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    Hard Workouts

    I was told today (well Tuesday afternoon) that I could have my surgery in September sometime. Not sure when but the office said they couldn't imagine me NOT getting the approval. So I figure on mid to late September. I want to get back to martial arts as soon as I can. I practice Krav Maga, an Israeli combat martial arts system. Given the high violent nature of the art, is it reasonable to resume practice in 4-6 weeks? Is that a reasonable time-frame? Also, on a side note, I have been told two different things about weight loss exercising. For WEIGHT loss, high intensity workouts in short duration burn a lot more calories but the percentage of fat loss is lower (approx 15%). For FAT loss, maintaining a target heart rate of around 60-65% BPM of your max for a long duration burns fewer calories but more adipose tissue (fat). what's everyone's take on this?
  2. I couldn't possibly be? Anyone else waiting to be Sleeved or just got Sleeved? Be so nice to hear from any of ya!
  3. Neoteric Verve

    My therapist said.....

    I was told that given my past, I may be susceptible to two addictions as my body changes. Sexual and gambling. I bring this up to illustrate a point my therapist said. I became this size as a defense mechanism to compensate for the loss or nonexistence of something else. While I can't speak foe everyone I will speak for myself. I use/used food as a coping mechanism. Stress from all aspects of my life. Home, work, school, family, inlaws.... You name it there's stress involved. Food Sex Gambling All will trigger the release of endorphins to give a feeling of satisfaction that isn't being met elsewhere. People, please address the issues (if any) as to why you're the size you are. Without a viable resolution, the underlying reasons can and often do transfer to another vice. The void that food fills has to be met head on and dealt with. Food addiction is dangerous as is. There are other things out there as bad or worse. Take the time to speak with a trained therapist if possible and address the issues. When the endorphins can't be made via eating the mind will seek out any other avenues to get that "rush". Take care, VST We're here to change our bodies, now take care of your mind too!
  4. Neoteric Verve


    I have noticed several new things in life. Some people that I thought were friends really only liked me because I was the "Big Guy". I was safe to be friends with because I didn't threaten to take away attention from them. That hit REAL close to home. My own wife actually said that I couldn't do any better than her. WOW! REALLY? Now as I am going to prepare for work soon I sit here at my laptop. Mind you, my belly is still large. However, I have made some marked improvements. While I am still approximately 100lb from goal I feel great physically. Just to let everyone know, the emotional toll can be very tough. Moreso than the surgical aftermath. I keep telling myself that there aren't many 440lb 80 year old men walking (or lying) around. What's the point in staying big to appease someone else's ego? People like that (friends or otherwise) don't care. As you leave they usher in your replacement. Do yourselves a favor and only be concerned about what YOU think. What makes YOU happy. What will keep YOU alive, healthy and in love with yourself. Be your own joie de vivre! Have a great day, VST!
  5. It's hard not being a little vain. I'm still 294lb (down from 441lb). My waist went from a 58" to 42" and shrinking. I wear 2xl instead of 4xl & 5xl. That's good and all. But I never fully prepared for the freedom. To walk into a restaurant and sit comfortably in a booth. To get on rides at a theme park. Walk into a store and buy off the rack. The self confidence rose. I settled before. Now I realize I don't have to for the sake of being with someone. To live life on your own terms. To not always be the biggest man in the room. To actually have a woman turn her head and give me a double take. To be wanted and not just needed. My God this is beyond awesome! It's truly a blessing. My surgery was well over a year ago (Sept 2011). I'm loving this!
  6. Neoteric Verve

