband. Until I read your post, I thought that was the reason for the hunger but it can be just the time our stomachs can handle it after not eating for so many hours.
  9. ichabodny

    A jumble of emotions!

    When I see posts like this one, my first thought and feeing is that I hope you have mountains of support around you-both at your Drs clinic and with friends and family. We all work hard for this-both before and after. There are lots of posts on how secretive to be with the surgery. I think this is a result of having all of these feelings. Feel proud! This surgery changed my life and added years for my family-period. It's what it gives everyone. Reasons for the surgery to validate your feelings of 'failure' with dieting in life are unimportant and really just need to be history. I know that can be difficult but if you just keep only support around you and get rid of anyone else who may be projecting their own feelings of jealousy and 'failure' to you, your life can be much better all around. Because that is the only reason anyone around you will try to make you feel as if you are 'taking the easy way out'. I am loud and proud about the surgery but I've gone through too many health scares and years to not be. I don't have most of my family in my life anymore (not just for this reason-if a person is going to be non-supportive and judgmental in this; it's their personality). The friends and family I do have are 150% supportive and happy for me. At work, my co-workers are surprised that I even had the surgery as I only started recently and I tell them; no problem, if it comes up or asked (usually with shirt sizes for events or why I'm not eating banquet meals, etc). I feel that is the key to combating having these feelings. As far as the surgery, I was so scared beforehand. I was literally shaking when they put me under. I even had a really rough time after with complications. I'm 4 months out and my life has completely changed thanks to it. I am so, so happy! I feel awesome, my fatty liver is gone! I'm healthy and I can do stupid things like curling on a sofa in a ball or bending, sitting in a chair and not worrying how big the chair is. Pffft. No shame, girl. Lose that. Anyone can write a million reasons why you should justify your surgery and decision but it's literally NOT important. Live happy, live long, have fun and be the best you. Those are the results-NOTHING else matters! For real.
  10. Everyone is going to respond differently to this as it's so different with each person to what they can be ready for, Dr and NUT orders, etc. I've learned after much research to go with what you can handle. After the surgery, all protein shakes just made me nauseous or food come back up (not quite vomit but definitely some coming back out). I was pureeing turkey meatballs (ONLY the Wegmans turkey meatballs-can't handle anything else) right at the soft food stage but mixing with some sauce or fat free gravy. I still can't handle chicken-even soft. Eggs are by the day after I started just learning to chew until pureed in my mouth. I could handle mashed potatoes that were plain at that stage and I still live on sugar free popsicles at 4 months out. Cheese is good for me; ice cream KILLS me. Most of my calories comes from the turkey meatballs and mixing cheese with them as I can handle the cheese that is shredded. This is really just a thing of trying what you can handle off of the list you are given. I had some complications after the surgery so the recovery was longer but after about 4-6 weeks, I could get a bit more daring with trying things. I still keep nausea pills with me just in case but try not to use them unless really vomiting.
  11. Thank you so much-this answer was extremely helpful; I had wondered about that as well.
  12. ichabodny

    10 months post op issues

    I'm the same but only 4 months out. Taste changes after surgery. This can be all kinds of issues; especially if you didn't have this until just now. I had gerd 3 before the surgery and then still having gerd issues post op; even sinuses and this issue can be affected by all kinds of different gerd and heartburn issues (some can be silent). I also was very close to NASH before the surgery but now down to stage 1 with full reversal so the liver should be the last thing affected. I'm not sure how they are watching that; if there is a concern, a fibroscan, enzyme labs and eventually a possible biopsy should be the thing with the liver but numbness or any kind of issues should not be present with liver problems. Does your pcp know you had the surgery? Is there a medical weight loss center near you that does more then just the surgeries? The clinics that deal with medical weight loss AND surgeries as separate issues could possibly help you with the labs you need it more detail. This is not an issue to be worried about honestly, just something to check out.
  13. ichabodny


