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  1. What was your timeline for progressing to solid food after surgery?
  2. Hey gang, thought I'd check in. I'm sad to say the band has not worked for me. The reasons are both ME-related and band-related, but ultimately it just wasn't the best tool for me. I have decided to have the band removed and get the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery with Dr. Joya in PV, Mex the day after Thanksgiving. This decision has been reall difficult for many reasons. Admitting once and for all that I have failed with the band -- or the band has failed me. Another stage of research, saving up money, convincing family and friends...it's the same stuff I just did last year! But ultimately I think this is best for me. If you want to read more, check out my profile on OH. Best of luck to everyone on their journey! ObesityHelp - Gastric Bypass, LAP-BAND® System, DS and Other Surgical and Non-Surgical Weight Loss Options. - Profiles - PeloRojo's Profile
  3. My BMI is 39. If I want to have Cigna cover the lap-band I need 6 months of supervised diet and exercise. Well of course I can probably take off 10lbs, (it's keeping it off that has been a life long struggle) but then I'll have lost some of the BMI - making me less of an "appropriate" candidate for coverage. You need to have a BMI of 40 to qualify. Or, do I just suck it up and self-pay, assuming I may have to pay anyway even after the supervised diet? Any advise or suggestions? edited to add: I have no co-morbidities and am very healthy.
  4. Constance

    ABC - July 07 chat

    Jewels, exact same situation here. ~30lbs and I'm discouraged. I think the band is a great tool to prevent OVER-eating -- but regualr eating is still an issue. And unfortunately with more restriction, comes difficulty getting in the healthy dense proteins. Statistically, losing 30% of my excess weight is considered succesful. But it sure doesn't feel like it. I have been looking into other surgeries -- I just don't feel like the band is a powerful enough "tool" for me.
  5. Constance

    ABC - July 07 chat

    HI! Wow, no one has chimed in yet? It's the 11th people! I wish I had better news. I am having a rough time. I feel hungry a lot of the time and haven't lost weight for months. I was too tight and had an unfill a few weeks ago. Then yesterday I got a fill putting me back in the 'comfortably restricted' range. Having that unfil was tough -- I ate like CRAZY! Overall, I'm disappointed, both with myself and the band. I'm sorry to be Debbie Downer, you guys. I'm just being honest. I've been looking into other surgeries more and more. The restriction drives me nuts -- the unpredicatability -- the way I've started to "fear" food. Social panic about PBing and sliming (it's happened a lot). It's just been frustrating. I've trying to stay positive...and I'm so happy for those of you doing so well!
  6. woofay -- don't feel bad at all! It happens, sometimes you just get a little too tight and you can't tell while you're in the office. I hope they saw you this morning and you're feeling better! Keep usposted.
  7. Oh girl I feel for you! I just finished a horrible spell of being too tight. I had an unfill 2 weeks ago. But it was miserable. If you *can* stick to liquids a few days to see if some of the swelling subsides...great. Sometimes it is just the initial irritation of being filled -- you get a little swollen, maybe a little dehydrated and it can take a day or too to settle. That said, if you feel like it is just obnoxiously tight, like barely getting liquids tight -- don't hesitate to go back and get an unfill! BTW, I was in Dr. K's office -- probably sitting there when you left Tuesday! My appt. was at 3:30 but they didn't see me til almost 5! I didn't care so much about waiting, but I skipped lunch (empty stomach is good for fills) and by 5pm I was STARVING! I almost fainted while getting the fill. I had to lay down twice while the needle was sticking out of my belly try to drink that water...wow, it sucked. Please take it slow -- and if it's just too much, please go back! I waited too long b/c I hoped I was losing from not eating. Well I wasn't losing and I regret all that suffering for nothin'!:rolleyes
  8. Faith, I was wondering why you say MGB is falling out of favor? It seems like I see more and more people (online, that is) who've had the surgery and are very happy and healthy. I know that the clos.net site and Dr. Rutledge rub people the wrong way with kind of a 'sales pitch' feel. But really, the surgery has less complications that RnY...why such a bad reputation? I don't know. I've even posted on OH -- "Why does this have such a bad reputation?" I know there are people who have complications -- but more than Rny? I don't think so. More than the band, yes, probably. It's just weird -- the conflict between all these happy patients, and yet, many people (who don't personally have the surgery but have some kind of knowledge of it) are very strongly anti-mgb.
  9. Just thought I'd throw in my .02 here which contradicts some of what I've read on this thread. Huacuz just did a sleeve gastrectomy on a patient who frequesnts the Obesity Help VSG boards. She had a leak -- which is very rare, but also very serious. Other people commented on the thread that they "have heard he has a lot of complications" -- again, 2nd and 3rd hand info, but the woman DID experience a leak. Alvarez has dozens of devoted fans who've had VSG surgery. I realize the discrepancy is with the lap-band and not VSG. But it just goes to show you that even if the info may be inflated, you can STILL end up with many satisfied and succesful patients...and that is probably the case with Huacuz. Every doctor has their share of pateints who are unhappy or who have problems. Statistically, it is inevitable. And I do think MANY doctors pad their numbers. Not falsified, but probably they use any surgery they attended, assitsted or performed. I think most of them do this -- especially in Mexico. Keep in mind, Ortiz has his own website and feedback page set up on a computer AT THE SURGERY CENTER. So while you're sucking on ice chips in a painkiller haze you are encouraged to write a review right there on site. Pretty smart, as most of us are like "I luve yuo Doctir Otiz!" at that point - haha! I think the overall thing to look for is good patient feedback -- and be suspicious if people are too enthusiastic and have ZERO complaints or even mediocre reactions. It's surgery, not a day spa. Chances are you will notice SOMETHING that bugs you. I went to Ortiz, and yes, I have glowing reviews. But I can also tell you it feels a bit like an assembly line, the transportation to and from the hotel could use some work. The nutritonal "counseling" is vague at best...see what I mean. Beware of someone who is just too thrilled about even the most mundane detail. "The hospital gowns were amazing!"
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    ABC - June 07 chat

