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Some studies are so darn STUPID!

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Its all over the TV this morning, apparently the latest medical breakthrough is that suddenly the BEST way to lose weight is fast via a crash diet.

Studies have shown that people who lose weight fast are more likely to get to their goal weight than those who take the slow and steady approach.

Well, get this. They did a 12 week study and by some freaking miracle, the people who were on the lower calorie diet lost more weight in 12 weeks than those on the more moderate diet? Wow, whodathunk it?

So that obviously (???) extrapolates to the crash diet being the way to go becuase if you go slow and steady you wont get to your goal weight. Boy oh boy.

But, then the bimbo they interviewed qualified that it must be a maintainable lifestyle change, that liquid and Soup diets werent a good idea. So, ah, what sort of crash diet IS maintainable over a long term. Where's the study showing how much weight people regained?

And if the statistic that somethng like only 1% of people ever lose weight and actually keep it off, then how the heck can they even measure these things anyway?

It just proves to me (in my warped mind anyway) that the ONLY way to go is figure your own way, with something you think you can keep up long term. that might be low carb for some, might not be for others, it might be my personal approach of slow and steady by eating what you want just in lower quantities or someone else might be much more into rules and living by them. It doesnt matter, its what works for YOU. Scientific studies are just not proof of anything, they always seem to be manipulated or biased in some way and people definitely read what they want to into them too.


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Didnt see that today, but totally agree 100% with ya!

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I missed that, must have been watching the wrong channel.

What you say is true - statistics can and are manipulated to make them say whatever the person doing the study wants then to say.

Wonder how many people they actually studied.Often the no of people in the study group is ridiculously low.

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