    All I can emphatically add to this is to keep on top of everything they are doing until you get that letter. I had a great team with Guthrie but my pcp was horrible. In fact, I had many issues with my weight and depression for it before and saw my pcp for two years, begging for help. Finally, after my birthday and hitting an unbelievable depression, my husband did his own research and found Guthrie for me. When we asked the pcp, she was unconcerned and wouldn't call back but Guthrie has taken over. So, everything is ready, six months up, all testing done and it gets submitted. I had this feeling about my pcp. I get a message from my NUT at Guthrie saying they thought they had the pcp letter ( which they asked for 4 months prior) but didn't seem to have it. So basically I spent the next 3 weeks going back and forth with the Dr in person (during covid) and calling. The receptionist, nurses and the administrator all were apologetic and I am convinced they tried to push every time I showed up about it as they stated. Finally, I threatened to get any Dr willing to write it from the practice and got it. After that, it did take a couple weeks for it to get past the processing phase and then the surgery was scheduled for 10 weeks from that date but just two weeks later I got a call saying to start my liquid diet TODAY; surgery moved up to 13 days from that point; about 7 weeks earlier then scheduled. With the best of them, you still have to just get on top of it. If you have any niggling thought that something could be off for the paperwork or submissions, just get with the scheduler or one in charge of that with your surgeon. It's getting there! Should be no time now :-).
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    Pleased to meet you! It does sound like some rough times and so sorry to hear that. I had gerd stage 3, yearly esophageal widenings and knots in my chest full of strange tight fists with even water coming back up even before the surgery. Had complications with the surgery and the same nausea/vomitting and sharp pains the first months as well. Still having the typical nausea, etc and have had an ulcer form even with the Panteprazole and Omni 40 I have daily per my surgeon. Everything else has gotten way better and my stage 2 fatty liver disease is now reversing already to a low stage 1 with full reversal (my largest concern pre-surgery). I still have the gerd symptoms but not as bad. I'm 4 months out and the Dr said with that damage, it just takes time. Not sure what your Dr is giving you or diagnosing but I would keep pestering a bit with these things if you are having this ongoing in such a severe way. I am still so thankful for my surgery every day-kinda used to the other side effects for having gerd so long before hand, but we are much healthier in the long run for it!
  15. ichabodny

    Weight Loss

    Agree 100% with this post. Everyone's body is different; age, start-weight, etc are all factors. People put start weight, lost weight stats etc and I never knew how to calculate that my first month post-op. My start weight was much, much higher then yours and I lost before the surgery, had complications with massive swelling, gained 13 lbs from the surgery, nothing but a couple lbs the week after (miserable!) the 3 weeks out started losing like close to 20 lbs in just a week (the swelling went down completely and lost the surgery weight I had gained). I've lost very quickly since then but other conditions affect that as well. Also, inches count! Now, at 4 months out with a new job this last month that is VERY physical labor in a factory have contributed to lbs not going down but my pants are falling and inches are going down. You can't go bad with this really. Just give it time and be patient honestly-you'll be feeling good in no time and feeling the weight loss more as you heal and get into a more normal way of life.
  16. I agree this subject never gets the attention it deserves from any surgery groups or even Drs. Weirdly, watching 'My 600 lb life' before we decided to have the surgery and through the program helped me with this even more then my wonderful WL team did with the surgeon. I remembered watching an episode early on where the person had the surgery but came to the 2 month appt and eventually admitted that he just ate a little bit of his normal sweets and 'no no's' all day in small increments. Anyone watching the show know Dr. Now and his response to that lol. His voice is forever in my head with the 'head hunger' and warnings :-). I'm 4 months out. I don't know about others here but my program with my Drs was pretty strict the first 6 months and I had to lose a percentage before I got the surgery-not per insurance but per my WL Dr. I also had to have counseling every month for six months and am still getting it (just started back up). I had to learn to eat beforehand and it helped tons. I am not a sugar addict but a pasta freak. I can even eat it easier then my protein-makes me less sick. If I have popcorn (a slider food) I can eat more of that too before getting sick. So I just avoid it. I do put it to holidays as a treat but only make up about 2 tbsp in the popper without any salt or butter (always done this) and it does the trick. I stick to just my protein to keep full-my nut is pretty helpful with this aspect too). The way food is seen needs to be the target for this surgery. I have days that are hormonal where I could easily eat something bad for me knowing full well I will curl up in agony for the next hours but feel it's worth it. But I don't do that. I drink instead or have a sugar free popsicle. Then, after so many months, the craving is really gone. My worst days are when I desperately want a glass of cold diet pop. Some days are killers for that but I'm learning to just drink water with ice when that happens. I think you are doing awesome-people really don't realize how difficult this whole process and surgery with the WL is. Thanks for the great post!
  17. ichabodny

    Meal planning trackers?

