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  1. Barbarella76

    Hair Loss Poll:)

    Yeah, anyone remember the time frame as to when it stopped falling out?
  2. Barbarella76

    Hair Loss Question

    How much Biotin did you take daily? I take one pill. (333% of daily allowance) Is that enough, or should I up the dose? So far I'm just noticing more shedding than usual.
  3. Barbarella76

    30 pounds in 2.5 months?

    I'm 6 weeks out and have lost 27lbs, so I think it's possible! Best of luck!
  4. I'm getting all my fluids, Protein and am exercising a few times a week. I'm hardly eating any carbs, and I haven't lost any in almost 2 weeks. (I am 25 days post-op) Was there something you did to help break your stall, or do I just need to be patient and let my body start to work it out?
  5. Barbarella76

    Favorite Home soft food.

    I'm starting my mushies this week and am boosting this thread! I know there are a few people just ahead of me, I was wondering what mushies your loving?
  6. Barbarella76

    14 Weeks out

    So inspiring! Keep up the great work!!!
  7. Barbarella76

    Post -op liquid question

    I'm 8 days out, and I always have my drink with me. I've noticed the past couple days, it is getting easier and quicker for me to get all my liquids in. Don't give up!
  8. I looooooooooooooooooove the dress! Congrats on everything! <3
  9. I'm mixing New whey Protein shots with apple juice. (42g of protein in each shot) You can pick them up at GNC or The Vitamin Shoppe. On what day did you start mushies? i can't wait!!!
  10. Feeling good! Down 17lbs already! (6lbs of that was pre-op) Tomorrow is day 7! And Friday will be 2 weeks since I had a bite of real food. I'm very bored with my liquids and Jello, but hanging in there! How's everyone feeling?
  11. Thanks, it does! (I'm on day 5)
  12. ^ What kind of shakes are you drinking? I need more protein!
  13. I'm a day and a half post-op! Feeling great now that the gas pains went away. :svengo:
  14. Please update us when you can! Wishing everyone the best!<3
  15. Barbarella76

    it nobody biz right???!!

    OMG, my mother and my MIL are the same way!!! I fell ya! :thumbup:
  16. Barbarella76

    Mexico on my own

    I'll be there 22nd thru the 25th!
  17. Good luck to everyone having surgery tomorrow! Let us know how you are when you can.
  18. Barbarella76

    Surgery was yesterday

    Wow! Congrats!
  19. Started my liquid diet today! It pretty much sucks, but I know how important it is. What are you guys drinking on your pre-op diets?
  20. Barbarella76


    Looking forward to my new sex life!
  21. ^ I go through that too, I'm pretty sure just about everyone does. Hang in there, Honey!
  22. Barbarella76


    Can I ask you gals how soon after surgery you you waited to have sex? Of course I'll be asking my doc too, just curious how long you waited. Thanks!
  23. April 22nd here! Gearing up for pre-op diet! :001_unsure: