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  1. GettinSkinnywithit

    BCBS denial

    Another option would be to self pay. Most people can qualify for a line of credit and then just lay it back over the next two years. I’ve known three people who did that so they didn’t have to deal with insurance and were able to schedule the surgery within two weeks.
  2. GettinSkinnywithit

    Stomach feels nothing

    Cat woman is spot on. My hunger came back at six months so enjoy your honeymoon phase and you are doing great so far!
  3. GettinSkinnywithit

    Left Sided Abdominal Tightness

    I had similar issues on occasion but they went away after a few months. I would suggest calling your surgeon and discuss with their office.
  4. GettinSkinnywithit

    RNY because of GERD, not weight loss?

    I had GERD pretty bad pre RNY and since surgery have had zero issues. My surgery was for Weight with gerd a secondary issue.
  5. GettinSkinnywithit

    Taking Charge! C25K day 1!

    Sitting at my home computer this morning typing an email to my sales staff, trying to keep them motivated during these very trying and challenging times, I realized I was giving them the advice I need to hear myself. Its been two years since I started this journey and 506 days since my RNY surgery. I'm down 125 pounds and life is flippin fantastic! I have been losing and gaining the same five pounds for five months but I'm ok with that, having a couple of glasses of red wine in the evening is most likely the cause coupled with a lack of any real exercise program - I am active, just not working out - but my life is filled with happiness right now. Fast forward to this morning and it hit me, I'm motivating others but not myself. Today that changes! I laced up my running shoes and started day one of C25K. Running a 5k without stopping has always been a bucket list item and now I am going to do it!
  6. GettinSkinnywithit

    Taking Charge! C25K day 1!

    That is awesome @looly! I had to abandon my plans after three weeks as my knees were in pain. I’ve been resting and hoping to try again next week. I went to a running store to get fitted for shoes and they said mine were fine so probably just pain from getting back outside! Well hopefully.... 10k. That is awesome!
  7. GettinSkinnywithit

    Im scared of gaining weight through this crisis

    I posted in another thread that I am taking this time to challenge myself. I started c25k yesterday and want to run a 5k in the future. After trying to motivate my sales staff I realized I needed it too so I’m challenging myself to come out of this quarantine in better shape! Between trying to run, using a kettlebell, dumbbells, a couple of bands and back to the basics, ie pushups, lunges, walking planks, etc, I’m just trying to stay active. #quarantineweightlosschallenge 😎 I agree turn off the news - control the things you can control and don’t worry about the things you can’t control. This virus will take its course and nothing anyone can do about it and in reality you only have a 3% chance of hospitalization. 97% of the population will be fine!
  8. GettinSkinnywithit

    Post rny throw up

    Just curious for those post RNY have you thrown up? Preop I was a violent upchucker - bruised my throat once... but 18 months post op had my first almost upchuck. Got the sweats and felt queasy but didn’t pray to the porcelain god. What’s it like post op???
  9. GettinSkinnywithit

    Post rny throw up

    I did throw up a couple times post op but just the foamies, not a full blown exorcist hurling that I was pre op - that is what I fear - dry heaving and the likes. Thanks for the replies. I’m sure one day I’ll get the the flu or something and it will happen just curious what others have been through ahead of me.
  10. GettinSkinnywithit

    SuperBowl food

    For those watching the super bowl or having a party, what dishes are you making? I’m thinking about some smoked chicken wings on the big green egg but curious what others might be making. Post op things are limited but temptations are every where at a party!
  11. GettinSkinnywithit


    Anyone else have a problem with saggy balls after surgery?? No one told me I’d have to lift them up before sitting down after losing so much weight.....
  12. GettinSkinnywithit

    Taking a big dump

    Little ones? Try getting a little dehydrated and eat too much cheese and steak. You’ll wrap a blanket around it and name it!
  13. GettinSkinnywithit

    Possible Revision

    Revision seems to be a common thread around here and I’ve always wondered if it’s so doctors can get two surgeries in instead of going straight to RNY??
  14. GettinSkinnywithit

