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  1. Hi all, I'm a veteran of WLS and a life coach. I had my surgery in Vancouver Canada, and lost 100 lbs. Lately I've noticed that so many wls successes struggle with body changes. I've been pretty lucky myself, as an older married woman I'm okay with some sagging and wrinkles, but I would love to hear from others about what struggles they might have with this issue. You can share here, or message me privately, it would really help me become a more effective coach. And hopefully I can share some tips, too. Thanks!
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    I used MyFitnessPal to make a graph of my weight, and noticed that I normally do fluctuate around a 2-3 lb range. Turns out that’s perfectly normal. Water, salt intake, muscle loss or gain from exercise, hormones...Turns out the scale can be very deceitful. LOL
  3. Cindi_Augustine


    When you're sick you do what you can to get liquids in, and so don't beat yourself up about that. Just put it behind you and get back on the path. Stressing over things releases cortisol and that can cause weight gain, so don't let stress get the better of you. You analyzed the problem, it was temporary, and you knew enough to come here and get encouragement to get back on track. Way to go!!! You did great!!!
  4. I agree with this a lot. I wish I'd had an opportunity to get this surgery before obesity wrecked havoc on my body. Also, as a life coach who deals with body positivity I've done a lot of research on the long terms effects of yoy-yo dieting on metabolism and other issues. I feel that if wls would stop that cycle it would probably be well worth it. And, realistically, you probably wouldn't get approved if there weren't some reason the doctor felt it would benefit you.
  5. Cindi_Augustine

    How to choose a realistic goal weight

    I think this is a good plan, it's hard to know what weight will end up being the most comfortable and sustainable, especially for us lovely mature ladies who hadn't seen a smaller number in many years. LOL I did find that I had to sacrifice a smoother face and neck for a healthier body but it was worth it. I like your rationale.
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    No, I didn’t think you were defending them, at all. You’re absolutely right that that’s how they’re calculated and for the average person they’re a good starting point to determine approximate weight. Science is way behind in its understanding of metabolism, body composition and its relation to health. I just like to clarify the difficulty in basing success on those charts, as I coach women who often have unhealthy obsessions with the scale. 🙂
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    This is how the graphs are calculated, you’re right. But I’m 4’10, according this I shouldn’t weigh anything over 100lbs, which in reality would land me in the hospital. At 138, my lowest weigh, I was a size 8, which is considered ‘normal’ for a North American woman. See how those graphs are imperfect?
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    There’s no definitive answer to this question. Everyone has a unique body composition made up of muscle mass, bone mass, lean tissue and water, for example, none of which weigh the same. In reality the scale is a poor indicator of health and ‘fitness’, only a complete body mass composition test can get you a clear picture of how much unnecessary fat your body is carrying. I recommend to my clients that they pick a general weight based on height/weight graphs you can google online and then once you get near that number you and your doctor can make a better decision based on your unique body. Remember, as well, that not all bodies want to be ‘thin’, and you won’t be able to force your body to get to, or stay at, a body weight not natural to you. I know this isn’t news a lot of wls patients want to hear but our biology is extremely complex. Enjoy your journey as a way back to health, enjoy non-scale victories, and don’t let the scale have too much power over you.
  9. Cindi_Augustine

    I didn't realize when I lost weight that _____

    Yes, the "hurts to sit on a hard chair" thing. And the knees knocking together when I sleep on my side. Those are so true. It's been a few years now post-op and it's finally gotten better. I'm also surprised the day after a lot of walking that I get up and feel normal, not all weak and sore. I actually like walking, and will walk extra blocks just for fun instead of taking the bus to the closest stop!! Who knew???
  10. Cindi_Augustine

    Two Years Out and Major Weight Regain

    I'm about 6 years out and lost 100 lbs. It was a pretty easy first year for me, as well. Now, I battle a 5 lb regain on a regular basis. Lose it, regain it, lose it, regain it...It's so frustrating. My calorie intake is around 1,200 which shouldn't be enough for the average woman to gain weight, but our bodies are very screwed up by the history of obesity and it seems my brain is always trying hard to get me back up to a weight it thinks is 'normal'. The only way I've succeeded in staying within 8 lbs of my lowest weight is by constant attention to it. The first 2 years after my weight loss I was really restrictive with carbs and sugar. They just weren't on my diet. Then, I started to relax. started to think, hey normal people can eat a candy bar once in a while, enjoy some pasta...right? Can't I? Nope. It's a constant battle. I slip off the routine and next thing I know I am craving the bad stuff again. I refuse to lose this battle. I have hope that eventually my brain will re-set itself and I won't be so prone to gain weight just because I have a cheat moment here and then. Meanwhile I fight it like an addiction. I get clean for a few weeks and I slip a bit, and I battle to get clean again. Miserable Merry-Go-Round! Some days you want to give up, but I head to my closet and try on some of my fantastic clothes, and I get back some resolve. We all fight the battle, everybody in a different way, but knowing your not alone helps. Support groups are GREAT!! Take it from a life coach who facilitated a weight loss surgery support group for a few years.
  11. Cindi_Augustine

    Anyone else bad at taking pictures?

