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  1. DebbyC64

    So Who do You Look Like?

    When I was thin in college, Sheena Easton.
  2. Cullman, AL -Dr. Schmitt
  3. DebbyC64


    I’m swimming two days and working out three days during the month of February. I’m almost two months out from surgery, hopefully this won’t be too much.
  4. DebbyC64


    My surgery status: HW 226 SW on 12/13/2018 CW 200.3 Goal by March 190
  5. DebbyC64


    Count me in.
  6. DebbyC64

    Why no iceberg lettuce?

    I just try a little bit of different things to see what godward well or causes gas. I’m seven weeks out. Most foods do fine as long as I remember to chew well.
  7. I see weight loss in my face and arms. I try not to get down about slow weight loss. I’ve had bronchitis this week, so I couldn’t workout. Maybe I have coughed some Calories off. Lol
  8. DebbyC64

    December 26, 2018 Bypass Surgery Twins??

    I had my surgery on Dec 13, 2018. I’ve lost 20 lbs, but I have stalled last week and this week. Any suggestions on what to do to get weight moving again?🤔
  9. DebbyC64

    Food Before and After Photos

    Ceviche and Keto spinach quiche
  10. I thought after surgery I wouldn’t have as strong of hunger pains. I think they are stronger now and more often. Anyone else notice this?
  11. DebbyC64

    ❤Summer Body Routines❤

    I worked out today for the first time since my surgery. I did okay, but I’m a little sore tonight. No pain no gain.💪🏼
  12. DebbyC64

    50 and Up Sleevers

    Amandamellor18 I was 220 on Dec 13, 2018 when I had my surgery. I just turned 55 yesterday. I’ve lost 20 lbs. I’m hoping for a 70-80 Ib loss. Congrats on your weight loss.
  13. DebbyC64

    50 and Up Sleevers

    I had surgery on Dec 13, 2018. I just turned 55 on Saturday. I figure slow and steady wins the race.😝
  14. I lost 20 lbs in the first two weeks. I hit a stall my third and fourth week. I’m on a semi regular diet now and starting a work out program. Hopefully I’ll start to see the scale move down again.
  15. DebbyC64

    Need breakfast ideas - what are you eating for bf?

    Jimmy Dean turkey crumbles are good in eggs. It gives you much needed protein. I also made Keto quiche. It has no shell, just eggs, spinach, mushrooms, onion, turkey crumbles and cheese. One slice makes an all inclusive breakfast.💪🏼
  16. DebbyC64

    ❤Summer Body Routines❤

    I’m starting Planet Fitness tomorrow. I had my surgery Dec 13, 2018. I’ve healed enough to get started. Good luck on your journey.
  17. I’m four weeks out of surgery. I’ve lost 20 lbs but feel like weight loss is slow. I start working out tomorrow.
  18. I am almost a month out since my surgery. I lost almost 20 lbs the first two weeks. I only lost a pound this week. Should I be worried I’m eating too much?
  19. DebbyC64

    1 Week Post Op...

    I’m a week and a half out from surgery. The past two days I finally felt like I had some energy. I’ve lost 17 lbs. I’m going to trying some soft food today. It still hurts if I swallow too much.
  20. DebbyC64

    December 2018 Sleevers!

    I have a nutrition appointment on Dec 12th and my surgery in Dec 13th. I’m excited it’s finally here, but nervous.😁
  21. I go Wednesday for my nutrition class and pre op session. I have started my pre op diet. My surgery will be Thursday. I’m excited to get started, but nervous eat the same time.
  22. I have sleeve surgery on Dec 13th. I’m really nervous.
  23. I’m having surgery on December 13th.