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  1. I had initially planned to go back to work after 1 week. Due to weakness, I could only work half days. But my memory was so bad I really wasn't much help. I even had trouble recalling coworkers names. I couldn't even think straight. Everything went back to normal probably about a month out.
  2. LA_dreamer

    Oh All This Burping

    This happens every time I eat. My surgeon says it will get better. I'm on prilosec and gas-x doesn't help. It's as if the gas is already there, the food just makes it move. I was sleeved 8/27.
  3. Ok so I was sleeved on 8/27 so I'm 4 weeks post-op. I am down 34 lbs and can tell it's really working it's way inward. For a while now it's hurt to prop my feet up on the couch and cross my ankles (bone on bone) and my wedding band is loose. I usually take a shower but last night I decided on a bath. As I was propping up my legs to shave I discovered a long lost body part! No... not that.... I have a butt bone! LOL. I have lost a lot of my weight from this area and didn't realize just how much until I tilted back just a little in the tub and ouch! So I measured... I've lost 3 inches there!
  4. I love my Mirena! I gained alot of weight on birth control pills and can thank them for my four year old surprise baby. =) My Gyno recommended Mirena because of the fewer side effects. Next spring I'll be getting my second one.
  5. LA_dreamer

    Clothes For Hospital Stay

    I planned on changing but my oversized hospital gown was ok. I didn't feel like bothering with changing clothes. And I definitely didn't care about a bra at that time. I didn't even wear one on the ride home. =)
  6. LA_dreamer

    Bananas In Protein Shake?

    I used banana extract pre-op in my shakes.
  7. LA_dreamer

    Pureed Food

    My first puree meal was tuna salad. It was sooo good after all those liquids. I also tried the roast beef hash I saw on the eggface website. It looks and smells aweful but I added a touch of BBQ and it was very good. Other than those I just threw whatever I cooked for my family in the mini processor.
  8. LA_dreamer

    Too Much Protein?

    This is ultimately a question for your NUT but here are a few websites... http://www.cdc.gov/nutrition/everyone/basics/protein.html (Box at bottom) http://www.livestrong.com/article/507315-three-problems-associated-with-too-much-protein-intake/
  9. Congrats! I am jealous.. it took me 4 weeks to get mine!
  10. LA_dreamer

    Almost 6Months Out..123Lbs Down

    Hey a little ego boost never hurt anyone. And you deserve it. Hopefully you'll be returning the favor soon (only 1 month out for me).
  11. LA_dreamer

    I Gained 15Lbs!

    My insurance required I have a 5 yr history of a BMI of 40+. Does yours only require a one time or had you just lost weight and needed to get back up there?
  12. LA_dreamer

    Hunger Hasn't Gone Away...why?

  13. LA_dreamer

    Bougie Size

    My surgeon also said he uses the slightly bigger size because it has less side effects/complications. I never got sick even once. I think the main discomfort I had at first was due to the hiatal hernia repair he had to do. I've never "slimed" and when I eat that one bite too much I'm just very uncomfortable. I've never worried about throwing up in public. Down 31 lbs since 8/27.
  14. LA_dreamer

    Hunger Hasn't Gone Away...why?

    I understand a few members on this site seem to only want to insult others and bring them down. I'm sorry if you felt I was joining that crowd. I don't look at what room I'm going in to when checking my "current" tab but I'll be sure to leave the mans room alone in the future. BTW I never referred to anyone as a bumbling idiot and never spoke of kids, house work, etc. but I'll accept the stereotype you lumped ME with.
  15. I have BCBS of NC so I dont know what your insurance requires but have you printed out the actual policy? Mine only accepted certain co-morbidities and they had to have been diagnosed for a certain period of time (like 6months - a year or something ) also my bmi had to be above 35 (with co-morbidities) or 40 (without) for atleast 5 years.
  16. LA_dreamer

    Bougie Size

    My doctor said he uses a 38. I'm only a month out so I can't speak for long term but I can only eat enough to fill two medicine cups (2 fl oz). Drinking is getting better but I still have to drink constantly to get my water in.
  17. LA_dreamer

    Whats On Your Bucket List?

    Don't think I'll ever say those words. Lol.
  18. LA_dreamer

    Hunger Hasn't Gone Away...why?

  19. LA_dreamer


    Haha. My mom did that for me on week 2.
  20. LA_dreamer


    Don't know anything about if it works or not but I did bookmark the website for future research. =) http://5daypouchtest.com/
  21. LA_dreamer

    Liquid Stage At Sonic?

    I get my water in better by carrying around a large ice water from Sonic. They are 33¢ and the Route 44 is just 44¢
  22. Me too! Even today I had veg soup (without potatoes) and I needed a nap. Lol. I think it's from being full also.
  23. LA_dreamer

    Hunger Hasn't Gone Away...why?