    Apps are something I'm still having a fuss with but only because of my personality. Myfitnesspal is actually a good one-you just have to kind of not end your day out on it or it will give you warnings of too low calories. Lots of peeps have asked to add a bariatric setting for those of us with surgeries but they've said it would be unhealthy for others. I've liked carbmanager best honestly-it's non-intrusive but has everything I need. Bariastic is really a great app but it's not something I like with all the groups and the notifications-again, I'm pretty basic. I've actually just been happiest putting everything on good old fashioned paper. I never recommend this to anyone but I've been doing calculations for decades on my own and it's just easier for me to grab my daily things with the meds, vitamins, etc when it's sitting on a notebook next to the fridge. BTW-my Dr and NUT get CRAZY for this preference lol. So, I'm 4 months out and gotten over the holidays. I've now lost a bit over 100 lbs and think I have a good understanding now of my eating, etc. My kids are 19 and 23. My daughter is losing weight with me naturally so we kind of go together on what we eat (mine is just smaller portions and a bit varied for the day-some days are better then others with food). My son buys his own stuff and eats on his own but we all work at different times and college so we don't eat together normally. He keeps his stuff in his room with a little fridge and microwave (commonly called the man-cave). My daughter requests he keep his snacks out of her sight but I have no problems with that. I still can't eat a whole lot but what I can-it's limited anyhow or I feel sick. For Christmas, we did get a pizza and wings (cause this chick did NOT want to work and cook!). I was able to have a small bit of very thin crust veggie pizza. I can eat pepperoni and beef sticks are a treat after work for me- I eat them very slow and chew a lot. If it's on pizza, I will eat the toppings of a small slice as I did on Christmas. I will try anything like the cake or cheesecake that I make or my daughter makes but I only have a bite then spit it out-seems to do the trick. The minute it hits my mouth, I like the flavor but get a nauseous feeling so it's no biggie. My family all do everything they can to help out. If you have teenagers, I would say it is the same. They are old enough to be able to plan their meals while you recover and get comfortable. I get 24/7 support from hubby and kids with regards to exercise and eating. If I'm getting sick (which happens, I had complications and my new job is very physical-we all work at the same place), they are on me in seconds helping me breath, curl up, lay sideways, etc and always ask if anything they are eating bothers me. Just be open with everyone and even let your teens read some of these forums along with the forms you get from your Dr. to help them understand and help out.
  18. ichabodny

    NSV - what are yours?

    This is what I could have written word for word as the weight came off. Down 100 lbs from program start-4 months out. Skin isn't exactly model but not near as bad as I expected it to be at this point. Baths are now a pleasure and the seat belt is always a thrill for me. The holidays are amazing for me for the clothes I'm fitting into. Sitting in my recliner sofa is always strange to me for being able to sit sideways easily and fit all 3 chihuahuas, a kitten and even add my bunny, Gomez Addams the side of me on the chair and my now existent lap lol. I work now in a factory; tired feet but no excruciating pain. And the bath I can now take feels amazing after a few days straight of lifting. It's a good feeling. Helping the family now and finding it easier to take care of our animals and home. Just walking in a store without problems walking or pain is insane surreal to me every single day!
  19. I'm so glad you are doing well and post op!! Keep up with us for everything and Happy holidays!
  20. I was just wondering how you were doing with everything and if you got started. Honestly, I had no co-morbidities either except for NAFLD. For some strange reason, this is not listed as a problem for obesity but it's the reason I went on with the surgery. I was at stage to and very close to NASH-they said I would have maybe 5 years before a transplant if I kept on the way I was going. I was at 296 at the time but was hitting well over 300 every few weeks or so, diet and lose some then add more. My insurance is AETNA but I did research and every insurance that covers it has the stipulaion of of obesity level over 40 OR co-morbidities. That was the case with mine as well. My Dr was the one that brought it up and started me so it was never a question. I think that part should be fine for you-hoping that was the case and you are going well.
  21. I did have that problem when talking about the upcoming surgery with my weight loss group-there were a lot of very negative and spiteful comments. I stay away from anyone I expect that from. However, since having the surgery, I lost weight very fast. I also had complications and a longer recovery so some of my neighbors took notice anyhow. My neighbors and friends know of my past health problems and even the fact of being 50 with older friends and neighbors helps a lot. I got nothing but real support and cheerleading from anyone around me and they know I have the surgery. I have a very supportive husband, adult kids, aunt and close friends. I try to be very sensitive to my close friends as they are all the weight I started at with many health problems. They will see it however and call me 'the skinny one' ha when we get together. Most times, I get the response of either, "I'll work out with you or walk with you" or, in another mood, I will get the response of, "Sorry, Dawn, we don't mean to eat this delicious pizza that you can't have anymore.....yummy!" in a sort of teasing tone with lots of laughter. My mother is someone I split ways with a long time ago and my brother was added to that list. I'm too old to have negativity and hurt in my life anymore. Sometimes, that's all you can do. I still have the voice of my mother calling me, "fat c... and other extremely bad things" but the surgery has made that so much better. At times, I even think to try to get back in touch but my aunt is right, it will just give me the same hurt that isn't necessary as my mother will never change. It sounds a lot like your situation in ways. I keep my friends private and positive only. You get a chance with me if you are a friend of a friend or a new possibility; I won't hide who I am and how happy the surgery has made me. That's on you if it's a problem or something you have to judge-it just comes from another person feeling unsatisfied in their own life and I've gone through too much in life to let something like that bother me or stay in my life. It's difficult if it's family and you have your own decisions with that but if you can't say to them that it's hurting you and you need their support, then it's time to maybe back out of that a bit while you are going through this process and keep positive people around you only. Great job on your weight loss! I know you feel just awesome and so much better in every way!
  22. ichabodny