    Body dysmorphia is about as common as rain in my beautiful city of Vancouver, BC. LOL It can often take the brain a long time to accept and interpret what the eyes see in a more honest way. The best way to approach it is to battle it head on. Try on clothes that actually fit and flatter you, and don't dismiss it when people compliment you. Look in the mirror - REALLY look in the mirror. Don't look away. Make friends with yourself. Rephrase the automatic negative thoughts that enter your head. Our inner voice has a major influence on our perception. If we repeat the negative, bullying, things we've heard from others we'll believe them even more. Don't allow yourself to bully yourself, shut that garbage down as soon as you catch yourself doing it. In time, and with mindful self-care your brain will re-program itself. Trust me, we've all been there. There IS a way out.
  12. Cindi_Augustine

    Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino

    I'm in agreement, even though I'm a Starbucks fan. Perhaps they feel they must compete with McDonald's and all the other places that offer ice-cream style drinks, but really all these food companies are enablers. Sure, they can say they don't force you to buy them, and that's true, but it shows a lack of compassion for the obesity crisis, for sure. Even their regular frappes contain almost a third of my allowed calories for a day, that's one meal with no nutritional benefits. Yikes!!!
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    Changing personality

    I relate to this, a lot. I was always a people pleaser, never stood up for myself because I felt it was the only way to get people to like the fat me. It's taken a while but I have learned to be assertive, and not to undermine my own happiness by giving in to others. I am far from mean, but I am not the apologetic, submissive person who was always hiding her light and letting others shine. Counselling is a great option if the transition gets rocky. Best of luck!
  14. I've been reading studies lately about the effects of exercising or not exercising on weight loss. Naturally there are many questionable articles on the internet, and source is everything. I'm wondering what people's reactions are to this one. I found it quite interesting: http://www.vox.com/2016/4/28/11518804/weight-loss-exercise-myth-burn-calories
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    Newbie, from Edmundston,NB

    Not me, but welcome from the West Coast! (Vancouver, BC).
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    people on instagram be like

    Here's my answer to that: Who am I cheating? Who's hosting the competition? Who wrote the rules? What's the prize? Seriously, it's a ridiculous flawed concept. I refuse to even legitimize it.
  17. I'm 4 years post-op with the sleeve, and like most post-ops, I'm anxious about re-gain, naturally. I have a 5lb comfort zone, which accommodates Water weight and occasional indulgent periods. I weigh myself a few times a week. If I hit that top number, I go back to basics and can usually get back to the bottom number. I don't think my body really likes that lowest number much because it sure pushes back up easily and fast. ::sigh:: Some days I get frustrated, even at 4 years out, and I certainly don't want to get so anxious I develop an eating disorder. I have to remind myself that this is just part of being an adult in a culture that has access to excess. I'd like to try just weighing myself once a week or eventually maybe monthly, so I don't become obsessed with the scale. It's a slippery slope. How often do you weigh yourself, and did you do it differently at different post-op stages?
  18. Cindi_Augustine

    How Often Do You Weight Yourself?

    It's funny how 5lbs makes such a difference in clothes, isn't it. That's the benefit to wearing clothes that fir well, and are not baggy. I definitely know where I am on the range by how jeans and skirts fit. I carry most of my extra weight in my bottom. Maybe I should try trusting that more.
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    Moderation depends who you ask, sometimes. LOL I'm a two cup a day addict. Not sure that's moderation but I keep trying to cut back. Damn you, Starbucks!!! LOL
  20. Cindi_Augustine

    Never Ever Ever

    Yup, they're soooo shameless. I've been doing whole chickens in the crock-pot (slow-cooker) lately and find they are actually every bit as good and far healthier. I leave the skin on and give the whole thing a Mrs Dash Herb and Garlic massage and lay it on top of veggies, with some no-salt chicken broth. I try not to eat the skin but cooking with the skin helps keep them as moist as the ones at the store and mine aren't pumped full of fats and salt. I'm a terrible (lazy) cook so if I can do this anyone can. LOL
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    This is diabolical!

    I'm the middle of 5 kids. Thought my mom made that up, too! Geez!! We mostly played it in the car, since at home we played the outdoor game...whoever could play outside the longest without coming in to complain about someone, or ask for something won. LOL I was miserable at both! LOL
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    A cheeky study

    I'm hearing Queen: Fat-Bottomed girls, you make the rocking world go round.... (I've always been one.....) LOL
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    I lost a few more lbs after this but this was the dream photo I'd been dying to have.
  24. Cindi_Augustine

    Odd words of wisdom from Mom.

    I've been sick about twice since my surgery - surgery was about 4 years ago - and it was painful. It was a good lesson and I'm far more careful now. Like some of the others it was more about what I ate and how fast. Some foods just don't fill up the sleeve quite as fast as others. I had 3 bites of chicken breast and broccoli last night and handed it over to my hubby. My sleeve just said: Nope, not one more bite, or else! ::sigh:: But, on a treat day when I make popcorn I could go on eating and eating, like I never had surgery. Dangerous! Post-op will be much easier with your partner doing it too, that's fantastic! Best of luck to you two, and your mom.
  25. Well said. I try to avoid the word diet and use other terms like healthy choices, and lifestyle. Live like healthy people do. I call my surgery a 're-set'. It was a chance to get to a healthy weight so I could work to maintain it like all healthy, fit adults do.