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  1. adokes

    Down 50 pounds

    Me in December 2010 - 7 weeks after my surgery. I have lost 50 pounds and down 3 pant sizes.
  2. adokes

    A thinner me

    From the album: Down 50 pounds

    Down 3 pant sizes and loving it.
  3. adokes

    Down 3 pant sizes

    I was so excited I was able to get into these pants.
  4. adokes

    Down 3 pant sizes

    From the album: Down 50 pounds

    I was so excited that I was down 3 pant sizes.
  5. I decided to have weight loss surgery because I just couldn't loose the weight on my own. My highest weight was 291 lbs. and a BMI of 45. In August after lots of research and questions I decided to have my surgery in Mexico with Dr. Kelly. I put my deposit down on August 14, 2010 and started making plans. My surgery was sheduled for November 19, 2010. Started my pre-op diet on November 10th and that included yogurt, sugar free Jello, broth, and Protein shakes. Ten whole days of only liquids! I didn't think I would be able to do it but guess what I did do it! I never cheated once! Everyone was so supportive and really encouraging. There were days when I daydreamed about ribs and nights when I dreamed about hamburgers. It got easier by the Wednesday before surgery thank goodness. November 18th and I was all packed and ready to go. I was not not allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight that night. My flight was scheduled to fly out at 6:00am to San Diego, California where I would be picked up by my patient coordinator and then driven to Tijuana, Mexico. My flight was great and I arrived in San Diego at 9:45am or so and called Laurie my patient coordinator to let her know I was there. Once Laurie arrived she introduced me to three patience that where on there way back home after having their surgery. It was nice to meet actual patience that had gone through this process. Next we traveled across the border to Tijuana and went straight to the hospital and got settled in our rooms. I met Dr. Kelly and he asked if I had any questions. He speaks perfect english and answered all my questions. All the nurses are super nice and polite but don't speak any english. I didn't really have any communication problems with any of them. After that they did an echocardio gram to check my heart, then a chest x-ray, drew blood, checked my vitals, and put my IV in. Finally, I was wheeled down to surgery and then I was out. Next thing I remember I was waking up and was trying to throw up a little into the bed pan. Then I went right back to sleep. Finally woke up enough to access what I had done and then pretty much slept the rest of Friday. I was able to get up on my own and use the rest room sometime in the middle of the night. Saturday, I was able to get up and walk the hall several times then I slept off and on. Sunday morning, November 21st, I got up and took a shower and walked the halls again. Then Dr. Kelly came in checked me over, then removed the drainage tube and my IV. Next I was taken down to have my Berrium leak test done. That stuff is soooo gross but it is something that has to be done and I did it. YUCK! The leak test was good and they gave me a copy of the images of my new small stomach. After the leak test we checked out of the hospital and they took us to a hotel where we were able to eat some chicken broth. Now remember I had not had anything to eat or drink since Thursday at 10pm and it was now Sunday afternoon. That chicken broth tasted so good but I was only able to eat about 8 spoonfuls of it and took the rest to my hotel room. I was not in any pain by the way and was able to use the restroom and walk with no help from anyone. Dr. Kelly came to the hotel to talk to us about taking our medications and follow up care. My patient coordinator, Laurie, came to my room and chatted with my for about an hour and then we made plans as to when we would leave the next morning for the airport. Monday, November 22nd, we crossed the border with no problems of course and the wait was only about 35 minutes long so we got to the airport earlier than expected. My flight back to Houston was no problem at all; I had been worried it would be painful but I slept most the way back. Finally got home to my house about 7:30pm and got to hug my family, which was awesome. Check out my pictures below. That was my experience, if you have any questions please feel free to ask! Thanks, Amanda Go to San Diego Me on the plane Outside INT hospital My bed and room at Hospital Me almost ready for surgery My bed after surgery Me after surger Getting ready to cross the border from Mexico to the USA.
  6. Hi everyone, so I am going to have my surgery on November 19th and I want to make sure I am prepared. I need ideas and suggestions on what to take with me to the hospital for before and after the surgery. Also, if anyone flew after their surgery I could use some ideas on staying comfortable during the flight.
  7. Thanks for the ideas NtvTxn. I am getting a little travel pillow for sure for the flight back to Houston. I am making a list of things to take with me and I appreciate the help. Amanda
  8. adokes

    Any Novembers yet?

