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Initial Surgeon Consultation on Monday!

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As the title says, my initial consult is on Monday! I'm finally meeting with a surgeon after tossing the idea of surgery in my head for a year and a half or so (and under the recommendations of my PCP). I know it's just the initial... talk with the surgeon, make sure your actually a good candidate style of stuff, but I'm really excited cause this step makes it more "official" for me. In my excitement, I am afraid I'm going to forget to ask questions, so I am making a list today. Are there any questions you guys would recommend asking during the consultation visit?

I have written down to ask about possible additional costs to fix a hiatal hernia (if I have one), or additional costs if I can't get liquids in and have to stay in the hospital longer. They gave me a nice document that covers what to expect for most visits (both pre and post op), and they require BLIS insurance, so I'll have that for any super serious trouble within 90 days of surgery. I also plan to ask how much of a "heads up" they typically give for surgery. Ideally I'd like to give my work 3-4 weeks notice at a minimum. I have shared with my boss and two of my coworkers that I've started the process for surgery, and that in the coming months I'd be requesting a few weeks off as a result, but it'd still be nice to give them a heads up and all. I did mention that it may be in April/May, hopefully that wasn't just me being overly hopeful about the process being quicker since I'm self pay.

What else did you ask, or maybe wish you would have asked, during the initial visit?

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