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  1. Bellybegone

    Anyone Go Down This Road?

    So sorry to hear about your friend! That is so discouraging for him. Sorry I don't have much knowledge but will pray he feels better real soon! Its good they found it and he is in a place where they can care for him. Hoping it all gets better asap!
  2. Congrats!! It won't be long now! Very exciting I am considering Cancun too, would you be able to tell me which coordinator, hospital, and $. Cancun is a little closer than TJ for me, so am thinking it might be an easier trip home
  3. Bellybegone

    Surgery Looms & I Can Only Think Of My Kitty

    So sorry to hear about your Kitty! I understand how you feel, been there... many times. Its heartbreaking, my pets are family too. And for you with surgery stress it is such bad timing. But keep thinking about her... right now she needs you.. maybe to do something that hurts you but will help her... Believe me I have gone to major lengths to save and try to 'cure" alot of mine over the years, but I always promised them I would look after them and sometimes looking after means letting them have peace. Its a hard decision but its the most important and really sometimes its the best for them, yes we suffer after they are gone, but they are painfree and I picture them up there lazing around on the clouds with all their friends that went first. My heart is with you in this sad time
  4. Bellybegone


    So Sorry you have such shocking sad news! Praying for you now
  5. Has anyone been sleeved in Cancun? I am thinking it might be easier to fly into Cancun, and advice on surgeons, coordinators, prices etc would be wonderful!
  6. Bellybegone

    Dr. Kelly On July 20Th

    Do the surgeons/nurses wear gloves and masks? I am terrified of infections... THx
  7. So sorry, what a drag! But... as he said..all for your safety! Heres hoping you get a new date soon!
  8. That is amazing! Great work!
  9. Bellybegone

    2 Month (7 Weeks) Before And After

    Wow Congratulations you are doing great!!!
  10. THinkingabout it : Glad you had such a great experience, and hope the sore and gassy feelings leave you soon Can you tell me which group Laurie is with? contact info? I am thinking of Dr. Ponce, but was quoted much higher by others... THx
  11. Bellybegone

    Just Posted My Very 1St Vlog

    Great Video!!! Will watch for more
  12. Bellybegone

    At Hotel Lucerna In Tijuana

    So sorry you going through such a hard time! Praying things turn around for you fast and you feel better real soon and get home safe and sound. Keep us posted
  13. Bellybegone

    Surgery With Dr. Ponce Update

    So Happy to hear you had such a great experience!! I will anxiously await your videos's , I almost ... I think... ready to book my appointment there too, but still scared, but think I can do it!
  14. I have been searching for possible places in Canada that do the Sleeve self pay... anyone have any experience? It will probably be too expensive, but I haven't quite come to terms with Mexico... yet

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