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  1. Yes, they give you these surgical wipes at preop to wipe down your body the night before & morning of surgery. If you shave they burn like crazy. I made that mistake before.
  2. sleevdB89

    Just not feeling good

    I was feeling the same, my surgery was 4/12. Turns out I was dehydrated with a very low potassium. Went to the ER & ended up staying the night. No fun but I am feeling better. Trying to stay hydrated & eat more. I wasn’t eating as much as I should of.
  3. I’m off 6 weeks per my surgeon, I may ask for a few more additional weeks, has been a hard transition.
  4. sleevdB89

    Post op Blues

    Feeling pretty depressed these days. I’m in my first week out since surgery. Drop some words of encouragement !! Thanks
  5. I’ve had 2 I’m about a week out from surgery.
  6. sleevdB89

    Post op Blues

    Thank you for your kind words. Each day I feel a little better. Being active helps a lot for me as well. Good luck in your recovery.
  7. sleevdB89

    Pounds lost

    7 days post op vsg, 15 pounds down. Started at 245.
  8. sleevdB89

    Names for my new sleeve

    I named mine keke. She’s small, cute & feisty at times. Overall she’s been a trooper tho.
  9. Congrats. Have a safe and healthy pregnancy.
  10. So I had my sleeve done yesterday!!! Feeling ok today. Much better than expected. Nothing by mouth yet. Feeling thirsty, slight nausea. But feeling blessed to be up and moving around.
  11. sleevdB89

    Post op day 1

    @briswife15 omg... that’s what it feels like, some sort of spasm. Ok, noted. Will try warm rather than cold & hold off on the lemonade crystal light.
  12. sleevdB89

    Post op day 1

    @Briswife15 broth, ice water, crystal light
  13. sleevdB89

    Post op day 1

    Post op day 2. Fluids are giving me major indigestion. It hurts so bad. Any thoughts
  14. sleevdB89

    Post op day 1

    @gradycat I was surprised also. But smooth sailing so far.
  15. sleevdB89

    Post op day 1

    @shanshan thank you so much. I’m so excited.
  16. sleevdB89

    Nearly One Year Out...LOVING LIFE!

    Thank you for posting. My surgery date is tomorrow. I’m nervous and reading your story made me go “ok, I can do this” . Keep killing those goals!
  17. sleevdB89

    I lied

    To each it’s own honestly. I tell ppl about my upcoming surgery. I feel like some people are nosey and some people really are looking for the courage to start their own journey. I am not ashamed whatsoever. This decision takes courage and it isn’t easy. If I can help someone else struggling with their weight I’m all for it. If they just want to be in my business be my guest. Either way I’m healthy & fabulous.
  18. sleevdB89

    Whats short of time frame

    My insurance required me to do a 6 month class before moving forward with surgery. I finished January 16th, I saw the surgeon February 19th for consult, and my surgery was scheduled that same week for April 12th. Roughly 3 months.
  19. sleevdB89

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    April 12th Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Height 5’3 Starting weight 245 Goal weight 140-150, per my BMI 130 but I thinks that’s too skinny for my taste.
  20. sleevdB89

    April surgeries?

    April 12th
  21. sleevdB89

    April Sleevers

    Oops meant 2019 lol
  22. sleevdB89

    April Sleevers

    Yup! My surgery is 4/12/18 !