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  1. sandie1958

    Pain Management after PS

    I had a ftt /muscle repair, underarms done and a eye lift and the dr. left the band alone and i had a pain pump for 5 days and it was wonderful.
  2. spyder, your breast look so good. i sent your a private e mail i hope you got it . i am having surgery june 29 and have a few ? for you since you have just went thur the exact things i am having done. did you get a implant put in>? they are so perky? also did they have to remove any skin underneath your armpit? i am having to have a damond shape removed from mine./ you look great . i hope my results are as good as yours. what was your total cost ? sandee
  3. sandie1958

    Show us those tummies!!

    thank you both so much for the posting of pictures/ yall look so good. did it change your pants size alot?
  4. sandie1958


    has anyone had a mri since banding> i am sch. for a mri monday but the dr is / if i can have it or not with the lap band . thanks
  5. sandie1958

    PEOPLE Magazine's Weight Loss Issue

    delara, take a picture of you in it now then another when you wear it . it will give you something to aim for. i have been buying summer clothes 2 sizes smaller try them on cant even zip or button them NOW but by may or june i hope to be there. good luck i know you look great
  6. sandie1958

    Envious of friend that has had GB

    i just want to say i understand how you feel. my girlfriend has bypass surgery & lost 150 pounds but by the time i got banded she had gained 80 of it back . your weight is gone forever if you keep up with the aftercare. bypass patients just dont have the aftercare we do & alot of them gain it back . but i do understand what you are feeling but you are doing great . down 50 pounds FOREVER
  7. sandie1958

    Anyone used Vanderbilt

    good luck to both of you . vandy is good hosp. i used dr holzman & love him. keep me posted. i will say a prayer for yall. sandie
  8. nykee, i love you & glad you are ok. sandie
  9. sandie1958

    United or Cigna?

    i had cigna they want a 6 month supervised diet so i switched over to united health care . approved in 5 days the band cost me 15 dollars my co payment.
  10. sandie1958

    Who Wants Some Chips?

    pinkmary . thats ok. just dont get back into the habit of drinking them all of the time.,i have one from time to time ^sandie
  11. sandie1958

    i DID lose weight

    nykee. so glad to hear the pounds are coming off. you go girl / sandie
  12. sandie1958

    How did you pay for your banding?

    my band only cost 15.00 my co payment for my 1st office visit. united health care has paid 100% of everyhting, i am so thank-ful for that .
  13. sandie1958

    I NEED to share my story.

    robin good luck & we love you sandie
  14. sandie1958

    I hate my in-laws!!

    diane, i am so sorry you were treated that way . did they help pay for it ? even so that doesnt give them the right. once again i am so sorry all you can do is pray for them. sandie
  15. sandie1958

    Just getting started

    tina, i had cigna when i checked into getting the band. my policy required a 6 month supervised diet plan with my dr. which i didnt have . my insurance changed to united health care 2 months later & they didnt require that . i am 5;4 weighed 207 my bmi was 35.2 i have sleep apena . gerd & high blood pressure so the insurance gave the ok. if you have heartburn please tell your dr of that . good luck the band is the best thing i have ever done for myself. sandie
  16. my dr. does a test to see if you are smoking. if it is positive you cant have the surgery . you have to be smoke free for 3 months. good luck i know its hard. i had to give up cokes (real not diet ) so i know how you feel. sandie
  17. sandie1958

    New and Worried (Dr. Lopez)

    happyjoy, i had my 1st fill last wk. my dr didnt put anything on the area just stuck tyhe needle in & did the fill it felt like a shot. it didnt hurt like crying hurt but i felt it . it was really quick . good luck . sandie
  18. sandie1958

    just getting on board with this site

    hi robin. i know george woodman does lap bands in memphis not sure if he takes other band patients. doesnt hurt to try, welcome sandie
  19. sandie1958

    Help I need advice!

    you will feel fine . i would go ahead with it. sandie
  20. sandie1958

    waitingto be approved

    daisy , my prayers are with you. please continue to fight for it . sandie
  21. sandie1958

    My faith is restored

    alex, so glad you feel better. sandie
  22. sandie1958

    Advertisements on LBT [ADULT CONTENT]

    I Broke My Arm 6 Wks Ago & In Cast. My Son Goes On Here Everynite & Sit By Him & He Types My Responses For Me . That Is The Reason This Was Even Drawn To My Attention. He Was Like What Is This? You Know Why To Much Information For A 15 Yr Old Boy When He Is On His Momas Web Site. Sandie
  23. sandie1958

    Advertisements on LBT [ADULT CONTENT]

    i want to thank everyone for the support i have recieved from this site. unfortunately i find it necessary to seek my support & information elsewhere as this site has drifted off course and on to different subject matter. sandie
  24. sandie1958

    Advertisements on LBT [ADULT CONTENT]

    lets not forget that we have teenagers that are banded that come to this site, sandie
  25. sandie1958

    Moments of Weakness/Relapse

    i am craving popcorn from the movies with the really yummy butter. HELP sandie

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