    Jahair, I'm so sorry -- that is terrible! Josette, you rock -- 61lbs -- I wish!
  11. Constance

    ABC - June 07 chat

    Hey guys, I had an un-fill today. I was going insane with PBs and restriction seemed to be getting tighter and tighter. I had a total breakdown on Saturday -- totally questioning why I was even banded -- looking into revision surgery. Complete misery, tears...the works. I went from 3.0 to 1.5. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to eat REAL food again tonight. I had gotten so used to the pain and anguish of too much restriction. I'm seriously EXCITED to eat healthy,wholesome foods again! But I also want to be careful of too much "rebound eating" with a sizeable un-fill. I'll stay on top of it -- it's beats the alternative.
  12. Thanks Dr. C. Do you do the VSG or RNY -- any thoughts on advanatges/disadvantages of those? thanks!
  13. I've actually read a lot of positive feedback from MGBers on their yahoo group. But I guess for every happy success story there will be some percentage of complications. Ann, as for my problems, pretty much just hating what the band was designed to do -- restriction. Heartburn, PBs, stuck food, slimes...it's really hard on me physically, emotionally, socially...all that and no weight loss in 6 months. I have an un-fill scheduled in a few days. I hope that helps. It is very frustrating and makes me question the band entirely.
  14. VSG is like the band in that it is restrictive...it involves actually removing a part of your stomach and levaing a sleeve shaped stomach the size of a small banana. It was originally the first part of a DS but they found many patients lost weight with just this first procedure. It is NOT malabsorptive, just restrictive. Here is a good website: Unofficial VSG FAQ
  15. Alexandra, can you expand on your thoughts on mini-gastric bypass? I know that Clos.net site is quite possibly the most obnoxious medical site I've ever seen...and the tactics seem very sales-pitchy. That said, it does look like they have a lot of data to support the safety of MGB being on par with that of RnY. It is not the old loop bypass procedure which has been phased out due to saftey concerns. Just wondering if you'd share your thoughts on MGB -- or any alternatives as I've had a hard time with the band.
  16. bonjeanie, I feel your pain! I've been having a rough go of it too and looking at some other options. If you check out CLOS.net that is the main mini bypass doctor. The sugery is 17K, plus 5K for band removal. You might also look into VSG, which is another restrictive procedure. I've looked at two doctors, Dr. Pleatman in the US and Alvarez in MX each do the sugeries and will remove the band. Feel free to PM me. I've been doing a lot of research and I know how you feel.
  17. Yankeefan, not sure if you've already gone to the doc...but I wonder... If I take it with food, I'm fine. So as long as I do that and I'm pain free, should I still consider switching? Maybe you could ask? I can ask my doc too, but I'm not due for an appt for awhile. Very interesting that we all share this. That what I love about this board!
  18. Oh WOW, I was certain this was just me! Yes, I take my Zoloft at night and it is like swallowing flaming hot pokers a few minutes later. I've learned that I MUST take it with mouthfull of food. Somehow that insulates it as it goes down. I just take a bite of food, chew it up, then pop the pill in my mouth beforeI swallow. That is the only way I can do it. If I am too full or it's too late for even a biteful of food -- I just skip the pill for the day. It is not worth the intense fiery pain!
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    Revision Tomorrow

