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  1. asteenho

    Plateau.....time to persevere

    girls. i needed to read this, im totally plateaued! I feel like I'm doing a lot of things right, but its discouraging! i guess we will just keep our heads up!
  2. asteenho

    Home for the 4th!

    I came a couple of days ago. I love coming home and playing with my nieces and nephews. I always have a hard time at home, eating out, and not exercising, but this time is different! I've been walking everyday, and even though i eat out, i'm making great choices. The scale says i'm down 5 more pounds, but we shall see!! Everyone is so supportive, it's been great, I think i'm getting addicted to walking!!! I'm gonna keep up the good work!
  3. asteenho


    From the album: Pre Surgery!

  4. asteenho

    Oh I forgot about that....

    I still feel so consumed, but cant wait to break free!
  5. asteenho

    the post op journey

    I know what you mean about wanting to burp. I want to burp so badly!! haha keep up the good work. This place is such good encouragement for me!
  6. asteenho

    Good morning!!

    Maggs! Its definitely fun to find people in our area! I definitely feel a bit irrational, and concerned that this wont work for me. But I know it's only in my weak moments. I'm going to continue to pray that God uses the surgery for good, and continues to give me strength. You know the weirdest part? I feel the lower part of my stomach growl, like i'm hungry, but it doesnt effect me at all. I'm still forcing myself to eat! keep in touch!
  7. asteenho

    One week into my new life

    I just had surgery today!!! ahhhh i feel pretty good. I'm not hungry at all, but I feel weak from not eating. So I'm trying to eat. Did you feel that way? Pain is a minimum. I know i need to eat. I ate some tomato soup. and i think I stood up too fast because i felt nauseated. Sound familiar at all?
  8. asteenho

    Peace -- the magic that helps all

    congrats ssmom on being banded! i can't wait to read more of your blog!
  9. asteenho

    Any June Bandsters???

    I feel the exact same way!! One minute excited, the next scared! I'm getting banded on June 11th! CRAZY! Trying to eat as much Protein as possible right now!!! Allie- Illinois :wink2:

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