    SuperBowl food

    Great ideas. @chubRub what’s your buffalo recipe?
  15. GettinSkinnywithit

    Gastric Bypass for Senior Citizen

    Good luck! I had RNY at 47 and it made me feel like I was in my 20’s again. You may not feel like your 20’s but your energy level will most likely shoot us and quality of life will probably dramatically change.
  16. 14 months rny post op and I split two rolls the other night with my wife and ate one too many pieces. Everyone is different. You won’t be eating two or three rolls alone any more but pieces here and there are no problem. Eat to live not live to eat.
  17. GettinSkinnywithit

    Life Taken Away

    So sorry for your loss. This is horrible and you and you family will be in my prayers.
  18. GettinSkinnywithit

    21 y/o guy never able to have alcohol again?

    I'm 14 months out and can share a bottle of wine no problem and sometimes more of the share ends up in my glass. Since I don't drink as much, I've gravitated to finer Italian and French wines. You can MOST certainly drink post-op, in fact my surgical team warned several times that alcoholism is a real problem post-op. I've had nothing but red wine, except that one day I had two mimosas and slept all afternoon from the sugar crash and the bubbly made me drunk very quickly. Life post op is way different then the picture your doctor is painting but use the honeymoon period post op to your advantage. I"m down 125 pounds and no matter what will never let it come back on but I am certainly enjoying life to it's fullest right now just in smaller bites. I'd give up any alcohol in a heart beat to keep my weight off but right now I'm at a happy balance and within the same 2-4 pounds for the last three months.
  19. GettinSkinnywithit


    OMG put some peppermint mocha sugar free creamer in your Premier Carmel decaf coffee for a WONDERFUL Christmas indulgence!!!
  20. GettinSkinnywithit


    Just hit my one year post op rny. Before I had severe gerd and had two scopes preop with cellular changes. Post op I haven’t taken any meds in 9 months and feel fantastic. Getting my hiatal hernia fixed was probably what fixed it but all is fantastic now and although the first six months were very hard I am very glad I did it and wish I would have done it sooner. Quality of life is so much better and I feel like I’m in my 20’s again and in shape. Oh yeah I lost 120 pounds as well. ;)
  21. GettinSkinnywithit

    Food addict

    Lots of people way more qualified then myself to respond but I feel I’m addicted to food. I’m 11 months post op and I’m down 120 pounds from my heaviest and 105ish from surgery. My hunger returned about month seven. I can eat pretty much anything. Too much chocolate and yeah it hurts and cramps. Eat too quick or too much bread...gonna cramp up for 20 minutes. IMO wls is a tool and the negative response is a reminder that EVERY DAY IS STILL A STRUGGLE but at least you have a tool. I wouldn’t go back. I feel like I’m in my 20’s. I wear the same size jeans I did In high school when I was a swimmer! Women look at me and those that know me comment but yeah at home and in private I still constantly think about food. That will never stop but ask anyone who’s gone through AA and it’s the same struggle. Addiction is addiction no matter the subject.
  22. I swore by muslcetech pre op but now post op I craze Carmel premier and decaf coffee! Try different ones until you find one you like.
  23. GettinSkinnywithit

    Drinking Post Op

    I’m 11 months post op and started drinking about two months ago. No more then 2-3 glasses of red wine. Haven’t tried anything else. I have found out that 1) using a small wine glass and 2) adding an ice cube or two helps. The small glass slows me down and the ice cube cools it down and waters it down. After the first glass, which is probably a half glass, I’m feeling pretty tipsy. I did have three mimosas a few months back and ended up sleeping all afternoon which kissed my wife off since it was Mother’s Day... it certainly is a different impact post op.
  24. GettinSkinnywithit

    Vets - How often do you weigh yourself?

    Every single day at the same time every morning. I’m a data person. I want to know what impact that “off program” meal had or how fasting impacted the next day. Sometimes the results are surprising and yes there is way more to it then above so watch the trend and don’t worry about one day. I go up and down 3-4 pounds every day or two it seems but overall trend is down although much slower 11 months out.
  25. GettinSkinnywithit

    Had Emergency Surgery Just Now

    Wow just saw your post and glad your back on the mend. Hope you feel better soon!

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