    I Was In Tears This Morning

    Y'all are so awesome. Thank each and every last one of you for the support. It really warms me to know that there are truly great people out in the world... and they all seem to be here at VST!
  7. Friday. Weigh in day. When I started this Quest I was 441lb, BMI was 56, waist was also a 56. Bodyfat? High at 52%. Work scrubs size 5XL I climbed on the scale an looked down. After a few seconds it stopped and landed on 299lb. I yelled so loud my neighbor from downstairs knocked on my door. She asked if anything was wrong. "Everything was right" I told her. For the first time since I was 20 years old, I was under 300lb. I know I'm not at my goal but hot damn I can sure see it from here!! 299lb 36% BF 38 BMI 42" Waist 2XL Work scrubs About 20lb lost was LBM. I never thought that 10.5 months from the date of surgery I'd be here. At just under 3.5lb/wk weight loss average, I feel pretty good. I still can't believe that I'm 299lb and still losing! There are weeks (sometimes 2-3 in a row) where I don't lose a single ounce. Sometimes I actually gained. One week I gained six pounds and thought I screwed something up. I'm now thinking about skin surgery. I look at myself and guesstimate that I have about 5-9lb of hanging skin. When I roll down past 20% BF then I'll get more serious about that. You all here are so very wonderful. I don't post much now with work and school going on but I read about all the people here. Each of you inspired me, motivated me and gave me hope. I was assured that I didn't mess up my body with this surgery. Y'all are terrific!! Bless every last one of you!
  8. Neoteric Verve

    Lovin' This Super Sleeve!

    Beyond AWESOME!!!! I am down 105lb since Sept 23rd, 2011. Iam 335lb as of today & feel now that my body will settle around 265-270lb. I see that I'll need a body tuck one day but not until I get under 300lb (preferably around 285lb). Best damn decision I ever made. Highly recommended to all!!!
  9. Neoteric Verve

    Lovin' This Super Sleeve!

  10. I am about 11mos out from surgery. I know I can eat more but not when I eat protein first. I am about 30-50lb from goal and still lose 1-2lb weekly eating "normally". For a reference, I can now eat 75% of a Sonic Single w/ cheese but I find that when I do I unknowingly eat LESS calories daily (around 1000-1200). When I try to eat more sensible I eat around 1500-1800 calories daily. On those days I eat the "hospital-portioned" cereal for breakfast with 2% milk, lunch comprises of a chicken breast with whatever vegetable is in the cafe at work, dinner is random as it can be nothing or up to one chicken satay (for example). Interspersed throughout my day I drink water and Honest Tea and eat a Smuckers Uncrustable and maybe a light & fit yogurt. As a Nurse Aide I move around quite a bit on a twelve hour shift so getting to a meal isn't always easy or possible. In those instances I go with the cereal, yogurt and uncrustable at work and have a form of protein at home. Is there any way that I could get my doctor or anyone to measure my stomach capacity?
  11. It has been a while since my Sleeve (which I've named Steve). Sept 23, 2011 will always be remembered by me, long after I forget my own birthday! What I want to know is this: How long after surgery should I begin to look seriously into skin surgery? To date I am down 135lb but I am still at 306lb. Now, in talking with my doctor, having hydrostatic bodyfat testing and looking visually at myself my goal is 255-270lb. That's merely 36-51lb away. By my guesstimation I have around 15-20lb of loose skin on me. I am in no danger of rash or infection, but the skin is not appealing. I could really use the advice of VST as y'all have first-hand knowledge of what I mean. Some of you have gone through it. My areas of "looseness" are probably typical: arms (bat wings), inner-thighs, pannus and chest.
  12. Neoteric Verve

    8 Months Out, What's The Word?

    Well I am down 135lb and dropping slowly now. Looking into possible skin surgery. About 30-50lb from goal. I eat WAAAY less but I always have tons of leftovers after going out. If I want to avoid food shopping for a few days I can now just go to Claim Jumper's and order off the menu. Leftovers there last me 3 days, lol!
  13. Neoteric Verve

    Greetings men!

    Wow. I didn't even know there was a Man forum for this. Nice!! My name is Courtney. I am in Las Vegas prepping in my six-month pre-surg phase. I am 6'3'' and 425lb. At 36 I decided to finally do something about my size. I want to go out. Buy off the rack (ugh) just a few times. And as strange as this sounds, get on a plane and be able to sit in ANY seat. No extender for the belt and NO "spilling over" into adjacent seats. Is that too much? I already did base jumping but want to add sky surfing to my resume as well as para-sailing. My goal weight is around 220lb or so. By the time I get "Sleeved" I want to be 400lb or less.
  14. I've been up and down. Not my weight (it's still going down) but It's been 38 weeks since my Sleeve surgery. I went in at 441lb and as of this morning I am 313lb. I have a little ways to go and now I think it's time to amp up my workouts. I haven't posted in a while (sorry) but will at least try to log on 1-2x's/wk.
  15. Neoteric Verve

    Whats Better Sleeve Or Ru En Y?