    Hi, yeah that was an old post. I am going with Dr. Kelly at INT. I was originaly scheduled with Dr. Lopez but switched to Dr. Kelly. See you soon. :clap:
  9. I am looking forward to the following: 1. Walking through a restaurant without picking out a path first because I can't fit between chairs. 2. Playing softball with my daughter 3. Being able to walk into any store and start shopping without having to ask were the "PLUS" sizes are. 4. Sitting in a chair and crossing my legs. I will be sleeved on November 19th. :clap2:
  10. adokes

    On the other side

    Congratulations on your sleeve. Glad you posted your experience, I am getting sleeved on November 19th, so I am reading as much as I can. Keep us up to date on how you are doing. Amanda :high5:
  11. Congrats, I am glad you posted your experience on here. It helps those of us who are on here to learn.
  12. adokes

    surgery to 4 day post op

    Kerri, Thanks for sharing your experience. I am going by myselft to Tijuana on November 19th to be sleeved. Which Dr. did you have? I have Dr. Kelly. Do you have any tips for us regarding the whole thing? Thanks, AD :music:
  13. adokes

    WOOT! I have confirmed at date!

    :thumbs_up: That is great!! Congratulations!! :welldone:
  14. Looking for anyone that has gone through the Group Weight Loss Trips to Mexico for their vertical sleeve surgery. I have never posted online but I found this group and want to see if they are legit. Thanks everyone. :001_smile:
  15. adokes

    Tijuana Mexico

    Thanks that is good hear. Did you fly back home after surgery? How was the flight? Have any advice that you would give methat you learned from your experience? Thanks, Adokes
  16. adokes

    Tijuana Mexico

    I just found out I am having my surgery with Dr. Kelly on November 19th so I am glad to hear you had a great experience with him. I am getting nervous and excited at the same time. ADokes
  17. adokes

    Any Novembers yet?

    Hi I am having my sleeve surgery the Friday before Thanksgiving. I will be in Tijuana with Dr. Lopez. Let's update each other on how we are doing. We can encourage each other as well. Good luck with everything! AD
  18. adokes

    Hola I'm back from Tijuana

    Congratulations on having your surgery! I am glad everything went well. Keep us posted on how things are going. I have my surgery in Tijuana on November 19th.
  19. adokes

    Tijuana Mexico

    Mine is November 19th. Please update me when you do have your surgery and let me know how it goes. I am excited to have the surgery and can't wait. Good luck with everything and please send updates. Thanks.:thumbup1:
  20. adokes

    Tijuana Mexico

    Sorry ladyrider but I haven't had the surgery yet. I am scheduled for November 19th. AD
  21. adokes

    Tijuana Mexico

    How long has it been since your surgery? Did you fly home after the surgery? If so, do you have any advice for me. I will be flying on a nonstop (thank goodness) from San Diego to Houston. How much weight do you want to lose? I want to lose 120 to 130 lbs. and can't wait to have my surgery so I can get starter. Thanks for the help, AD
  22. adokes

    Tijuana Mexico

    I am having my surgery November 19th in Tijuana with Dr. Martin Lopez and I am super excited. The next few months are gonna seem like forever I am sure. Haha. Good to know about the food triggers, I will look out for those. :001_tongue:
  23. adokes

    Tijuana Mexico

    Thank you for all the great information. I have written it down so that I can make sure to remember everything. I went to your blogspot and read your blogs. Very interesting to read and I am going to keep reading it to see how you are doing. So in a month you have lost 23 lbs? That is really good. Do you still get hunger pains?
  24. adokes

    Tijuana Mexico

    Hi CKnorte, Thank you for your response. How are you doing so far? How was your travel after the surgery? I am going to be flying from San Diego to Houston after so if you have any tips that would be great. Adokes:001_smile:

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