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  1. Wendyfm

    Protein from Food.

    I am six years out and eat between sixty and eighty grams of protein a day. it took me over a year to be able to get all of my protein needs met by food only and truthfully I still use protein shakes once in a while if I’m having a day where I’m just not into meat.
  2. Wendyfm

    Vets - How often do you weigh yourself?

    I’ve been in maintenance since 2015 and also weigh myself every day.
  3. Wendyfm

    Vets - How often do you weigh yourself?

    I’m six years out and I weigh myself daily. i am about five- seven pounds over my Lowest weight and and I am determined that I won’t gain anymore.
  4. Wendyfm

    Injecting Blood Thinner?

    Yes I had to give myself injections of a blood thinner for ten days after surgery. It was a little scary at first, but I got used to it.
  5. Wendyfm

    2020 Vets Updates

    I had a sleeve in 2014 and lost a total of 100 pounds. From 272 down to-172. I have averaged from 175-177!for the last year or so. I have slid off the exercise wagon this fall due to weather and illness. But trying to make an exercise come back. During the summer I walk daily.
  6. I lost a total of 100 pounds . Thirty before my surgery, 70 pounds afterwards. It took me twelve months to lose that seventy. I too saw people losing ten pounds a week. I think those people are the extreme. Slow and steady is good. Be prepared for frustration and stalls. My surgery was almost ten years ago and I have been able to keep most of the weight off, right now I’m seven pounds up.
  7. Wendyfm

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    51/2 years out 100 pound loss, weight regained 3-5 pounds. BMI 31. Not skinny, but happy. I was BMI 49. Bkfast whole grain English muffin, peanut butter, banana, coffee Lunch 1 cup of chicken and stars soup.’supper, 4 ounces pork, sweet potato and 1/4 cup peas. Snack protein granola bar and after supper kodiak cakes protein muffin For 1234 calories. Sodium’s a little high today because of the soup.
  8. Wendyfm

    1.5 years out & still throwing up?

    I’m five years out and there are some foods that bother me sometimes. Chicken is one of them. Try crockpotting some meats.
  9. My body picked for me. Once I got to a certain weight I just stopped losing.
  10. I was allowed mashed potatoes from the start. I keep my carbs under 159 grams my protein at least 60 grams and my calories under 1,300. I’ve mostly kept off 100 pounds. I do stray sometimes and then I gain weight. As soon as I pay attention to what I’m eating I lose again.’other wise I try to eat slot of veggies, some of my starch as fruit and not be too strict with myself because then I want to binge.
  11. Wendyfm

    Menopause Pause?

    The same thing happened to me when I had weight loss surgery 5 years ago, I was fifty three and thought I was done. I had periods for two more years after surgery I finally finished menopause at fifty five.
  12. Wendyfm

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    Whole wheat English muffin, chocolate peanut butter powder,1 teaspoon honey and coffee L. 6 ounce Greek yogurt and salad. 2 chocolate chip cookies . Supper 4 oz pork with roasted potato and carrots.
  13. Wendyfm

    Sleeve gastrectomy surgery 2012 or earlier

    I’m only five years out, but maintain a weight loss either side of 100 pounds by about five pounds. 100 in summer 95 in winter. I am generally physically active five days a week. The past three weeks I’ve been struggling with a sinus issue. Otherwise I still weigh myself every day and track my eating even on the bad days when I eat too much.
  14. Wendyfm

    Drinking strategy

    For me it’s one twisted tea once in a long while or I can do 1/2 margarita. Once in a long while.
  15. My mom is between an eight and a ten. After I lost my weight she would be sure to remind me how thin she is. Even after losing 100 pounds I am still a size 16. I am perfectly happy at this size, so basically I ignore this.
  16. Wendyfm


    I’m five years out and felt regret about three weeks in. I hadn’t lost a lot of weight , I had no energy etc. for me it was because my blood pressure was really low and one I was off BP meds it went up and I started feeling better and exercising and everything came together. Give it a chance you are making the right choices it should get better.
  17. Wendyfm

    Eating as a empty nester

    I became an empty nester in July when my twenty year old son with Autism moved in with caregivers. Natural growth for him and a chance to catch a breath for me. I have been having a hard time cook Gand eating for one. Plus I increased my hours at work . At first I was eating a lot of tv. Dinners, cereal or ice cream. I’ve finally started cooking big meals on the week and then freezing it for the week and this seems to work better. Are there other empty nesters and what and how do you eat.?
  18. Wendyfm

    Favorite bras?

    Anything underwire. I went from a forty eight DD to a forty-forty two D,DD
  19. Wendyfm

    Light weight

    I have the occasional drink. Once every few months and one will definitely do me and I don’t drive afterwards. It definitely hits me.
  20. Wendyfm

    Vets - How often do you weigh yourself?

    I weigh daily Monday through Friday and am more relaxed over the weekend.
  21. I also take Prilosec and have off and on for five years. It hadn’t caused a weight gain.
  22. I brought mine, but didn’t use it at all. I was in for three nights.
  23. Wendyfm


    I started losing hair at about five months out, by seven or eight months it started to grow back. Five years out you can’t tell.
  24. Wendyfm

    The Maintenance Thread

    I’ve been in maintenance for four years and it just kind of happened. All of a sudden at about fifteen months out I just stopped losing. I maintain on 1,000-1,300 calories a day.
  25. Wendyfm

    Freakish Restriction???

    I think this is normal to all of us. Chicken and pork used to bother me . If I ate two fast I would get the foamies and throw up.and now five years out I still need to chew pork or chicken really well or it will upset my stomach.

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