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  1. RoseKay91

    Favorite underwear?

    Ooh, congratulations... I’m down to size 11!! Feels great! I like Hanes. They have a variety of different cuts, they’re pretty, and comfortable and not too expensive. I get mine from Target.
  2. I still have the shoulder pain and my surgery was on April 16th.
  3. • I had my VSG on April 16, 2019. I weighed in at 198lbs the morning of my surgery day. 3 days liquid diet pre-op. Until April 26/27, I went down to 187lbs. Which made me very happy. Then after that, I had a weight loss stall until about 2 days ago when I decided to step back up onto the scale and I was 185lbs. I’m still happy because the way I see it, it’s better to lose 1 lb a week rather than gain. I’m also eating very healthy. No carbs, no sugar, a lot of protein. The only sugar intake I have is natural from fruits and vegetables. • Did you go through a weight loss stall? How long did it last? What did you do to stay positive? Is there anything we can do to prevent it?
  4. RoseKay91

    2nd week weight loss stall

    @Boldilocks - Thanks for sharing! I’m not freaking out too much. It’s more of the waiting game and being impatient at this point lol.
  5. RoseKay91

    Late night 2oz snack

    I like to have sugar-free chocolate jello
  6. I was on my period (day 3) on the day of my surgery. It’s not a problem.
  7. I took 2 weeks off but for me, I had no pain at all 4 days after surgery so I went back to work the following week. (1 week off). I do have a office job so no heavy lifting or anything. I think it all depends on what type of job you have.
  8. RoseKay91

    Food Before and After Photos

    3 pieces and I am full (no pain or discomfort; I don’t take it that far)
  9. RoseKay91

    that horrible stall

    I’m 22 days post op and have been on a stall for a week now. It’s really starting to depress me.
  10. RoseKay91

    that horrible stall

    I’m having the same issue!!!!
  11. RoseKay91

    Non Scale Victories

    I had my surgery on April 16, 2019. These are all the clothes that were too big on me so gave it to goodwill.
  12. RoseKay91

    New to everything!! stall and sick

    I had my surgery on April 16. Lost 10 pounds afterwards and been on a stall for a week now. My weight has been exactly the same for the past week. I’ve read many articles that say this is normal but I’m still worried!!
  13. RoseKay91

    MGB weight loss stalled

    I’m 3 weeks post op (VGS) and I’m stalling as well but trying to stay positive.
  14. RoseKay91

    Food Before and After Photos

    What a great feed!! Thank you for creating this. I’m definitely going to start posting as well.
  15. RoseKay91


    8 days post-op and I’m experiencing constipation as well.
  16. I had my gastric sleeve done on April 16, 2019. I’m currently in my full liquids stage. When I drink water or eat jello or just consume anything within the rules so to say, I can’t tell if my stomach hurts because I’m full or gassy. I’ve been burping a lot after surgery but past two days I have been having a lot of gas (TMI, sorry). Anyone feel the same?
  17. RoseKay91

    Pounds lost

    Starting weight 214lbs. VSG Surgery date April 16, 2019. Weight today 190.3lbs.
  18. RoseKay91

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    @Bxvsg76 That’s great!! My surgery was done on April 16th.
  19. RoseKay91

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    When is (was) your surgery? April 16. What kind of surgery? VSG. Height? 5’5. Starting weight? 198lbs (day of surgery) Goal weight? 150lbs
  20. RoseKay91

    Weight-loss funnies

  21. RoseKay91

    Pounds lost

    I am 4 days post VSG and I’ve lost 5.5 pounds since the day of. Can’t wait for a whole month to pass!!
  22. RoseKay91

    Post op Blues

    I'm sorry you are feeling down 😕 But remember that the surgery is changing your life for the better and it's permanent.. Whether for health or for self-confidence. I am 3 days post-op VSG. My surgery was on April 16th. For me, I was depressed before the surgery because I am pre-diabetic and this surgery was and is going to save my life. So I just wanted it done so my worries would go away. You are awesome and brave to have done this and even though it definitely is not the easy way out as some people might think it is, it is definitely worth it. Just think of the future and try to be active (That also helps me brighten up my day, even though I can only take regular paced walks at the moment). Good luck 🌸
  23. RoseKay91

    Feeling full or gassy?!

    Hi Jon! Yeah, it feels very weird. That’s why it confuses me on whether it’s gas or pain from being full. However, I measure everything just to be safe. Also, look out for the dumping syndrome. I freaked out but when I called my nurse, she said it’s normal and it’s supposed to happen. Congratulations on your VSG and best of luck ツ
  24. RoseKay91

    April Sleevers

    Congratulations!! I just had my sleeve done on April 16th. I’m currently in my full liquid stage.