    800 calorie

    At a month, I was still around 400 to 500 calories too but my NUT and Doc said it wasn't important, the calories. They were only concerned with what you seem to do well with. You should always listen to your Dr but I wouldn't stress it either. I'm almost 4 months out now and still don't hit 800 calories most days but eating regular food and keeping up protein. Some days are better then others and I work a lot right now but was ok'd recently even with that. Just try to do the best you can toward what they say you should be doing but don't worry overly about it.
  23. ichabodny

    Does sex hurt for you?

    I'm now 15 weeks post op with bypass but have to say that sex for my hubby and I has been probably the largest plus to the surgery. I actually have had frequent bladder infections; sex was very painful for that the last years but it's much better now since the weight loss (down 100 lbs). Your start weight was much lower then mine, I don't know if your being so small now can make a difference with that. Sex drive is better for me now for the simple fact of body image and a new closeness with my husband but in the past I've take Maca and it helped a lot with sex drive. It's just an herb-takes about a week to ten days. I also am now in menopause-that can even make a difference. I think your Dr would have you see a gynecologists to be safe on that but I would run it by your surgeon at a next check-up. Great job on your weight loss!
  24. ichabodny

    ONEDERLAND peeps!

    Aw congrats yourself! Enjoy the holidays- I only dreamt of being so much healthier by Christmas this year.
  25. Well we had a major snowstorm here in the Southern Tier of NY with over 4 ft of snow-I think shoveling all day yesterday put me over the top with weight loss lol. I woke up this morning and FINALLY got that scale to move under the 200 lb mark (no stall but just a slow down in the last week or so). I started a new job a few weeks ago at a factory and adding more hours this last week for Christmas with overtime. I am on my feet with some heavy lifting and physical activity but it's helping with the exercise part. I had gained about a lb a week ago and figured it was for the muscle content with the increased movement to my daily normal activity but now it's going down fast again. Also marks 100 lb weight loss since program start this year-holy cow! My Dr and hospital scales are all one lb less then my scale-actually down to 197- but who's counting that close? ME, that's who! lol. I don't think many people outside of this group can understand how much my life has changed and is changing for this surgery. I work and am tired but no excrutiating pain for days after with just a few hours on my feet. Honestly I can bend, move and be fast with productivity at my workplace and feel awesome with a good day of work. I can take a freakin bath!!!! and feel just so skinny! My husband and I have a renewed relationship in all aspects but one aspect not mentioning that has been awesome :-)! Hey, I'm old-not dead lol. I sit down and have room with my animals able to sit on a lap that I now have and I am able to easily bend to clean the pens, guinea pig areas and even to play with my chihuahuas or walk with my family. It's just surreal how different and wonderful I feel. Oh I have my precious Holland Lop bunnies that are basically free roam and 9 guinea pigs rescued. I clean constantly and able to do that on top of work with really no problems. 40 more lbs to go. My birthday was Jan 21 of this year- I turned 48 and hit an unbelievable depression. I truly hated myself as the scale approached 300 lbs and I couldn't even walk. That's what spurred the research for medical weight loss and was able to start the program a month later-changed my life!! So grateful! I now wear a size 16/18-holy cow! Last year I barely fit a size 28.