    Karen, best wishes! Full report expected once you're on the other side and ready to dish! Thoughts/prayers/good vibes are with you!
  20. Constance

    New member from Colorado

    Welcome!! Sorry the Colo welcome was less that warm. I'm on that board, too. Have you thought about: home equity loan credit card going to Mexico ? I went to Mexico. Wonderful experience, nothing to worry about at all. Ask any questions you have! We are here to help! I don't cruise over to this forum that often but you can PM me!
  21. Constance

    ABC - June 07 chat

    Clarity, that is SO cool you are almost to goal. I am 5'3" as well, and 135 is my goal too! I have some friends who are 5'3" and look amazing at 120ish. I guess it's all personal, how you look with that weight could be totally emaciated...or just perfect. Honestly, I'd be elated to even be 150 right now...but I'll get there. Maybe I wil talk to the doc about a small fill. I do have restriction, and I have had some PB issues when I don't slow down. ALso, Breakfast is pretty impossible. So based on that I thought I might be tight enough. But maybe I could stand a little tweak. It's 190$ so I'm always a but reluctant to over/under do it and need to go back in a week. Have fun on the cruise! I want to see pics!
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    ABC - June 07 chat

    I'm still at THE SAME weight. I wish I could hang onto my motivation. I have to go on a work trip Tues, so I vowed to be really really good for 5 days. My new goal (you guys are my witnesses) is August 31st. How much weight... 20lbs. Is that a crazy goal? I want to actually MAKE the goal! Thoughts? Also, how long do you guys REALLY feel full/not hungry after eating. I can go about 2 hours. Sometimes this annoys me...like I should be full longer. Do I need another fill? How is it for you?
  23. Constance

    ABC -- May 2007 Chat

    Oops, I sorta just ate half a box of Whoppers, followed by Reese's Cookies -- and also maybe some ice cream. BUT, I worked out today...tell me it offsets it a weee bit..maybe? On the work-out front. Do any of you guys do the treadmill. I'm a bit addicted to the eliptical, but I was reading today that you can get far more calorie burn from a treadmill, depite whatthe bogus calorie burner display says. It requires more of your own core strength an ddoesn't let you rely on the support from the eliptical. I just hate hate hate running (because I can't do it) and I feel like walking is not really enough. Anybody make a transition from eliptical to treadmill and have tips?
  24. Constance

    ABC -- May 2007 Chat

    Steph that is too bad about the gain...but you're back on track! The extra weight will be gone in no time. The important part is that you're healthy and eating comfortably again!
  25. Constance

    Lower Body Lift Fun!

    my .02...not that anybody cares or asked.... I'm 31, and married and monogamous. Before I was married, I dated, I had sex with people, sometimes super meaninful and loving, sometimes not. Sex can cloud your emotions. It can make you think you care for someone when really you just enjoyed some temporary intimacy. This was the same whether I was fat or thin. When I really loved someone. sex could be amazing. But, guess what, had some pretty great times when I DIDN'T have love there. That's just physiology! Sex feels great! I'm trying to repsect your religion and ethical background. But I also see (as Stacey Z said) just another independent woman. Except you are totally overcome with guilt and shame!! Why? Not to go all political, but I'm totally at ease with my life and choices. God loves me! I'm going to heaven! Mutual agreement to enjoy each others bodies in a safe and honest environment isn't the issue! Now, hurting people, hooking up with nearly married men...not cool. But that's not the fault of sex. That is just poor decison making. It's not about the sex!! I think there is something in you that wants to be reckless and rebelious -- maybe because your entire food/eating/exercise world is so structured. So you're selecting something relatively pleasurable and naughty. Ask yourself why you need to feel rebelious or reckless? What is REALLY going on in your life that you feel you need to break away from? Is it the church? Your family? Your past? It's a tough question. Puddin'. I think you're great. I read your blog for so long and followed your struggles with this...please don't take offense to anything. Just my opinion and how I see things. You are a wonderful, precious human being WORTHY of God's love....My opinion...He doesn't care how many people you've slept with. He just wants you to treat others (AND yourself) with honesty and respect!