    The Sleeve can definitely get you to where you want and need to be! While there are plenty of Sleeve success stories here on VST (myself included) the decision is ultimately yours. I wish that you make a very well informed decision and that you do what is the absolute best for you.
  16. And I'm not complaining. I had at one point a goal weight of around 220lb and now.... Well my first "real" goal is to get under 300lb and go from there. Coming from 440lb I think hitting that would be incredible. As of today I am but 28lb away from 299. If I play it right I could be there by the end of next month. Six weeks to drop 28lb shouldn't be too hard (I hope). One thing's for sure, I am getting tired of buying new work clothes (ok not really). It amazes me that at the times where I feel I eat too much I actually lose the most. And will someone explain to me why/how it's easier to eat carbs as opposed to Proteins? At this point I am 29 weeks removed from surgery. I am up to eating 1,400-1,900 calories daily. Once I think I went over that but that was months ago. I feel normal. And really, that's pretty much all I wanted. One day my body will catch up to my new eating habits and I'll be golden.
  17. Neoteric Verve

    I Think I'm In The Lose Weight Slowly Zone

    LoL! Yes, Lissa Im a guy.
  18. Neoteric Verve

    I Think I'm In The Lose Weight Slowly Zone

    I eat normal foods. Just in lesser quantities. I don't limit what I eat just how much. So I can eat anywhere from 600-1900 calories daily.
  19. Neoteric Verve

    Getting My Sleeve In The Morning.

    Not to worry, the hard part's over. You can handle the rest with ease. Congratulations on the first day of your new life!
  20. Neoteric Verve

    Greetings men!

    The surgery is incredible. I started at 440lb and now I'm 335lb. Starting now I'll be going back to my kettlebells. They really help blast the pounds off! VSG truly is the most liberating thing I've done. I feel so accomplished.
  21. Neoteric Verve

    Greetings men!

    The surgery is incredible. I started at 440lb and now I'm 335lb. Starting now I'll be going back to my kettlebells. They really help blast the pounds off! VSG truly is the most liberating thing I've done. I feel so accomplished.
  22. Neoteric Verve

    I Was Sleeved On 02/22/12.

    Drainage is fine. Especially from the excision site. In a week from now you'll be good. Watch as you transition to more solid foods not to overdo it. You may get those dreaded "slimes". Not too bad but mostly annoying ealy warning system telling you to stop eating.
  23. Neoteric Verve

    Male NSV here (possible TMI)

    Guys, I don't know the proper ratio here but get this: I am down nearly 60lb and have gained an additional 1" of usable (ahem) appendage. Now I guesstimate there to be an additional 1.25" in captivity. Yeah I checked. And without giving actual dimensions I can say that I and my S.O. seem pleased.Good thing that isn't fat because I'm sure we'd be in a panic mode at the thought of losing ANY of it.
  24. And I have faced and come to grips with a lot of situations in my life. I found out who my friends really were. I see the true status of my relationships, ALL OF THEM. I also decided not to pursue nurse anesthesia school. I decided to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering. I have had tremendous changes in my personality. Or is it that I now released my self-imposed inhibitions? Down 95lb and lovin' it. This wouldn't have been possible this soon without the Sleeve. I feel like I gave myself an extension on life. One that was never there at 440lb. I have a ways to go but at this point I know it's actually possible to get there. I spent so many years dreaming of a life of health and personal satisfaction but now it's a reality that I can see coming. I love myself more and it shows in my outward behavior and appearance. I am very excited every day. I look forward to being a PhD and doing something to help advance mankind. This is the destiny I was hoping for. The future once a pipe dream. I am here to make some sort of change to help not just myself. I thank the following: Francis W Teng, MD the members of VST family and friends that supported me I now have a vital tool to help regain my path in life....
  25. Neoteric Verve

    Halfway Home!

    I weighed myself today. Five months (exactly) removed from my VSG it made me very happy to see I was 90lb down and 90lb to go. If I keep up my regimine I can be under 300lb before my birthday!!