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  1. Bought an elliptical today. hopefully get some exercising in now, haven't done much yet. About ten pounds lost pre op. [ATTACH]7556[/ATTACH]
  2. Mell


    I had the exact same thing. Part of it is anxiety, but mostly it was my low iron. I starting taking iron and vitamin c together (helps the iron absorb) and it went away. Try it, it'll go away!
  3. Lol actually it's one of my favorite things of peoples before and after pics how they always look younger
  4. Mell

    Big Meal!

    It's scary for sure, but all will be well! Good luck and keep me up to date with how youre doing!
  5. Mell

    Grocery List

    This one contains collagen whey and casein proteins. My nutritionist gave it the thumbs up today at the office. Good enough for me lol
  6. Mell

    Grocery List

    Hmmmm these shots I bought say "complete protein matrix" containing all essential amino acids. im at the office for my two week follow up so I'll ask while I'm here.
  7. Had my surgery on august 28th, and so far have lost 20 pounds already! I know it's going to slow down soon, but I'll take what I can get right now. At first I was really frustrated with the liquids only and all that, but it seems like the surgery kind of slapped my"food obsession" right out of me. I don't think about food constantly anymore, and it's way easier to ignore. Even things that I loved before like pizza and chips, are just kind of eh...I'm not hungry right now. So weird!
  8. Mell

    Grocery List

    Protein shots! They sell them at wal mart, gnc. 42g protein in only 3.8oz. I mix them with flavored water to get protein in, but you can drink it straight if you want, though they taste really thick and concentrated.
  9. Mell

    2 Weeks Out!

    Sweet! I'm glad this is working cuz my only other idea was to have some one lock me up in a room with a treadmill and refuse to feed me until I worked out lol
  10. Mell

    Big Meal!

    Lol here is how my pre op diet went: day 1, threw up. Day 2, had the poos. Awful headache for like three or for days in a row. Sucked. the hunger part does go away for the most part after the third day or so, but it's the "wanting" food that didn't go away for me. It was all I thought about. The thing that helped me the most was meditating. Which sounds corny and ridiculous, but I needed to take a step back, breathe, and be like "calm down, it is not the end of the world, you will get to eat again, your fine." Lol. Letting go of such a huge habit is HARD. So try and relax, what you are trying to do is hard as hell, be firm, but gentle with yourself.
  11. Mell

    Big Meal!

    You will all make it through! Not gonna lie, that pre op diet sucked HARD. I totally feel your pain lol. Good luck, you got this!
  12. Thats nice to hear. I agree with the needing to relax part. As long as you don't go hog wild with anything, relax and let the weight come off!
  13. I read alot on here before my surgery, and it seemed to me that most people didn't have that much pain.i know everyone is different, but I am really uncomfortable. Just wondering how everyone else was affected.
  14. Mell

    This May Be Inappropriate, Forgive Me :)

    Omg...that made me laugh so hard I bout pulled my stitches out
  15. Everything is together finally and I'm scheduled for my sleeve surgery on the 28th of next month. I am beyond nervous. Things that are making me anxious: am I making the right decision, what if I don't lose as much as I need/want to, what if something happens, what if I'm miserable for the rest of my life, what if I lose a bunch of weight and turn into some kind of crazy bar *****....what if what if what if. Arrrg! Someone lie to me and tell everything is gonna be fine!
  16. Same thing you'll hear from everybody else I think. Get up and walk whenever you can. Sip sip sip. Press a pillow on your belly if you have to sneeze or cough helps with the pain. Ask for pain meds before the pain gets bad, it's easier to control if you catch it early. First couple of days were really rough for me, but it gets better. Hang in there, it's gonna be all good!
  17. Whats weird is every person I've read has had their tummy taken out on the left, mine was taken out on the right!
  18. Ifeel for you,i absolutely hate feeling nauseous. I haven't been nauseated at all, thankfully.
  19. The incision pain is the worst where they took the stomach out. I guess it is about a six, I just was getting worried since it seemed like I was having more pain than I should, but I guess I'm right where everyone else was. its hard to get comfortable cuz I can't lay on my side, it hurts to much. but whats more uncomfortable is this gas pain I think. Ugh I'm so bloated and it feels like it's never gona move.
  20. Surgery scheduled for 730 tomorrow, feeling kinda nervous but ready to get this over with lol. don't think I'm getting much sleep as it's one in the morning and I have to be at the hospital at 530. Send positive thoughts my way!
  21. Yeah I totally cried on the way into surgery. Lol. Lots of pain yesterday and last night, more tears, told the midnight nurse I wish I never would have done it, but of course that was the pain and exhaustion talking. Feeling a bit better this morning. Slow going but it's getting there. Hope everyone else is doing awesome!
  22. I'm feeling a little better now, but honestly this is so rough. Alot of pain yesterday, it's gonna get better though!
  23. Good luck to you guys as well! Here goes!
  24. I hope so. Sitting in the waiting room now. eek!

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