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*Bad experience w/Dr. Dobson anyone?

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I think I might have a leak.

I went to get a fill two days ago. Paid $300.00 for it. Dr. Dobson put in 3.5cc and I have absolutely no restriction. He took all of my fill out and I only had 2.5cc before the fill. I just had a fill in February with Dr. Maese and I was supposed to be at 5.5cc. So back to Dr. Maese I go today. Another $200.00 to spend. I'm going in so that he can check for a leak. Dr. Dobson said he couldn't check for one because I had already done a barium swallow.

The thing is, I got a really odd feeling from Dr. Dobson. I kind of came out of there feeling a little violated. I had to take off my braw because the wire kept showing on the screen. There was a female assistant there, so I wasn't too alarmed. Then he had me lay down and stretch to the left and right on the table because I had this huge air bubble in my stomach which he was concerned about. I kept doing this and then going back to the machine and nothing changed. Then he just blew it off and said he thought it was nothing.

And the pain. Oh my god the pain. I have had 3 other fills, never with him, and they have never hurt like this.

He concluded the end of our meeting by saying that he thought it might be a leak and that even though he could visually see that I had no additional restriction after the 3.5cc he added to come back and see him in 3 weeks.

He's actually a plastic surgeon and actually made a comment that the only reason he does fills is because it helps him get more patients who lose weight and want plastic surgery. He also said I needed a Tummy Tuck. He kind of reminded me of that character in "ALONG CAME POLLY". You know, the friend who was a child star but grows up to be a loser.

Anyways, I just wanted to see if anyone got this impression about him or if I am just overreacting?

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