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  1. So my doctor said with all the fluids that they put in our body that we absorb eith 80 or 90% and it takes some time for us to lose that water weight. I actually went home weighing more than when I went in. I was at 256 at time of surgery came home at 258. It just takes some time, don't get discouraged. I had mine three weeks ago and am down to 243, it will happen. Good luck and keep up the good work.
  2. I am 2 weeks out from a MGB and I still have am not hungry at all. Today I did get a yogurt down and one Protein Shake, which I am over those. How long was it before you wanted to eat or felt like you wanted to eat.
  3. I forgot my cheesy one....being able to take family Christmas pajama pictures and being able to wear womens pajamas
  4. I won't miss being able to go on vacation in the summer and going to the pool with my daughter in a pair of shorts and tee shirt. I won't miss hiding from the camera or only taking neck up pics and just the right angle. I won't miss being so tried when I get home from work to help around the house and go and do stuff with my family. I wont miss just being judge when I am with my husband who is 160 pounds and people eyeing us.
  5. quinno

    Anyone for August 2020

    I had MGB on Tuesday and I am having the same problems. I can not get the protein in, but my doctor told me to work more on my water intake and getting the 48-64 ounces. I can't do popsicles but can do Jell-O. The best we can do is try and staying hydrated I think is the most important. Good luck on your journey.
  6. quinno

    Stating Pre-Op diet today

    Gum is a life saver.
  7. quinno

    Surgery Tommorrow

    Mine is tomorrow also. I am in the same boat, I do not want to drink one more protein shake it broth, I skipped lunch today cause I just could not handle it. What time do you go in for surgery. I go at 11:15 so probably won't get procedure done till 1:30 or so and not being able to drink water will be the struggle. Good luck tomorrow and your new adventure.
  8. quinno

    Anyone for August 2020

    It is hard...some days I want to give in, but have worked hard to get here and don't want to chance the doctor doing my surgery. I just try to keep busy and go to bed early. Good luck and you can do this.
  9. I am having MGB on Tuesday and wondering how many have had experience with this procedure and how have the outcomes been. My doctor is using this procedure because I have acid reflux and supposly this will cure it. I know very little about this procedure so any info will help.
  10. quinno

    Anyone for August 2020

    I live in Florida and I have to get a covid test on Friday for my bypass on Tuesday. Funny how everything is different everywhere...good luck!
  11. I started a diet right after I saw my nutritionist, and she told me to just start with the one shake and then 4-6 weeks before my surgery to go to two shakes a day before the 2 week liquid diet. I did all of that and ended up losing 20 pounds before I began my liquid diet. I am currently on the liquid diet, even though it is so hard, the transition from two to three shakes was not that hard, I do struggle at dinner time, but I know it's all worth it in the end. Good luck!
  12. quinno

    Anyone for August 2020

    That's my date also....good luck!!!
  13. quinno

    Scheduled my surgery date!!

    For my broth, I add a different spice to it, it does help a little. As for shakes, there are a couple that I like so I drink a different one 3 times a day. I started my liquid diet on Tuesday and this has probably been one of the hardest things I have done. Especially when my husband and daughter are eating. I'll be following along to see more tips to get through this and good luck on this new adventure. ing dinner.
  14. quinno

    Anyone for August 2020

    I am scheduled for August 11 also....how r doing with the liquid diet. These first 2 days have been something else
  15. quinno

    August 2020 Surgery

    I am only allowed 3 protein shakes and then I can have jello, popsicles ( sugar free) and I can have 3 broths. I have to stay under 500 calories. Also no souls. I start on Tuesday. Good luck on your adventure I
  16. Did anyone do a strict diet leading up to their two week liquid diet. I have to start my two week liquid diet July 28th. What work best for you to get into that transformation.
  17. quinno

    August 2020 Surgery

    Mine is August 11 for bypass...i just started this journey in May. It is happening all so quick....hard to wrap my head around it.
  18. quinno

    August surgery

    I have a date of August 11....just hoping that the date stays and the hospital does not cancel due to covid, since I live in Florida.
  19. quinno

    Just got my date!!

    Congratulations....I just got mine today and it's August 11

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