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  1. This will be the year I get to my goal. 33 lbs to go! Starting a reboot tomorrow and excited about it. I'm 26 months out and need to get back to the basics! Happy New Year to all!! Sent from my iPhone using VST
  2. Well, I'm almost 2 years out now. Only down 120 lbs. From 318 to 198. I have not lost much the last 6-8 months. I have done a real good job at maintaining where I am. Got my sleeve 11/17/10. I went from a size 28 to a loose 16 now. I have gotten comftorable with where I am at, after all I am back at the weight and size I was when I graduated HS. I need to get with it and get the rest of now. My goal was 155, I'd like to be in a size 12. I don't remember ever wearing a size 12 even in high school. I always wore a 14 then my senior year I started gaining and got into a size 16. I have 43 lbs to go to get to my goal weight. I know I can do it. I need to cut out the sugar and carbs. I am real bad at getting in Protein. I'd rather just have a snack of chips and homemade salsa, that is my downfall. I love chips and homemade salsa. I think the coffee I have every morning is a big problem also, I use way too much creamer. I use splinda in my coffee but too much french vanilla creamer. I know what changes I need to make. I need to really buckle own and make them. Also, Water. I don't get in near enough of it. I usually drink maybe 1 bottle of water a day, the rest of my liquids come from 1 soda a day either a diet coke or diet dr. pepper. I really don't get in enough fluids at all. I have not by any means fallen into my old self, but I have some chagnes I need to make for sure. I may go all day with out eating anything until dinner. I know I definately need to get back to having at the least a Protein shake for Breakfast. Almost 2 years out. I should already be at my goal. Can't beat myself up though, just need to get back to what I know is the key for success and use my tool the way it is supposed to be used. I do still love my sleeve, I love the restriction on portions. That was always my biggest problem, portion sizes. How is everyone donig on thier Vitamins? I have never taken mine the way I was suppsoed to until here lately. I have made a big effort to take all my vitamins daily. I'm currently taking Barartric Advantage Multi Capsuls, Iron, Calcium and B 12 injection monthly. Hope all of you other Nov 2010 Sleevers are diong good and at your goals. Brandi
  3. Brandi Lewis

    Depo Shot

    Oh boy. I had an iud and loved it for 3 years then at my last pap it was out of place so it had to be removed. One of the arms broke off inside my uturus. Oh joy. Anyhow so they gave me the drop shot. All was good until this month. I have been so hungry and craving so much bad food and giving in to it. I will not be taking another shot I can tell u that. Anyone else gain and have terrible cravings while on the depo??? I'm going to have to go on a Protein shake detox from all the crap I have eaten the past two weeks!!! Sent from my iPhone using VST
  4. Brandi Lewis

    Depo Shot

    Lol. Not in my arm. One of the arms of the iud broke off in my uterus when they removed it. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  5. Brandi Lewis

    Depo Shot

    I loved loved my iud. I had the para gard. Loved it until I got it removed and one arm got hung up broke off and is now imbedded into my uturus wall. I'm one of those rare cases. Now have to have surgery to get it removed. They tried a few weeks ago to remove while I was awake. They could not get it. It was the most awful pain as I have ever experienced. I think I'm far enough out now 19 months. 35 just got married for the first time last month. I think no more bc for us. Going to try our hand at getting pregnant. Soon as I get this iud arm removed that is. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  6. Brandi Lewis

    Phone App

    Found a great new phone app called. LOSE IT! So simple for tracking intake. If you track all u put in your sleeve this app is so simple and wonderful. I love it!!! Wanted to share this info!!! Brandi I consumed way way too much in Jamaica last week. Jerk chicken. Fries and a ton of liquid adult beverages. Now I'm back to keeping track and on track!!!
  7. Brandi Lewis

    down to a size 12

    That is awesome. So proud for you. I started in a tight size 26/28 now in a 16. I can't wait to get into those size 12 clothes. What an amazing ride this weight loss has been. Happy and proud of all of us who took the committed road in this WLS ride!!! It has not been easy but it's been so worth it all!!!
  8. Brandi Lewis

    Gonna Get To Goal. Wanna Join Me?

    Awesome new phone app I found for tracking. It's called Lose It. It's free and so simple if u journal your intake this app is fantastic!!! Just found it and love it!!!
  9. I had my sugery November 2010. I'm down 108 lbs now and my weight loss is slowing way down. I have 58-60 more lbs to go. I find that my hunger is starting to come back, (in my head) boo on that... What are some tips you can give me to jump start this weight loss again... I know some things I'm doing wrong are not getting enough fluids each day. Why is it so stinking hard to get all my Water in each day!!! anyone else struggle with this. Who else around a year out is having weight loss slowing down? What are you doing to speed it back up? Thanks in advance. Brandi
  10. Brandi Lewis

    Confession Time

    We have a great tool but it's not A mericle worker. We still are human and make mistakes. The best thing is realizing when we are making mistakes and correcting those mistakes. My loss has slowed way down I'm about 17 months out. I know I need to kick up the exercise and fluid intake and protein. I do need to kick those carbs. I'm thankful for this group.
  11. Brandi Lewis


    Do you take your Vitamins daily? I am horrible with this. I just stare at them most days. Supposed to take my Bariatric Advantage multi, Iron and Calcium daily and I take b12 injection daily.
  12. Brandi Lewis


    After reding a bit I may try some gummies. I just dread the ones you have to chew up.
  13. Brandi Lewis

    do your shoes still fit?

    Mine have shrunk big time. Feet, fingers, body, only thing that still fits are my earrings lol. I love it.
  14. Brandi Lewis

    Gonna Get To Goal. Wanna Join Me?

    I'm on this same boat. I lost fast for about 7 months. I'm 17 months out and still have 42 lbs to goal. I've slipped into a carb zone and sliders and snacking rather than my 3 small meals a day and liquid Inbetween. I've never done very good with my h2o intake. I need to get back to basics and get off the carbs. Thinking of doing the 5 day pouch text. Have any if u done that??? I know my pouch works I'm not worried about that. I just have to stop and detox from carbs. I've lost 121 total in the 17 months but should already been to my goal. Makes me ashamed of myself after all the hard work I have done that I've gotten comfortable with where I'm at.
  15. Brandi Lewis

    Breast Loss

    From high school and on I wore a plump c cup. When I gained so much weight I had dd. afternoons 125 lbs I have the flat saggy c. I figure it's worth it for the all over weight loss. I'd rather be healthy and smaller and deal with the boobie issues. I ordered some bra inserts last week from bravo breast enhancers. They r cheap and add fullness and cleavage. Check out thirt website. You can put them in a bra or swim wear. Google. Bravo breast enhancer inserts.
  16. Brandi Lewis

    When Can You Strech Your Sleeve.

    My Dietition explains sliders like this. Think of your new pouch as a funnel. Sliders are foods that will easily slide through the funnel causing you not to stay full long. You want to eat foods that will block up that funnel. Like your proteins and veggies. Stuff that will not just slide right down your funnel.
  17. Brandi Lewis

    When Can You Strech Your Sleeve.

    I'm over a year out and mine has stretched a little Not a lot. You have to be so careful not to eat sliders you fit more of those foods in than say your proteins. I have found at times I'll eat sliders over proteins to avoid that uncomfortable feeling of meat.
  18. Brandi Lewis

    Breast Loss

    I'm over a year out. I started with voluptuous 48 dd and now have flat 40 c's. It is what upsets me the most with skin issues is my dang boobs. I always had pretty boobs until now. My fiancé says in the shower the other night. You have saggy boobs like your mom. I said oh that's what every 35 yr old girl wants to hear lol. I said what r u doing looking at my mom lol. He said u can't help but see how they sag in her swim suit lol.
  19. Brandi Lewis

    F'ing Hormones >:(

    After reading this it helps me understand why since surgery I always have several pimples on my chin. I've never had pimples. Makes since with the hormone changes.
  20. Brandi Lewis

    Skin Issues

    I have some serious skin issues, however I can't afford to have it fixed by surgery. I recently came across a product that helps with tightning skin, and tones it as well. I want to share information about this product with others. If you want some information email me at brandi31477@gmail.com and i will send you some information....
  21. Brandi Lewis

    Skin Issues

    Mary Kay is awesome stuff!!!! I use the skin care and love it!
  22. Brandi Lewis


  23. I'm looking for some good low carb. Easy Crock Pot Recipes to try! I'm 10 months post op!

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