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  1. The most hurtful comment ever came from someone on this site...i had posted that i lost 100 pounds in about 4 months and the person replied something to the effect if its even true...it was true and i had liked this site because most people were very kind and supportive...apparently not every one. The second comment came from an aquaintance since I had the surgery...first of all i tell everybody i know about my surgery because it is the greatest thing that has happened to me...anyway i was telling this girl about how i had the surgery and how much i lost and she said i dont want 2 be rude but i think u need to get another one.
  2. blg20002000

    It can be done!

    This is for everybody that questions if they can really lose all the weight they have to lose. When I started I had 300 pounds to lose (would be happy with 250). I second guessed the surgery all the time because of how much weight I have to lose. Well 3 1/2 months after my surgery (January 28th) I am down 100 pounds and feeling great. So yea I believe its possible.
  3. blg20002000

    Dr. Benjamin Hung, Lincoln, NE

    I had Dr. Hung and he is fantastic...I know fills for the first 3 months after surgery are $150 and after that are $250...his fee for the first three months is included in the price of the surgery so you just pay the surgery center fee...once again he is great.
  4. blg20002000

    100 pounds.

    Just wanted to share because I am so excited. It's been about 3 1/2 months since my surgery and I hit 100 pounds on Tuesday! I feel great. I exercise 3 or 4 times a week and it's just nice to have the energy to do things with my children again.
  5. blg20002000

    100 pounds.

    First of all it is true...i have no reason to get on here and lie...I weighed 460 pounds when i started so yes I will lose weight faster than some others...my doctor said its not excessive so that's what im going to go with...yes I do eat but just like everybody else i can't eat much and with 2 fills i have good restriction.
  6. blg20002000

    Should I ask the doc for Metformin/Glucophage?

    I have been taking Metformin for about 7 months now and it really has helped me a lot...I'm sure my weight loss has some to do with that though...next week i have to go in for lab work...I may not need the Metformin anymore...yay.
  7. blg20002000

    Lapband success

    I don't call my journey a success because I still have 200 pounds I would like to lose however to date I have been very successful...I was banded on January 28th and have lost 110 pounds...sounds successful to me.
  8. blg20002000


    My name is Brandi. I started out with a BMI of 70. My starting weight was 464 pounds. I had my surgery 4 months ago and I am down to 354 pounds.
  9. blg20002000

    Not suitable for LAP Banding? :(

    I would also question your Dr about why he doesn't feel your a good candidate...my BMI was over 70 and i wanted gastric bypass when i first went in and my Dr. suggested lap-band which i chose and have had my band for 4 months and lost 104 pounds.
  10. blg20002000

    It can be done!

    I was going to have gastric bypass when I was first considering because I had so much to lose but after talking with my surgeon and the psychologist I reconsidered and chose lap-band and am very thankful I did
  11. blg20002000

    100 pounds.

    I try to eat healthy...sometimes that doesn't always happen, but there is not anything specific...maybe lots of chicken and fish but other than that I just make sure I get my protein in for the day however that may be.
  12. blg20002000

    It can be done!

    Well I try to eat healthy foods such as chicken and fish, but I don't have a specific diet that I follow. With my job I am on the go alot so I even eat out quite often. I just try to make good choices. Let me tell you though it is not always easy and sometimes I eat things I really shouldn't but I don't eat them a lot and can't eat much of them when I do. I try to make sure I get all of my protein in every day and I think that helps a lot. I excercise 1 hour 4 times a week. Right now I do the treadmill and the bicycle.
  13. blg20002000

    100 pounds.

    I remember being super excited and super nervous and I am so glad everything worked out for me so I could have this surgery because it really has given me my life back and oh yea I'm finally starting to feel good about the way I look again. I have a pretty high self-esteem anyway so anybody who knows me well jokes with me about what this will do for my self-esteem. This is the only aspect of my life I felt I had little control over and I am finally glad to be in control of everything about me.
  14. blg20002000

    It can be done!

    I followed the diet really closely and now that I can eat pretty much anything I still try to make healthy choices. I do cardio exercises 4 times a week for an hour each time
  15. blg20002000

    100 pounds.

    Thank you but just remember everybodys journey is different so whatever you lose is great.
  16. blg20002000

    Lapband And Pcos

    I have PCOS too. I was banded on January 28th of this year and have lost 93 lbs...yea it's possible to lose with the band if you have PCOS
  17. blg20002000

    Metformin after Surgery...

    I take 2 850 mg tabs and yes they are big but I can still swallow them...I even have a pretty tight fill right now and there are lots of things I can't eat but my medicines always go down.
  18. blg20002000

    Let's get some action going in here!

    OMG that is so my story. The funny thing is now that I'm starting to look good guess who loves me again but still doesn't want to change...did it all for me and my babies who need me
  19. blg20002000

    Twenties NSVs

    I work for a fairly large company that has several different locations. Although I am a member of our management team I primarily work out of another office so I rarely go to our main office, unless it's required. Any way, we had a management team meeting one day and my old supervisor was there and she walked right past me without even saying hi (so not like her). A few seconds later she came back to apologize that she hadn't even recognized me. That felt good. I guess that's what 75 lbs will do for you.
  20. blg20002000

    ARRRGH weight gain

    For about 2 weeks I lost and gained the same 2 lbs over and over. I'm finally losing again. I was so frustrated but now I just think it was my body adjusting.
  21. I followed the post op diet perfectly and I started out walking a few times a week...I have a lot of weight to lose and think that might be why I have lost so much already.
  22. Yesterday was 1 month and 1 have lost 43 pounds!
  23. blg20002000

    OMG I Can't Believe It

    I went for my two week post-op check-up. I knew I had lost, but I was amazed to find out I had lost 26 pounds! It is almost unbelievable to me that something finally works. After dieting all my life it is such a relief. I know I am only a few weeks in and I'm sure the weight loss will slow, but it still feels really, really good.:smile2:
  24. blg20002000

    OMG I Can't Believe It

    Well, I haven't posted for a few weeks, but I have been making amazing progress. Monday will be four weeks since my surgery and I have now lost 42 lbs.
  25. blg20002000

    Banded and Feeling Great

    Indyguydon, My surgery was on Jan. 28th. After surgery I was pretty sore, but the incision site where the port is was the worst. The worst part was not being able to drink anything the entire day, but I made it. The day after surgery wasn't bad and the day after I went home I went shopping. The worst pain was in my shoulder, which was from the anesthesia, but now that is gone and I am going back to work tomorrow. I really could have even gone back sooner but I wanted extra time to adjust to my new lifestyle. I'm glad I took the time. Since the surgery I have rarely felt hungry and often times have to remind myself I need to drink in order to get my protein in. Good luck with your surgery.

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